The soft murmur of Shea pulled Jung-in from her nightmare.

Opening his eyes, Jung-in saw Shea peering into his eyes with concern.

"Nothing," Jung-in whispered.

"Why do I feel your heartbeat suddenly Quicken?" Xie Yiren asked with concern.

"I'm thinking about the patient's diagnosis. The situation is urgent and his heart rate is elevated. It doesn't matter," Zheng Ren said.

"Promising, how and in the emergency department the same, academician Zheng." Xie Yiren smiled.

Her little hands were warm and soft, and Jung-in's heart gradually settled.

I must have made a mistake. I must have! It was definitely not something superstition. The system's operating theater was still principled, and Jung-in had made up his mind repeatedly.

At a glance at the time, it had passed 3' 12' .

"I'll think about it. Don't worry, it'll be fine," Jung-in said as she squeezed Xie Yiren's hand and closed her eyes to enter the system.

Instead of a sitting posture, the simulators show a counter-angled arch.

Although he was a simulation, devoid of emotion and pain, Jung-in knew he was suffering.

Sitting Up, understandably, is the result of sudden simultaneous spasms in the abdominal muscles. But what about the wry smile?

Did you do something? I was just about to do a bilateral Pupillary light reflex, and I didn't do another neuro physical.

The flashlight has not irradiated the pupil, just put the simulation person's eyelids open, "He" suddenly sat up.

Knowing that she was with him, Jung-in was filled with courage.

Courage rose from his heart, Jung-in was no longer afraid, and his thoughts were smooth.

Jung-in felt that the next step was the right answer, getting closer and closer to that vague, familiar spot in her heart.

But the time had come, and as Jung-in was leaving, Lin Bai Fox smiled abominably, as if mocking him for having been startled.

"I'll Call Su Yun. The ultrasound should be done," Jung-in said, patting Xie Yiren on the back of her hand.

Get Up and call again.

"Boss, the patient's internal organs are fine, but he has urinary retention, so we need to indwelling the catheter," Su Yun said at the first moment he picked up the phone.

Urine retention!

Jung-in was stunned.

Abnormal hyperemia, spurting, broken arms, violent muscle spasms when checking for bilateral Pupillary light reflex, weird and sinister wry smiles, arches, add to that the urine retention Su Yun just said.

All the symptoms were linked together, and Jung-in wondered why he felt so familiar with what Su Yun had said.

Mind Lightning, a bolt of lightning rips through the dark curtain of thinking.


All the symptoms pointed to the same point, but the patient's condition was unique. Neither he nor Su Yun could make a correct diagnosis at the first opportunity.

Su Yun was actually very close to a correct diagnosis, but he was shocked by the broken radius and ulna. He thought the diagnosis was wrong, so he did not continue thinking about it.

Thinking of this diagnosis, all the doubts were cleared up. Zheng Ren let out a long sigh of relief, and his heart was bright.

"Su Yun, ask old chief physician Pan to check the patient for tetanus," Zheng Ren said in a low voice.

"Tetanus?" Su Yun was extremely smart. Before Jung-in could refute his words, the logic in his mind had already run through the symptoms of tetanus infection.

"I go, unexpectedly is it!" Su Yun bellows a way loudly.

Two people cooperate tacitly, no half nonsense.

"Hurry up and call back in 30 minutes," Zheng Ren said.


Su hung up and said to old chief physician pan, "Chief, the boss diagnosed tetanus infection."

"Don't be ridiculous." Old chief physician Pan was exhausted and his face was ashen. "The patient has no history of trauma."

"Tetanus incubation period is usually 7-8 days, can be as short as 24 hours or as long as months, years. The book says, the shorter the incubation period, the worse the prognosis. Director, we have an accident.".

However, the good news is that the prognosis is expected to be good."

Old chief physician Pan was startled.

He had had several cases of tetanus in his youth, and had only seen one since the 1990s, when Jung-in came to the emergency room.

Long hidden...

Old chief physician Pan did not continue to think, do not and Su Yun this monster than memory.

"Su Yun, you saw it with your own eyes," old chief physician Pan said.

"Director, do the check first." Su Yun Way, "He seems to be in a stable state. If he really has tetanus infection, his respiratory muscles will collapse at any time. If he were to intubate when his respiratory muscles were paralyzed, it would be easy for him to puncture and leak."

"! ! !" Old chief physician Pan came to his senses and put aside his argument. The time had come for a checkup and differential diagnosis.

He immediately went to arrange things, and called the laboratory department, urging, urgent.

