The Typhoon's WifeThe Typhoon's Wife

The Typhoon's Wife

by har_k

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A contractual marriage with her best friend's brother. A cute and adorable baby. Close encounters and blooming of romance Love confessions Disclaimer:The book cover design has been designed by a webnovel user @valeriex and the description for it was provided by a reader @beanguyen..So many thanks to them!! This story is an original work so all reviews are appreciated.The rate of updates is at least 1 chapter a day with a single random holiday every week. Neil took a deep breath and said "Al..I need a favor.." "Uh..huh." "Please marry....my brother.""You want me to marry the Typhoon????!!!",she whisper shouted to him. "I think you meant to say tycoon.." Neil asked her in a similar way. "Noo..I meant typhoon..you heard me right..

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