The Villainess's Dark Side
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The Villainess's Dark Side


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What is The Villainess's Dark Side

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When she finally understood, she was already too late. The protagonists had already fallen in love with each other and planned for a marriage. Maybe she was still lucky though, for she narrowly avoided a situation of certain death. A long, painful and agonizing death. However, she couldn’t let this be. There was inside her a growing anger that had yet to disappear. She had yet to vent. It was a need. One that may lead her to death’s door too, but if she died by this person’s hands, certainly, it would be in a quicker way. She just never thought that his revenge would come in the form he chose to give it. He was quite a… bewildering man.


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I just cried like an ***** 🧑 This novel is so beautifully done with short chapters The development of characters was pretty A hell lots of different types of emotions were shown... The plot was quite fresh and unique The more we read the more it was intriguing 🔥And it’s just a heart wrenching story of one beautiful villain who got the happy ending at the end 🔥 🌸🌸 This is a must read novel 🌸🌸


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the plot line is reallllllly amazing.the female mc was a live portrayal of someon crossing path in our ordinary life.i pickup the gem through the stones.a little thing to point out the story is way too short .In my pov I will give eight out of ten for this story Dear author thank you for your hard and great work .I hope to see your innovative works in future.........💐😍😍 P.s Dear dudes please bear with my language ......lol......


Love the story. It is a interesting take on the transmigrated villainess story and a different kind of romance. Rather than changing based on previous memories the MC uses the limited knowledge she does have to try and save herself but recogzes that the “her” in the book is the true her. I also love how the ML is not a complete dick despite his dislike for her. Thanks for writing!


Its good transmigrated story, new and fresh Overall i like the story, female lead she just being good villian and not dramatic change in character and overcame her emotion with vent her anger and desperate use good method. I wish more chapter update soon 😊😊😊. Keep fighting author


I really really liked this story, and I especially appreciated having longer chapters! The characters have depth and the story is able to transition between its light and darkness well. The ending gave me such a feeling I don’t know how to explain it. (Maybe a spoiler? It’s just my feelings [idk if they’re shared] on whether or not the story ends on a happy or sad note the story finished) Maybe a little bitter, but also wildly sweet! I could feel the emotions of the main character so strongly even though the future is not entirely certain. Feeling ‘Damn prideful’ is exactly how I felt. You can feel how proud the main character is of herself (and the horse 😂) in that moment. It’s a really beautiful end (the first epilogue which is where we are right now). That pride transitions right over to the author for doing such an amazing job conveying her characters feelings and motivations so well, without having to lay it out bare for the reader. Thank you. This is wonderfully written and I look forward to reading more of your work.


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My favourite in Webnovel💝#1, it is a treasure 😍,, Must mention i have been reading novels for more than 2🤔(don't remember exactly) and have read lots and lots, But , byfar this the Best hands down 😎 Whenever i want to read a good novel and not sure what, I always come back to it 😍😍, always lifts me up it's so well written, great characters,and the feels oof🥰! I'm so in love with this novel that I love each and every bit of it 🥰🥰🥰 (i also love the fact that it's short, usually i used to prefer novels a few hundred chapters but dsnt matter 🤩), The author has great potential ,coz way she/he is precise and dsnt lengthen the plot just for heck of it and it's Awesome!. Read it atleast 5 times and boy i can't help but cry buckets🤦🥰🥰🥰 but always a pleasure reading it. If anyone thinks I'm exaggerating, try it🤓, maybe you will like it less/ more not sure but,, can guarantee that you won't repent reading it. It's worth the time💝


Freaking loved thiiis❤❤It was so amazing it had ups and downs and i tod love it😆😆i think i'm tad bit S since I seem to always like when the FL gets hurt and feels broken and all that cuz it just makes my chest stuffy and hurt too and i tod love...maybe i'm an M that's y BUUUT todally recommend dis book IT WAS BOOMB MY PPL U WONT BE DISAPPOINTED😚😚


I am very happy to have read this story !! A true development of character without personality change but rather someone fighting for their happiness even being taxed as villain. I loved both the characters principally the main one as if through their lines all the villains of the novels and Otomes games had been talking at the same time !!   A good writing is the one that moves hearts and that moved XD I got angry and happy for the character please write more stories like that! that come villains !!! Congratulations!!


So far this story is one of the best ive read published by webnovel. No dillydallying, no nonsense chapters just so to extend the story. I love that! 😆 This story is not like one of those common stories where the lead female's character is pure and cant seem to do no wrong. 😂 In fact the lead female is so human but the way the author portrayed her is not so bad either😊 The love between our protagonists and how it was develop seems so real. I highly recommend this novel. Read this and time spent reading will not be wasted.


The best short romance novel on qidian! You've probably read a million stories on this site about badass heroines reincarnated in an old world with cultivation, these heroines rises ruthlessly take revenge, get the attention of all the best guys and rip the b*tchy woman who wants her man to shreds. But no one has ever tried to look at things from the b*tchy girl's point. This book is unique, funny and definitely has you cheering for the other side this once. The world doesn't only need genuises, it needs frustrated, delicate women too!


If you're in the mood for such heavy angst this book is the best for you. Not your typical transmigration or rebirth story, the FL suddenly got knowledge that she was just a mere villainess in a book, and her fiance is the male lead. Well, it could be counted as rebirth if you focus on the fact that she knows of what will happen in the future. So far there are no face slapping (atleast to the main characters), so if you are just lusting for some face slapping, please kindly step back. However, with it's bitter sweet story, it will lead you to any emotional state.. an angry one, a heartbreaking one, a sad one, a happy one, a lewd one, a cute one, a loving one (especially the climax chapter, which is chapter 14; this one is a rollercoaster). For me, this book is my favorite original book so far. I will say this again; if you're in the mood for a heavy book, this one is definitely for you.


I rate the plot and main characters as A+ aka cream of the crop. This novel is not the typical romance transmigrations stories that we usually read be it in webnovel or other sites.. Delving into the inside world of a "villain" made me repent and actually think back on the harsh criticisms/thoughts I've had on the other villains ive encountered in novels lol. In the future, I will be nicer!😂 but ok the villain-protagonist in this story is not even a "villain" (ok protective feelings activated to the maximum). lol that's how much I love her😘 Female lead feels so human, not your typical Mary Sue. She has lots of imperfections but the good thing is that she embraces it (ml also embraces her for who she is). It's so heartwarming to be with her in her own journey in the process of healing and finding l❤ve. Her and the ml's character development is so interesting to read. this novel will take u on a whole rollercoaster ride in terms of emotions. 💜❤🧡(now Im on to stalking the author for his/her other works). wait author is female right?


I cried in 80% I read this story, I'm glad this story had a happy ending. This story tells us that everyone deserve their own happy ending. That everyone is a leading characters in their own story. All I can say that this is a good work dear author. I'm willing to wait ur next story . Thanks for ur hard work


Short but very refreshing. I like the idea of portraying the antagonist perspective. Most of the novels I read having the protagonist being underhanded by the antagonist and protagonist fight back being the winner at the end. Well, this one is different, this is something new and mostly likely one of my fave novels I read.


That was a nice little story! I appreciated the characters' development but also how the MC still stayed true to herself until the end. If you're looking for something short, sweet but with a hint of drama, this novel might just be for you!


This story is a beautiful, romantic,dangerous story that I love and enjoy with all of my heart. I hope that the writer keeps to post others amazingly good stories like that one you see here.


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