10 Mothers and Fantasies

"What are you doing with my man?" The lady asked again, folding her arms and looking at Avery with disgust.

" Oh I have to go now, I have work to do" Avery said leaving the office.

" Wait, you're not supposed to be working..." Jamal started tried to stop her but she was gone.

"Good riddance to bad rubbish" the lady said moving towards him putting her hands all over him.

"What are you you doing here Sofia?". He asked removing her from his body.

"Well, I missed you Jay" she replied pouting her lips.


" Still doesn't explain why you are here" he asked seriously angry that she'd come in when she did.

" Fine, your mom asked me to come get you for lunch she wants to talk to you about something" she said sitting down while puffing her cheeks like a kid.

" She could have just called to let me know that, why did she make you come here" he said to himself.

She heard so she replied" Maybe she knew you'd be going around sleeping with your coworkers"....

"She's not... You know what never mind" he wasn't going to let her get to him.

Sofia was the daughter of his mom's late bestfriend Flora and since he could remember they had always fantasized about how their two kids would get married.

Just so they could get close they made them attend the same schools, go to social events together and there was even a time they made him join ballet just so Sofia wouldn't be or feel alone.

But to him Sofia couldn't be anything else than a sister figure and since he was older than her he always had to protect her and clean up her mess all the time.

She was sweet and she knew that too, that was until one night in college, they went to a party together and he ended up so drunk, the next morning he couldn't remember anything, all he knew was that he was naked and she was in her underwear, under the same cover sleeping next to him. He never knew if they really did have sex or not, she never said anything about it, all he knew was that after that day she started talking about how she was his and that he was for her alone. Even his mom knew about the incident and always persuaded him every chance she got to marry Sofia.

He used to think of finally getting married to her later someday, at least to make his mom happy and finally stop trying to set them up, it wasn't like he had anybody and besides he'd need someone to give him an heir some day, and since Sofia desperately wanted to be his, he might as well marry her.

But now that Avery and his baby were in the picture it cemented his thoughts if never marrying Sofia. Avery and HIS baby, he liked the sound of that, he thought as he left his office.

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