When he returned, old chief physician pan asked, "What happened to the arm fracture?"

"People with tetanus can develop severe muscle spasms, which can lead to muscle breaks and even fractures."

"What about repeated hyperemia?" Old chief physician Pan continued to ask.

"Since the patient has been infected for a long time, the neurological symptoms are not typical. Chief, let me ask you, when was the first time you had blood flow after coming to the emergency department?"

"When I gave him the light reflection test," old chief physician Pan recalled

"Yes, the patient's nervous system is responding to the stimulation," Su Yun said. "The patient's nervous response is not typical because it takes a long time."


"It's a typical reverse angle bow. We missed it all." Su Yun blew confidently, while his black hair fluttered and he looked so handsome, "Chief, tetanus is one of the few signs that can be diagnosed with such an obvious sign."

Old chief physician Pan mused.

"The strange smile on the patient's face is also the result of muscle spasms."

"Urine retention is a complication of tetanus," he said

Su Yun's eloquent, logical, every sentence, every debate are derived from textbooks.

Old chief physician Pan knew that Su Yun was not talking nonsense.

"In fact, I could already tell!" Su Yun said proudly after explaining. "I couldn't hide the angle arch from you, but I was shocked by inexpressibly; indescribably's ulna and radius fracture."

"Okay, I'll prepare the medicine first." Old chief physician Pan did not waste time and turned to leave.

"Where did the director go?" Asked Feng Xuhui.

"What else is there to do? Get the nurse to prepare the medicine. He'll go to the laboratory and see if it's ready. As soon as the results are out, he'll use the medicine as soon as possible." Su Yun knew old chief physician Pan very well and could guess with his heels.

"Cloud elder brother Son, is fierce!" Feng Xuhui is not so afraid now, he raises a thumb to praise a way.

Su Yun did not show so smug, he sighed deeply.

He said he was so close. ... but Su Yun knows the difference between himself and his boss.


it would have been nice if the patient had suffered an ulnar and radial fracture a little later for no apparent reason.

If they are not so afraid, along the angle bow counter-extension to think down, how good.

What if...

A million assumptions, but this time it's done.

Next time, he will not lose! Su Yun thought.

26 minutes later, the test results came back and confirmed that the patient was infected with tetanus.



Intramuscular and intravenous infusion of tetanus antitoxin, sedation, anti-inflammatory treatment, the patient moved to the shade of the room.

There is a ventilator, the light monitor is dimmed to the darkest, and back to the patient.

At the same time, the countdown before Jung-in vanished.

"Whoa." Jung-in sighed.

The mission is not complete, the emergency mission is required to treat, the time also gave two weeks, so there is no hurry.

As long as the death countdown is gone.

"Right diagnosis, Jung-in?" Shea smiled at Jung-in.

"I guess so. I'm going to make a phone call."

Soon, Jung-in returned, without a smile on his face, but Shea could feel the lightness and joy in him.

All right, Xie Yiren smiled and didn't ask any questions.

She reached out and took Jung-in's hand, resting it on his shoulder. It's enough to know that Jung-in can cure anything.

As the plane came to a halt, Jung-in glanced at the system panel in the upper right corner of his field of vision.

The background has warmed somewhat from the pale color, and it is clear that the patient's condition has been brought under control after the correct diagnosis.

"Academician Zheng, this way please." The steward squats gracefully in the side to say.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

The flight attendant led Jung-in and Shea off the plane first, with the flight attendant and captain leading the way.

At the VIP exit, the captain reached out and said goodbye to Jung-in, leaving his contact information.

"Ha-ha, when the academician is really different." Xie Yiren smiled.

"Fine." Zheng Ren did not feel anything.

I am face-blind, I am afraid I will not recognize the captain next time I meet him face-to-face.

No one was seen outside the VIP entrance. Jung-in thought for a moment, then picked up his phone to call old chief physician Pan.

Soon, Jung-in saw the old chief he had been dreaming of.

"Chief," Jung-in said, extending his arms and giving old chief physician pan a bear hug.

"Kid, you're right! I trained you to be a soldier!" Old chief physician Pan laughed and patted Jung-in's shoulder hard.

"Is the patient all right?"

"The diagnosis is clear and the treatment is appropriate. The patient's condition has stabilized a little. I'm also anxious. If I had known that the problem could be solved through remote consultation, I wouldn't have tortured you."

"I missed you too," Zheng Ren said. "I was planning to bring Yiren back to visit you this weekend. A few days earlier would have been good."

