The Survival of the Fallen Book

novel - Fantasy

The Survival of the Fallen


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When 1/4 of the world population disappeared without a trace, the world order came to chaos. Revolts happened everywhere until a new group called "Hope" appeared, killing anybody who was on their way. They became the new government of the United States, but this group was too powerful and terrible. Killings happened everywhere by the people of Hope. A new group rose against Hope. This group was capable of teleporting themselves over a close range. This group rose from the shadows until being capable of fighting against Hope. However, they were utterly defeated. These people became known as the "Fallen". Some of the Fallen managed to escape and were hiding, trying to appear as normal people, but people knew were rising, becoming stronger than before, to fight against Hope. Jake is a normal 16-year-old in the day, but an assassin in the night. He is one of the Fallen. His parents were killed by Hope when he was 5 years old, and he barely managed to escape. He is now fighting against Hope by himself, killing its people, trying to find more of the hidden fallen, to unite once again to fight Hope.