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THE TRIALS: Path Toward Godhood.[MY HERO ACADEMIA] (MATURE CONTENT) is a popular fanfic written by the author REDLAW, covering R18, HAREM, STRONG-PROTAGONIST, FAN-FIC, AGEPROGRESSION, FASTGROWTH, MULTICROSSOVER, GREYMORALS, STRONGFEMALECHARACTERS, STRONGABILITY, Anime & Comics genres. It's viewed by 3M readers with an average rating of 4.46/5 and 125 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 160 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Who am I ? Where am I ? A virtuous soul was given a second chance to live. At the price of all his memories, he would be reincarnated in a fictional world of his choice with the powers of his choosing. Watch as this soul reincarnates firstly, in the world of Boku no hero academia and strive to reach the highest level. After suffering for years and being saved by the greatest hero, a child has to watch as this hero slowly but surely lost his power. The day when this hero gave his power away, the boy decided something. "I will become a hero, but I will not be the kind of hero who brings smiles to the people. The brighter the light, the larger the shadow. I will become the shadows future symbol of peace" Notice : like most fanfic of this kind, the mc will travel to a different world. Disclaimer : Depiction of cruelty, torture and child abuse will be present. Sex scenes, curse words etc will also be present.Anyone under 12 years of age shouldn't read this. Copyright Disclaimer: Neither the original stories nor the cover picture belongs to me. I am just a fan who wants to write a different version of Mangas I love with the powers of others manga I find badass. You should go read those Mangas or watch their anime version. NOTE: I have a constant release of 5 chapters each week. But if you give me enough stones for me to reach: The top 30= 1 bonus chapter on Saturday. The top 20= 2 bonus on Sunday. The top 10 = another bonus chapter.

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This is an author with a dumb **** syndrome....Like the books written well right but the many BS here...example..MC has lovers that are goddesses and yet he had be reborn into BS life, twice....and his memory erased..why? Now look...if the MC regains his memory then it'd would be Ok..also dont make him some forgiving *****..he was tortured. SO he would be cruel..so make him you know..Ok with killing murders, rapists and evil dudes...Make him OP and dont neuter him..dont make him a *****..add some bakugo bash..that **** is and asshole and midoriya is a *****


Yep, I am giving myself five stars. This story of mine, is a fanfic. It will mainly be about MHA. I will also do Other travel but MHA will be without a doubt the longest. Perhaps for hundreds of chapters if possible. So if you aren't fan de MHA, you shouldn't read this. I welcome all criticism and review as long as they aren't wrote with just the intention to hurt and be a troll. I will not hesitate to erase such reviews, but I will not erase 1 stars review if the reviewer who gave me this note clearly explains why. I will try to have a stable update of three or more chapters each week. Each chapter will be 1500 words long at the very minimum. My grammar is far from being the best but I'm good enough to write without hurting the eyes. I don't have an editor so I may some typo there and there. Thanks for reading my story, I hope you'll love it.


New work from a friend of mine. I was the one who asked him to write a fanfic of MHA if he has the time so I was pretty happy he did it. He suffers from some small errors and typos but that only for those who want to read a perfect essay. For me, his English is far better than many stories where you have to stop at each sentence to think about what the author wanted to write. Keep the good work, my friend.


Alright, it's still only 5 chapters. But it's a nice novel with promising start. Best part despite being Isekai, is the lack of memory. The thing that messes up Isekai a lot most of the time is either being OP in term if ability, or MC bring a wikipedia right from the start. In this case, even though MC has the potential to OP'ness, he has zero knowledge, even memories, a complete white plate. Perfect a normal child born in a world without foreign otherworldly knowledge or common sense!!


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That's wouldn't be a serious review,because even with 30 chapters of the story there still nothing to speak about,and here I mostly would say my honest feelings. I just don't feel like this story was planned at all,there some stuff that author glossed over and somehow I need to believe in them,Like:hentia-eye just come with a plan,that beating kids who was tortured is good idea,because idkn......something along the line of wolf that trust only in power? Then one scene of daily life and now he is a father......Okay,i don't care.Allmight is something akin god,that very important.....hardly,but could work.Character of toga is highly ooc,but still nice sooo eh. But then again,why would anyone be intrested in hentai-eye woman that was mention two times and only once was there.....on of those ideas that just came,I bet. There is too much drama,and I wouldn't say that it's bad,not my cup,but still.Unfortunate,character of mc is so damn dark that I don't know how it would work in multiverse.Something akin anti-hero?Half of the worlds just gone down.Harem is small and i don't think he would have much more,you would think it's good? More characterization to girls,more time on screen......It's multiverse fanfic,why would someone not take such gems and leave with some low-tier trash? Eh,**** it,go big or go broke,son. Anyway,it's feels like intresting ideas come toghether in something amazing?Eh,something I assume wouldn't work.Like real,let's be realistic assholes for a second,there is not much to talk in ability exploration,not much to talk in the worlds advancment,harem is small and story drama driven.......conclusion it's not gonna make trough first world,maximum it's going to die when second world starts.Yes,yes doubtfull,you an asshole,you don't know what amazing autor-san planned out-no,I don't.But I see other works with same problems,accent of story is already missed,from autors message,he just come up with everything in his mind,and he seemed like a highly mixed-up person(don't know how to say,where attention is too unfocused). So yeah,there is already 30 chapters,but I can't say something more than assumptions.But still,maybe I'm wrong,would be glad.So good luck,though i don't think you need it,or whan't it.


