1 Chapter 1

The gate to the leaf village. It's a very impressive construction. Standing in front of it she couldn't help but feel small. Very very small. The gate was no joke. She knew it was big. It was often described as such. She saw it often. Very often. But seeing things on screen is very different than seeing things in real life. Real life often surprises you. Life is unexpected after all. Unexpected and mysterious. You never know what could happen. Even so people have certain expectations. Things in the line of reality. Things that could actually happen. Simple things. Like being a doctor when you grow up. Or winning the lottery. Becoming the president. These are all things that are within the line of reality. What isn't in that line is waking up in a forest in the middle of nowhere with short term memory loss. Even more impossible is finding out that you went from 15 years old to 5 years old. The impossibilities keep on going. Not only did she wake up in a forest, find out she was five and suffered from short term memory loss, she somehow stumbled upon the gate to the leaf village. The line of reality had completely shattered at that moment. None of these things were thought to be possible. It shouldn't be possible, but there she stood staring at the gate to the village she always desired to be a part of. She was confused. Who wouldn't be in such a situation? She was also happy. She found herself in an anime. Not just any anime. The anime she watched for as long as she could remember. The one thing that had some sort of meaning in her life. The place she wished to be in everyday. She was there. She was excited. And she couldn't help the bright smile that snuck up on her.

She wasn't aware of how long she had stood staring at the huge gate. Bright smile on her face. The realization that what was happening could actually be real was, well, it was euphoric to her. She had pinched herself multiple times to make sure she wasn't dreaming. Of course she wasn't dreaming. She had slipped off a tree branch and fell, very roughly and ungracefully, on the hard ground. If that couldn't wake her nothing could. At some point she had to tear her eyes away from the gate. It was amazing to look at, but she would prefer getting past it. With how huge the gate was the only way through was with permission. Her eyes landed on the so called guards. The smile on her face grew even more when she saw the two men. She knew them very well. Kotetsu and Izumo. The excitement that filled her upon seeing them was almost too much for her to handle. She was such a huge fan of the world she found herself in and of course huge fans of the people that inhabit it. Kotetsu and Izumo. They were well known for sleeping on the job, as they were at that very moment.

"What should I do? "

What should she do? She wanted to wake them up. That's what she'll proceed to do. How though? The urge to throw a stone at them was oddly strong. It was the teenager in her that was screaming at her to do it. She figured people really had a good reason to fear teens. She overruled the urge and instead chose a better option. A non violent option. Assaulting two chunin level ninja did not sound like a brilliant idea to her anyways.

She walked up to the sleeping guards and tugged on their clothes. Her height took some time getting used to and was still very weird to her. The only thing she thought would work was tugging on their clothing. Her first tug got no response. Her second was a bit stronger, but again was unappreciated. She sighed and tugged a third time, adding more strength, which was not a lot considering her new size. Third time really was a  charm. The ninjas jumped awake and looked around warily. Izumo took on a defensive position all the while looking groggy. She couldn't help but let out a small giggle at the off looking pair. That gained her attention from said pair.

"A kid? " Izumo questioned as he looked at the platinum blonde. What was a child doing out there? "What are you doing here kid? "

"It's a long story, I just really need to see the Hokage" She said. She looked at the man with the best puppy eyes she could muster. Being a child is like being a hot boy or girl. You need to use your looks to your advantage. Lucky for her she was a very adorable five year old. With her hair reaching past her waist she looked even more adorable. She knew this. A ninja must use everything to their advantage. And that's exactly what she's doing.

"It would be very wrong of us to leave a five year old out here" Izumo said as he looked at the face that five year old was making.

"We would be bad people, wouldn't we? " Kotetsu sighed.

"Fine kid I'll take you to see the big man" Izumo said .