Old chief physician Pan did not mention the academician, nor did Jung-in.

And his old director, his heart when his father's old director, there is no what academician not academician.

"The patient is stable. Take a look, have a bite to eat, and find a place to rest."

Jung-in knew old chief physician pan well enough to know that he would have to be on the front line to take care of serious patients. This had been a habit he had developed over the years.

But Jung-in disagrees with the older director.

"Sir, after dinner I'll take care of the patient and you can go home," Jung-in said with a smile.

Old chief physician Pan laughed and patted Jung-in's shoulder hard, as if Jung-in was still the chief resident under him, shouldering all the heavy responsibilities in the clinic.

"Don't stay up late on the 912 side," old chief physician Pan asked.

"It's rare, but I'm used to getting calls from emergency departments that don't come down," Jung-in replied. "I live right next to the hospital, so it's convenient. I'll be there in a few minutes."

Came to the hospital, the familiar atmosphere of the oncoming, so many years the hospital has not changed too much, but some of the old.

It's like the old days all over again.

Zheng Ren and old chief physician Pan rushed to the ICU. When chief Qian saw Zheng Ren, he shook hands warmly. "Academician Zheng, long time no see."

"I wouldn't dare, director Qian," Jung-in said with a smile. "You're an old director. You shouldn't say that."

"I'm retiring. Your old chief physician Pan is in good health and still able to work. My old body can't withstand the severe illness and I'm going to the southern seashore to retire."

So soon... Jung-in froze.

Yes, more than ten years have passed. Back then, chief Qian could be said to be in his prime, but now that he had become an academician, it was time for him and old chief physician Pan to retire.

"How's the patient?" Jung-in changed the subject.

"Very well." The expression on Chief Qian's face became more serious. "I heard old chief physician Pan tell me about the patient's medical history, but I didn't expect it to be a tetanus infection."

"It's very rare. Let Me See."

Changing his clothes, Jung-in went to see the patient.

The system showed that the diagnosis was consistent with the previous diagnosis, the main disease is infected with tetanus, the other are complications. More serious is the fracture of the radius and ulna, but belongs to closed fracture, not urgent surgery.

Only then did Jung-in relax.

Normal treatment on the line, patients can get better.

It was getting late. Although Zheng Ren was reluctant to part with old chief physician pan, he still forced old chief physician Pan to leave and asked Shea to send him home to rest.

Old chief physician Pan had nothing to worry about with Zheng Ren around. He persevered for a while, but when he saw that Jung-in was determined, he decided not to be stubborn and went home to rest.

The diagnosis was clear and the medication was appropriate. Jung-in nursed the patient for a day. As his condition stabilized, he finally left the intensive-care unit.

Jung-in and Xie Yiren went to old chief physician Pan's house for a family dinner.

The dumplings stuffed with pork and scallions are very fragrant and homely.

Old chief physician Pan drank a couple of glasses of wine, but Jung-in did not allow him to drink too much. He said that as he got older, he should drink less to satisfy his cravings, as it was not good for his health to drink too much.

But old chief physician pan seemed to have drunk too much and talked to Jung-in a lot.

From the time Jung-in was beaten down by chief surgeon Liu of the General Surgery Department, to the time when he lifted the emergency ward on one shoulder, to the time when he went to 912, old chief physician Pan talked about everything with great interest until Jung-in became an academician.

Old Chief Physician Pan Lao Huai was very comforted. Although he only drank two taels of wine, he was tipsy.

Zheng Ren did not leave until ten o'clock.

It was snowing outside, and the snowflakes were dancing under the streetlights, like elves.

"Jung-in, do you remember when we were in the emergency ward? There was always an emergency surgery every time it snowed," Xie Yiren said as she held Jung-in's hand and looked up at the snow, her neck creamy and pale.

In retrospect, Jung-in no longer had the anxiety of getting atrial fibrillation on the phone in the middle of the night.

"I remember the year you celebrated my birthday and we got a call about a car accident and went back to the hospital like crazy."

She said, holding out her hand.

A few snowflakes fell on her hand, crystal clear, reflecting the white light, Xie Yiren standing in the sky snow, clean and transparent.

"Let's go," Jung-in smiled and pulled Shea along. "You're acting like a child."

"I'll get the car," Shea said, snuggling up to Jung-in.

"Let's walk back," Zheng Ren said. "It just snowed. The road is slippery. It's not far anyway."

The night was dark and snowy. They walked in the streets of Haicheng, gradually turning white.