Story is in indefinite hiatus and might never get updated again. Shame that it never reached R18 of Rei. Let me be clear, I like this novel a lot. Very much so. But I still have several issues with it. The best way to describe it, is that it is very *******ish. It is covered in dirt but I know it is a diamond underneath all that dirt. Now then, on to the review. TL;DR Story has promise but lacks direction and focus, pacing is too fast, author's writing style is condescending and chaotic, MC is a bad edgelord, far too many "original" concepts that ruin MHA world and restrictive(small) harem imo. TL;DR about sums what I think, but I still want to rant. Lets get this out of the way. The pacing is atrocious. The novel is moving too fast that author doesn't really do all that much in fleshing out the world and circumstance our MC is in. It's basically one plot point onto the next. The result of this decision was the lack of information about what was happening with the MC in general. While this is not bad in most cases, it became a norm and it feels like the MC is a walking Deus Ex Machina. Which leads us into the next point. Author's writing style is very vindictive and condescending. This is because rather that me thinking that Kuroha was the one thinking of this things, author writes it as such that it was as if he was being informative and stating a fact. I really wasn't expecting to get lectured when the first R18 scene came about. I am not attacking author personally but I do disagree with a lot of the things that was stated in the novel, specifically about love and morality in general. Finally, the author uses cliffhangers a lot, and I mean a lot. From what I read in the comments, he does it because he "felt" like it which while funny for a few times, it simply becomes irritating after a while. His community is very nice in general, I don't get why he just doesn't rant in discord or in the Author's note but I digress. This type of storytelling hurts the story more than anything else. Now, let us talk about the story. Because of all of the above aforementioned, story has suffered very much. Lack of information being the main issue. From what I gathered author likes putting up more information in his discord which is pretty bad storywise. Not knowing something, then being shown that a certain character can do this while author saying he hinted it sometime ago makes me question my reading comprehension, which is perfectly fine since it only happens when I read stories which lacks foreshadowing or small hints. The beginning of this novel suffers even more since the only thing that is supporting it was that it was in the MHA world. I mean, come on, the MC was sold at the age of 4 and was treated as a lab rat. His mental functions are suppose to be like a vegetable. I highly doubt that the scientist would have given him some books to read or any knowledge in general aside from following commands like a good lab rat. MC was actually said to be kidnapped at the beginning but was retconned to actually be sold by his parents. No foreshadowing, I mean, we had a 4 year time skip that describes what happens to MC in like 3 paragraphs with about 10 to 12 sentences max. The beginning was extremely bad, the author simply added more stuff into MC's backstory to make it look cool. Which is the reason why I like this novel even if logic fails and plot holes are aplenty. Author seems to think otherwise from some of his quips since he also likes to break the 4th wall from time to time. This story is not comedy, so it really breaks the flow whenever he does it. And he does it a lot. It is time for our MC, Kuroha Hayate or Swift Revenge for extra egdyness. Simply put, he is an edgelord. The bad kind. He is the emo with a dark past that emotes every now and again. Add in the fact that he manipulates his blood as his power and cuts himself to use said powers, we got ourselves the wet dream of edgelords. Of course, when the story needs to, he stops being his edgy self and becomes a self aware harem protag. But he is still beta enough to be the "yare yare daze" guy, being troubled in being to popular. Did you know our MC is "broken" and "complex"? No? Well, author likes to state it as such. Never really written how broken or complex he is. For the author, the MC is broken because his moral compass is broken. But we are shown time and again how normal he is. He doesn't like to inflict pain unto others, even the scum of the earth. But he would still do it to uphold his morals and convictions which is pretty normal if you ask me. And MC being complex? He has 3 other "personalities" that author has decided to use elsewhere. The other 3 don't even take control, other than 1 instance, he just has 3 other personalities. Completely trash. From what I understand, he more or less tried to copy Mutagen and failed, which is understandable since it is pretty hard to pull off. Speaking of OCs, this story has a ton of them. Most of the original cast are cast aside for author's OP OCs to take center stage. No joke, most allies and enemies are mostly OCs that can take MC down easily. Almost all OCs that exists in this story are more powerful than the original cast. Even All For One is trash compared to his "Joker" level OCs. Most of this OCs begs the question of how AFO never stole all their quirks? He can steal ALL quirks, only One For All is immune to it so how in all hell can anyone get stronger with a monster like that watching over Japan, and by extension the whole world. AFO dominated Japan society, selling quirks for "favors", I highly doubt influential people across the globe didn't flock to his side when they heard of him. Author says that it is because of ANOTHER OC/Group so powerful that everyone has to listen to them. Said group has no such foreshadow at from the past 100+ chapters. Aside from that, author even quips in the story that people who judged a power to be overpowered lacks courage and imagination. Oh, I'm sorry for being a reader that was only given a set amount of information with no control of how the story goes. I'm sorry for still thinking it is OP as hell, how can something that nulls, oh wait, author "clarifies" the quirk on what it really does. It "weakens" a quirk that renders it useless so long as they are inside a certain radius from said OC that ranges from several kilometers if given enough preparations. Oh wait, it doesn't effect mutant type quirks, silly me. Being only be able to nullify 2/3 of the basic type of quirks makes it so much more balanced. Yes, I hate that quirk so much and much more the reasoning on why it isn't OP. People aren't stupid author. Being able to nullify someone's power is OP, that is why most of the time, it has the stringiest requirements, some of which is it being time based or being easy to resist. And finally, we come to the harem and the R18 stuff. Frankly, harem is the same as any other story. Heroine falls in love in 1 or 2 chapters even thought author says they would have a "long" time to grow closer. Only, we don't actually get to read them getting closer. We simply have timeskips here and there to the important bits and blamo the girls love MC. But author only has 5 harem members which is to small imo. I don't mind fast romance, since it is far more realistic than love stories. What I do hate is the author naïve view of relationships in general. It's bad advice in saying that being handsome, successful and rich won't get you women because it will and they would come by the dozen. Finding a lifelong partner on the other hand, is pretty hard in general, there is absolutely no advice anyone can give other than trusting yourself, your own experiences and living with the consequence of it. Finally, with the R18... the last one was the greatest while the other two was... preachy and arrogant. When I was expecting lemons the weird paragraphs about how to do this, or how to do that came. It wasn't really good. Thankfully, author didn't write his opinions on the last R18 and as a bonus the intercourse was longer than the damn foreplay. If you read through here, congrats, you just listened to me ranting on how much of a rewrite this novel needs imo. In any case, it is still pretty good novel, it just needs more fixing.