"Thank you very much"


A frustrated sigh could be heard in the empty room. Frustration. That's all he felt. How long had he been going over documents? The first thing he saw on his desk when he arrived was paperwork. The last thing he sees is paper work. It's gotten so bad that they even invade his dreams. So very frustrating. He's too old for this. He should be spending his time relaxing. Taking it easy. Enjoying life. Watching over the villagers he rulled over. He had that retirement once. That freedom. He lost it though. Due to unfortunate events. Another Hokage couldn't be chosen so very easily. The village counted on him. They needed him. He would have to be there for them. He couldn't give up, not then. He would stick it out a while longer. He's not as weak as he looks.

He took a puff from his pipe. He let the smoke fill his lungs, before letting out a smokey breath. Smoking was just so calming to him. It was harmful to his body, but it was calming to him. He should really quit though.

He looked back down at the stack of papers that riddled his desk. He wasn't in the mood to write anymore. His wrist ached. Another sigh. He stared at the doors to his office. He prayed, to whatever God out there. Prayed that somethin, anything would happen. Let someone walk in and distract him from his work.

He stared for a minute. Nothing happened. Of course not. He was being childish anyway. Of course no one was just going to walk through the door because he pr-

Knock. Knock.

Well, apparently he was wrong. His prayer had been answered.

Of course it had to come during my narrating.

"Come in"

The door was opened to reveal Izumo. Next to him was a five year old girl that looked oddly familiar to him. Those two red stripes under each eye. They seemed very familiar to him. It made him think of one of his students, but that couldn't be right.

"Lord Hokage" Izumo bowed in respect before continuing. "I found this little girl outside the gate. She asked to see you"

The old man nodded as he looked at the five year old. He couldn't shake that familiarity he felt.

"You're free to go Izumo"

In a blink of an eye Izumo was gone leaving Hiruzen with the child. As he looked at her he noted the excitement and awe he saw in her eyes. Most children have that look when they face him. Despite her excitement he could also see her observing everything around her. She had a calculating gaze as if she was trying to decode the very meaning of life.

Little did he know.

"What's your name child? "

"Athena, sir"

He shifted. Athena. Could it be? Or was it just a coincidence? Not only did she look familiar, but she had the name as well. He was doubting it.  There's no way. But, maybe. Just maybe.

"What a beautiful name, who named you? "

This question was vital. He was looking for one more clue. One more indication that she could be the one. The one he thought didn't make it.

"Ah, well, I have this necklace with my name on it so that's what I was called"

The necklace. Hiruzen smiled. It was her. It was the one he lost five years ago. He thought she was dead. He thought that his mistakes led to the loss of a newborn. Relief and joy washed over him at the revelation. It was her.

"You have a teardrop necklace too, don't you? "

Athena nodded with a slightly surprised look on her face. Her necklace was hidden under her shirt so there was no way Hiruzen had seen it.

"How do you know that? "

"It's a long story child, I think you better take a seat"


Athena was curious. How did Hiruzen know about her teardrop necklace? She was sure he didn't see it. It was hidden under her shirt. She sat opposite him. Staring at him, trying figure out what could be going on. She had seen a flash of recognition in his eyes when she first arrived, but thought it was just a figment of her imagination. Sitting opposite him was giving her an odd feeling. She was about to find out something big. She could feel it. The news she would receive would mark the day her life changed completely.

"You were born here in the leaf five years ago on October tenth"

She blinked. October tenth? Isn't that the same date as Naruto's birth? She was born on the same day as Naruto? She was born on the day of the nine tails attack. Wow. Wait. She was born in the leaf? How is that possible? She wasn't from that world. How could she be born there? She just got there. There were so many questions on her mind, but she kept quiet and let Hiruzen tell the story.

