1 Chapter 1 - Transmigrated to The Scene Where She Was Caught In Bed With Another Man (“Xu WanZhi! Don’t let me catch you!”)

When WanWan came to, she was pressed onto the bed by a man. What she could see out of her eyes was fancy décors inside a hotel room, a soft, large bed, and a chandelier that has been turned off.

The strap of her dress hung loosely around her arm exposing her smooth and white shoulder. The man's eyes darkened at the sight of it.

"You are a smart woman. You know to turn to me when Mu ZhenYu had lost power…." The man was quite pale and also seemed somewhat frail. He kissed her on her shoulder before he brought her arms up above her head and pinned them there. "Nobody can resist a smart and pretty woman."

Having said that, the man's kiss, mixed with the thick scent of alcohol, landed on her again.

Lightning flashed across the sky. Following immediately after that, there was the roar of a thunder.

The rain started to pour.

WanWan was a demon fox. Before she had transmigrated, she was struck by lightning. She couldn't help but shudder when she heard the roar of the thunder. The man thought she was responding to him, and all of a sudden, his desire to conquer overcame him.


A loud knocking sound came right at that moment, as though someone had just kicked the door in.

The man on top of her stopped and turned to look in the direction of the door.

Then, another "THUD!"

"Oh, how interesting. Do you think my older brother came here for you or me?" The man sat up and tapped her gently on the tip of her nose and said, "You stay and wait for me right here."

WanWan pulled her shoulder strap back up as though she was facing grave danger.

She had transmigrated. And became a cannon fodder supporting female character in a CEO novel. And worst yet, she had transmigrated straight to the scene where he caught her in bed with another man!

Mu ZhenYu, her financial backer, had just gone bankrupt and was angrily trying to kick down the door outside. She, on the other hand, was plotting with his younger brother, Mu XiYuan, on how to get the last bit of his money.

And now, she was on Mu XiYuan's bed. Was it because she didn't transmigrate as the female lead so she was only worthy of waking up on the bed of the cannon fodder male supporting character?!

It was said in the original novel that after Mu ZhenYu had stomped into the room and knocked Mu XiYuan unconscious with just one blow, he grabbed the original owner by her hair, dragged her out in the rain, and locked her into the trunk of his car.

Immediately following that, there was all sorts of excruciating tortures.

That's so much excitement.

The next moment, with a loud BAM! The door flew open, and a tall and strong man stomped inside in barely a few steps. He has a rugged look, wide shoulders, and a narrow waist. An arguably perfectly proportioned body.

Yet, radiating from this body that most would find attractive was rage that was enough to burn down an entire field. His white shirt was drenched by the rain and the fabric, now transparent, stuck to the horrifyingly muscular contour of his body. He looked cold-blooded and vicious.

It was Mu ZhenYu.

"Hey, big brother." Mu XiYuan, topless, gave him a scornful look and mocked, "There must be a lot of paperwork to take care of when a company goes bankrupt. How do you have time to pay me a visit?"

The two were half brothers who shared the same father and looked somewhat alike. But, standing in front of Mu ZhenYu, Mu XiYuan seemed much scrawnier. Coupled that with the anger that put the viciousness into Mu ZhenYu's eyes, Mu XiYuan started to feel a little bit intimidated. He couldn't help but ball his hands into fists.

"Where is Xu WanZhi?" Mu ZhenYu's voice was deep and ruthless.

"Inside the bedroom," said Mu XiYuan as he turned to lead the way toward the inside of the house. As he walked, he continued to taunt, "That woman is so tender. And quite lovely, if I may add. Having such an upscale woman this whole time, big brother really should have shared her with your younger brother sooner. You shouldn't have waited until her needs finally drove her to me…."

His bragging stopped abruptly.

There was nobody in the room.

"Xu WanZhi?" Mu XiYuan flipped over the blanket. It didn't even look like a woman had just been on the bed.

He quickly checked the bathroom, kitchen, living room, study, until he had looked over every single corner of the hotel suite. Finally, he walked over to the window.

This was 26th floor. She couldn't possibly have left through the window.

There was only one way in and out of the bedroom, and Mu ZhenYu and himself had been standing there the entire time. She couldn't have left without them seeing her.

Mu XiYuan looked around the entire place in disbelief… where could she have gone?

Did he drink too much and was hallucinating?

He forced himself to calm down and continued to mock Mu ZhenYu, "It looked like the girl didn't want to have anything to do with someone who had just gone bankrupt and hid from you. You know how women are, they are all attracted to the wealthy and looked down on the poor. Big brother, don't feel too…."

