The System of a Vampire
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The System of a Vampire


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What is The System of a Vampire

The System of a Vampire is a popular web novel written by the author Drunkendaoist, covering SYSTEM, VAMPIRE, Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 1.8M readers with an average rating of 4.22/5 and 78 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 172 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Orphaned in a world where the people gain classes through the drawing of a lottery, Draig a Vampire born amidst mortals must face the world and struggle with his Vampire heritage along with a odd System that was matched with him. All the while trying to survive against those who persecute his monster Heritage.


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Overall this novel is really good, author i'd love to see you keep working on this and don't abandon like a lot of other original writers do.


A bit slow to begin but authorblearns from mistakes quickly, each chapter makes me hungrier for the next. I can't wait to see where he goes with this as he explains more through his mini arcs the world truly starts coming together


Well so far I'm a chapter 15 I couldn't read anymore the story feels like it came out of someone with either amnesia or has Alzheimer and I mean literally it's like a novelty for me this author is in a category of his own which I have just discovered let me explain: the lack of details which you will see a lot lacking literally, the inconsistencies, the explanations that come chapters after where they are supposed to be I think this is where the Alzheimer part comes in, the stupidity more than normal, the lack of explanation in every part of the MC'S life, and the concept of the story is however the author likes it to be for example if you want to write some s*** beside a reasonable paragraph he does it with no explanation probably because that's how his brain works I don't know how people keep reading this s*** maybe for passing time or whatever but for me my brain can't take it each time I think the author will change I stand disappointed whoever is enjoying the story is either never read a good story or their brain work the same as the author these are the only two reasonable explanations I can find to anyone who says otherwise you're either one or the other of these categories or a new category I don't know (try imagining somebody having to choose between you and a degenerate to give their powers to and what he does is giving super powers to the degenerate instead of you now tell me how the f*** you'll feel that is exactly how I'm feeling when I made this review) the concept has potential however the author screws it up and this is a special one as I said he's in a league of his own first time seeing this kind of screw up I mean I seen others but this is in a league of its own my advice don't read it this is just an advice go with your own risk 😑😑😑


A jewel waiting to be lapidated. Simply sensational, author, you have talent and creativity a lot!!! I blinked and had finished reading all 3 chaps without even realizing it. This story involved me too much!!!


I like the overall theme of this story. I just wish that it had been fleshed out more. Most stories at this point are somewhere between two and three hundred chapters while this one is is less than 50. Hopefully the author sees this and expands on the world background and character building especially in the early chapters. Overall a great story but poor depth and development.


Utter crap.


Kinda disappointing. Mc is a beta and underwhelming, story is plain confusing. Feel no enjoyment from this . Shame


If u have time it's a worth while read really good and entertaining novel it starts off slow but bam it just goes it's a easy and worth while read


I freaking love this novel it is one of the most interesting ones I found in a long time love it Mr author keep on doing a amazing job and I'll give you all my stones :)


Reveal spoiler


A bit of a rocky start, but overall very good. It has some problems with pacing clarity about the capabilities of the mc, but those get cleared up with time.


So I ask everyone to ignore the bad reviews as those have been resolved and should no longer be relevant thank you to everyone who put up with the original version and followed me to the new one hope you all have a blessed day


This is a pretty awesome story to be honest there is not a lot to it yet but it is growing pretty good and leaves me hungry for more. Author keep it up and I’m definitely a fan from now on


I just hope he behaves like a blood thirsty vampire. Not one that wants to coexist with humans. Like ndhduhdhdbd ehebe ehe rge rgrue e rydrdscggd


I’ve really enjoyed this story and can’t wait to see how this story further develops down the road. Honestly could have never guessed the direction the story has taken which makes it that much better.


So far, I enjoy the story but the writing can be hard to follow at times. Character aren’t fleshed-out and the world seems to be lacking a lot of details. Grammar could be better. Will update rating if writing improves.


Reveal spoiler


Haven't gotten that far but the author is making edits which shows they are dedicated to the story building and the time behind it. I hope it lives up to my expectations lol


undead sexy ness. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////




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