"The day of your birth was also the day the nine tails brought destruction upon the village. The village was in danger. You were in danger. Your parents had to fight with the village, but they needed to protect you. You were handed over to me. My only task was to protect you. I was the one entrusted with your safety. I planned on bringing you to a special place. A place I knew you would be safe, but for unknown reasons the nine tails turned it sights on you. You were then the only thing on its mind. I don't know what it wanted with you, but I do know what he would have done had he gotten to you. There was no escape so I resorted to my last hope. I used an unperfected jutsu and that was the last time I saw you"

Athena took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She really needed to process the information that was thrown at her. She was still in shock and disbelief about the fact that she actually belonged in that world. That wasn't supposed to be possible. Here the old man is telling her that she found herself in her last world due to a jutsu that went wrong. She sighed and rubbed her temples. She was getting a headache. She was happy, yes, but she was, well, she was torn. How could she go through fifteen years of life and end up as a five year old? Obviously there was a time difference. Did her last life even have any meaning? She never felt like she belonged and she was never treated as such either.

"So you're telling me that I was born on the same day as Naruto and the nine tails was after me for some odd reason? That because of your failed jutsu I ended up in an entirely different world" Another sigh left her lips as she leaned back in her seat. Amber golden eyes observed the now shocked old man. She was expecting that. She wasn't supposed to know about Naruto. She wasn't planning on keeping her knowledge secret. It's too much of a bother and she would look very suspicious in the long run.

"How do you know that? "

"Well old man Hokage the world I was sent to is very different from this. Very different. In that world I lived fifteen years of life. Also in that world the happenings of this world were portrayed in an anime and manga. So in conclusion I know of the past present and future of the leaf"

"That's... "

Athena played with her necklace as the old man took time to digest the information. She wasn't one for secrets. Well not big ones like knowing that future of a world. She found it would be better to let the ruler of the village know of her knowledge. That way she wouldn't be seen as suspicious when she reveals things she shouldn't know. Athena being Athena  knew she would unconsciously reveal certain things. Maybe not in detail, but she will hint at it. She'd have to work on that.

"So old man, who are my parents" A question that had been on her mind for some time. Her parents are of the world and hopefully alive. It would be nice to meet them if they would want her. She never had great experiences with parents or adults or people in general actually. She never let that get her down though.

"Two of my best students"

Two of his best students? If Athena was correct that would leave the sannin. Seeing as Orochimaru is well, Orochimaru she doubt he would be related to her in any way. She wasn't as pale as him. She didn't have snake like features or anything like that. She did however have red stripes under her eyes. The only sannin that had something like that would be Jiraiya. She then moved on to the fact that her mother would have to be the only female on the team since Hiruzen said that she was the offspring of two of his students. The notion could also be backed up by the fact that she had blonde hair and golden amber eyes.

She had to take another deep breath once she did the math. Her parents are two of the strongest ninjas the leaf has seen. One is a genius medical nin. The other a perverted, but powerful sage.

"Jiraiya and Tsunade are my parents" It was a statement and not a question, but Hiruzen nodded in confirmation. Athena was really starting to wonder about her situation. She always loved Tsunade and Jiraiya. They were two of her most loved characters, well people. She can't see any of the as characters anymore. They are people. Living people. She was now someone in the world of ninjas. She could easily die if she doesn't tread carefully. Her hand went back to her necklaces. She Toyed with them. Who gave them to her? "Who gave me my necklaces? "

"The one with your name was given to you by your parents while the teardrop necklace was somewhat of a gift from both your parents and your god parents" Hiruzen said. "You see that necklace contains the chackra of Jiraiya, Tsunade, Minato and Kushina"

Athena clicked her tong continuing to play with her necklaces. She felt pride and joy to hear that. Not only was she the daughter of two of the sannin but she was also the god daughter of the fourth Hokage Minato also known as the yellow flash of the leaf and Kushina Uzumaki former Jinchūriki and seriously powerful.

"So I guess I have a brother" She smiled. "Am I older than him? I hope I am, he isn't the big brother type after all"

"Yes you are older"

"Great, then I get to boss him around" She joked. "Where do we go from here? "

"I'll have to summon the jonin and contact your parents. You will need to be trained. News spreads fast and when people find out who you are you will be in danger. Training from a young age will do you good"


It was. She would hate to be captured and completely helpless. She felt that way most of her life and being offered a chance to get stronger wasn't something she would pass up.

"Training it is"


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