Before he was even done talking, a heavy fist landed right smack between his brows.

The blow was so forceful that Mu XiYuan saw only black before his body collapsed uncontrollably.

Blood was pouring down from his brow. After trying a few times, he still failed to get back onto his feet.

Mu ZhenYu walked ruthlessly over his body before pausing and said to him, "Succeeding is easy but carrying on is difficult. Do you really think you will be able to just take over what I haven't given up?"

Having said that, he walked over to the front entrance. He was just about to walk out when he stopped again.

On the doormat outside, there was a fluffy little fox looking up at him.

A few seconds later, the little fox stood up, walked over to him, and nuzzled at his calf almost coquettishly.

He had been drenched by the rain a long time ago, and his body temperature had been dropping from the water evaporating. The little fox's body was warm, however, and seemingly the warmth was able to penetrate straight to his heart.

The viciousness on his face seemed to have lessened, and he bent over and picked the fox up.

The fox had maroon colored fur, and the tip of its tail was white. Its paws were black and shiny. It looked a lot like a red fox, but its size was just that of his lower arm, much smaller than a normal red fox.

The little fox wasn't afraid of humans. Its fuzzy little head found its way to his chest.

His brows were sharp, and his jaw lines prominent. He was the vicious-looking type of handsome. But now, there was a hint of a rare tenderness inside his ruthless eyes.

After a while, he finally reached out and scratched it on its head.

His fingers were tough and his movement was hesitant, but for some odd reasons, WanWan felt a tingling sensation all over her body.

This man was an expert at stroking a pet.

Just when WanWan was enjoying herself thoroughly, she suddenly heard him speaking to himself under his breath in a vicious tone, "Xu WanZhi, don't let me catch you."

... oh, so close.

Outside of the hotel, the rain was still coming down.

He hugged her tightly in his arms while walking quickly to his car in the rain and didn't let a drop hit her at all.

There was only a bit of moisture from his body mixed with his warmth, a tantalizing kind of moist.

He placed her on the passenger seat, started the car, and left.

WanWan lifted her head and looked at the man who seemed indifferent and was focused on the driving – lucky she reacted quickly and turned back into her true form just in time. Otherwise, she would be riding inside the trunk right now instead of sitting comfortably on the passenger seat.

This man in front of her was the boss villain in the novel "The CEO's Ex-Girlfriend" that she was reading the night before she transcended.

According to the original novel, Mu ZhenYu was a somber, cold, and ruthless, run-of-the-mill villain. He didn't like the marriage arrangement with the female lead arranged by his father so he hired Xu WanZhi, a third-tier actress, to be his contract lover to stop his family from bothering him.

Nobody had expected that Mu ZhenYu's company would be bankrupted by the male lead before the contract of six months was up. Seeing that her promised 50 million had disappeared into thin air, Xu WanZhi tried to create gossip between herself and the film emperor who had won many awards and pulled out all her tricks to spread rumors that they were a couple, making it seemed like Mu ZhenYu's girlfriend has been cheating on him.

Negative press about her could be found everywhere.

And, at the same time, she also solicited Mu ZhenYu's half brother, Mu XiYuan. If she could marry into wealth, great. If not, she could at least sell him Mu ZhenYu's business secrets and made some more money.

Unfortunately, she had underestimated Mu ZhenYu's desire for revenge. Nobody had expected Mu ZhenYu to come over, grabbed her personally, and did to her all sorts of unspeakably horrifying things that made her wish he'd just end her instead. He even made her watch his business take off once agai and turn the table completely before he finally ended her.

It was game over for her before she even had the chance to wait for the male and female leads to strike him down one more time.

Thinking of this, WanWan couldn't help but gasp. She had just failed to transcend earlier, and low and behold, she had transmigrated. She didn't want to lose this life in the hands of Mu ZhenYu.

The car drove into a luxurious mansion district shortly thereafter.

Once they've returned home, Mu ZhenYu walked straight into his study, put her on one side, and turned on his computer to look for a video clip in his inbox.

It was the security footage from the hotel suite that Mu XiYuan was in earlier.

Xu WanZhi, in her strapped dress, was leaning all over Mu XiYuan in an amorous fashion. The two mouths were glued together the entire time.

But, he wasn't able to find any footage of her leaving the room.

WanWan stared intensely at the screen and finally felt relieved after she had made sure that there was no footage of her walking out of the hotel room in her fox form.

Sitting to one side, Mu ZhenYu closed his computer and reached over to scratch her on her head as he said to himself, "Xu WanZhi, why did you go see him and how did you disappear?"

WanWan: ... Those are good questions.

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