1 The Beginning

The world had entered a state of crisis and chaos. About 25% of the world population had disappeared out of nowhere; nobody knew where this people had gone to or how they were able to disappear, but this caused a great fear to the rest of the world. Powerful persons, such as the presidents of many countries, disappeared as well. The countries had become crazy without their presidents, and random people started fighting for the right to govern. A civil war in every country started as people revolted.

About 4 months after this "Great Vanishing" happened, a group of people of about 30 persons appeared in the United States. They called themselves "Hope". A lot of people died in their hands; Hope declared themselves to be the only ones capable of bringing glory back to the world. They killed anybody who tried to oppose them. As more and more people were killed no matter how strong they were, people started realizing this group wasn't something that could be defeated. Fear started growing in everyone's heart as Hope grew more powerful. People decided to give in and join Hope.

A new government was created by Hope, and this government was a real tyrant. Most of the things in the past came back with this government. However, even though this looked pretty normal in the outside, reality was cruel. The new police body, or Ghosts, could kill anybody who they thought was going against Hope. Killings happened everyday all around the country.

As Hope grew stronger, many people planned to revolt and dethrone it; however, they all failed and were instead killed. Nobody knew how they were killed so easily. All they knew was that this people made their way into some headquarters of Hope but never came back out. As everyone thought that nobody could fight against Hope, a new group appeared. At first it was a small scale war, killings of Ghosts and small tyrants under their wings, but it started escalating into the capital of the country, where the main headquarters of Hope was located at. This battle was really grand, shots of machine guns and powerful new weapons could be seen anywhere around a mile away. However, this was really the first fight that could actually be seen by outsiders since the headquarters were totally destroyed. People realized why the group of people who revolted before were utterly defeated. It was because the main body had powerful new weapons capable of killing a rally quickly. The new group who appeared to fight against Hope somehow managed to kill a lot of them. However, after some time fighting, anyone could see this new group was at a big disadvantage; Hope had been recruiting people for a long time already, so most of this group were killed. However, before the last group was about to be killed, a black light appeared around them and in an instant, they all disappeared without leaving a trace. People were shocked when they saw this scene. They were al horrified, but compared to them, Hope was more calm as everybody, or at least the ones with higher rank, had tranquil faces. People then started calling this group of people who were able to almost dethrone Hope as the "Fallen".

In this day, everything is the same as before the Fallen came up to revolt, but there were no more people who wanted to go against Hope. However, Hope was actually more alert and were looking for traces of the Fallen. Hope knew that they had escaped and were hiding. The Fallen was trying to grow more powerful before coming back. This was a little uneasy to Hope, but they were still quite confident that they could fight back, but a little caution was never bad.

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