The Two-Faced Side Character Fantasizes that I Love Him Everyday Book

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The Two-Faced Side Character Fantasizes that I Love Him Everyday

Cat Fur Scholar

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# HAPPYENDING # CASUAL Wen Ran was born a winner, with her noble roots, good looks, and a young celestial as her fiancee... but after years of living in her world, she remembered that she was a person from another world, transmigrating into a book. She also remembered being the male lead's fiancee and unrequited love. The demon lord had captured her and another lady to a cliff above the abyss, forcing the male lead to choose one amongst them. Wen Ran survived, but the other fell into the abyss. The winds on the cliff were strong, and Wen Ran remembered many things, including what happened after the male lead's fateful decision: Wen Ran was not the one who saved him, and he was no longer in love with her... because the one he really loved, and the one who saved him was the one he sacrificed. Giving in to his pain, the male lead succumbed to darkness as he began the route of wife-chasing to death. As for Wen Ran, she knows that it's all over for her! And yet, as the same scene plays out again, Wen Ran watched as the young, aloof celestial was forced to make the same choice... when he suddenly raised his foot and kicked the other lady into the abyss. He then turned to smile at her. "You have no idea why I did that, do you?" Wen Ran was speechless. What was happening? The male lead's characterization has fallen apart!***After a long time, he poked her face and asked her in curiosity, "What do you mean, wife-chasing to death? Does it mean I should throw you into that abyss and run after you?"He appeared eager to try, which left Wen Ran in a long silence.


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