Love your story, that's all... what do you expect me to say? srsly theres nothing more dont read this review if you dont wanna waste your time well your lost


I am simply in love with this book, I just never want to put it down. The way you describe his trauma and his personality disorder is sooo good 👍. I also always wanted a bhna fan fiction that have Toga and MC together but it never happened until I saw yours and U was so excited. In the beginning I was instantly hooked onto your story the idea of his quirks is so creative they all even each other out. All in all this is an amazing book.


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Good 👍 great👍 amazing👍 incredible 👍 Good 👍 great👍 amazing👍 incredible 👍 Good 👍 great👍 amazing👍 incredible 👍 Good 👍 great👍 amazing👍 incredible 👍


Heh its good nice story too.


Alright, I have a couple reasons for writing this review. First of all, I see a ton of spammed 1 star reviews which were only written in spite. The author might not seem to care about the books rating, but it's extremely important for bringing in new readers. I most likely would have not read this book on Webnovel if I hadn't already started reading it on scribble hub. Secondly, this story absolutely deserves praise for just being so damn good. Character development actually exists. His harem members are not 2-D and there's plenty of chapters when we're in their perspective, which is something I like a lot (especially if they're yanderes, *cough cough* himiko). World building is really good, and I'm often left wondering about what's going to happen next. One critique I do have is the stability of updates. I understand that you're writing this for fun, and you have more important things to do with your life, however having a schedule where the reader can expect to get a new chapter by would be great. It doesn't have to be a chapter everyday or even every week. I think having stability of updates would help the story grow in it's fanbase. At least, in my experience, I look forward to releases for specific books at around the same time every day. Once again, not saying you need daily updates. I think just having a schedule would be beneficial. I ended up writing a bit more than I planned too, however I just want to reiterate that I like where this story is going and I think having a stable update schedule as well as removing those hate reviews can only be beneficial.


This story is decently written, with an interesting take on the world of MHA. I especially like how non popular characters are given a different rope and perspective such as Nighteye and Toga.


Writing is good. Updates are stable. The story for me personally is too confusing, like I can't follow it properly, it jumps around the place and I don't get where it puts me I just get confused, the parts I understood I liked, there were some odd parts but other then that it's good. The characters feel real and fleshed out. The world makes sense and feels nicely done. All in all it's a good story if you can follow it, just not my cup of tea.


Good story. Not my cup of tea. MC has multiple personality disorder from his childhood trauma. This basically limits his power as the ‘main’ personality is the weakest of all of them. I don’t enjoy stories that weaken the MC using the plot (Kidnapped + tortured, villains aware of him and his abilities) just so he isn’t too strong. It’s ok not to be op but the author is clearly limiting him from his full potential from the start which is really frustrating.


I must say that this story is great! the evolution of the characters, the drama, the world that is a little darker, the writing is very good, comedy, really one of the few novels that I follow. I cannot forget the fact that even though it is R18, it is not a novel where it only spends 5 chapters and already has a sex scene. I continued with the good work ❤️❤️❤️


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It's really baffles me that this novel has such a low ratings whereas there are dozens of novel out there in this site with sh!tty stories and pointless harem (even though I love harem) has higher ratings then this gem. You can tell that author really thought about this story and put some serious effort in this novel after reading all the 50 chapters currently available. If you really want to read a novel with proper story then plz it a try.


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