The Strongest Dark Lord

Author: Mysteryon
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  • 292 Chs
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What is The Strongest Dark Lord

Read ‘The Strongest Dark Lord’ Online for Free, written by the author Mysteryon, This book is a Movies Fanfic, covering ROMANCE Fanfiction, REINCARNATION Fan Fiction, SYSTEM Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Follow Lucas Grindelwald, a reincarnated soul who walks a similar path to his adopted father, the infamous Dark Lord Gel...


Follow Lucas Grindelwald, a reincarnated soul who walks a similar path to his adopted father, the infamous Dark Lord Gellert Grindelwald. As a good Dark Lord in training, expect a MC with loose morals who has no problem with getting his hands dirty. This is a translation of the fanfic Hogwarts: I, The Strongest Dark Lord Of History. The story will have differences from the mtl version since I will be changing things I don't like or that don't make sense. Subscribe to my Patreon /mysterion901 to read advanced chapters.

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1 Chs
Table of Contents
Latest Update
Volume 1 :The Philosopher's Stone
Volume 2 :The Chamber of Secrets
Volume 3 :The Prisoner of Azkaban
Volume 4 :The Goblet Of Fire
Volume 5 :The Magical War


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The story was good, it's a shame it's a pathetic harem between 12 and 13 year olds. It doesn't make any sense. ................................


This is a pretty good translation. And the MC is interesting. Everyone knows his nature but he is still operating in plain sight. I loved that! usually the MC hides and plans and so on... it's gotten boring. Kudos on this wonderful editing and i hope to see this continued.


It's really good. Much beter than most of Harry Potter book. [img=recommend]


So far everything is very good, the MC is interesting, the system doesn't influence him, which in my point of view is great. That's it for now, I'll wait for more updates, I just hope that the Translator doesn't abandon this work midway.


im pretty sure i read the mtl of this a while ago, it is pretty good from what i remember. pls continue translating this for people who dislike mtl(havent checked the quality,hope its good)


A great story, with a decently well written MC but it has one flaw, it really has a Harem of 12-13 year olds. I do find that disturbing in so many levels, I'm just glad it hasn't escalated beyond kisses on the cheek. But I really can't with a REINCARNATOR having a harem of little girls. The author could have atleast waited till they were further along near the end of the books to escalate into this. (I know this is translated). It does spoil the story a bit, but if you look past that this whole arc is pretty well made. If you're like me and read basically all the HP fanfics possible. This one sits in the middle because of what is stated above, if not it would be in the top cut.


The TL and updates are quite good, but the story is just meh. Nothing about it that makes me want to keep reading, zero conflict, hence zero plot.




Translator doesn't change all the cringe lines by MC when talking to any female character but changes actual interaction. A kiss on the lips gets changed to a light brush of a kiss to the cheek. Why? What the f is this? Changing such a minor thing but leaving all the cringe unchanged. dropped trash. Also MC seems to focus on gacha the whole time, havent seen him train ONCE.


one of the best harry Potter fan-fic in making.


This is what we call a great story with peak-level translation. The dialogues are soo good that you can't even know its a translation the only cringy part is when the girls call him honey, I think that's good too it's just my Alexa sounds like a sl-ut-prounouncing that. Can you release two chapters a day just for this Goblet of Fire arc? Please


![Cliffhanger Extravaganza]! 97% cliffhangers I started reading this when there was only ~30 chapters and it has been cliffhanger after cliffhanger. The writing is good but every chapter feels like "NEXT TIME on Dragon Ball Z" it's to the point where I can't even read it anymore. I hate feeling disappointment after reading; it ruins my mood. (If this review is removed I will post again and again. saved it on Google docs and i will put a counter on how many times I have to repost it)


Eh, it was great for awhile, and you could see effort at first, but then the story became lazy Chinese Manhua trash. Where the MC keeps putting people in their place while catching underage harem members like they're Pokemon. A shame really.


This is my favourite HP fanfic, the translation is amazing Thank you sooo much for posting it My only criticism is that I wish there were more chapters per week other than that its perfect


final harem: hermione, cho chang, ginny, luna, fleur and astoria


Its a good hp fanfic, i really like how well thought out it is. There are a few problem here and there but most are personal bias agaisnt harem and mc certain decision but overall its an entertaining story that makes me come back every few week to bing read.


Very interesting fic where a Dark Lord that makes some sense is being built, which grows along with his talent and his own system. I like that the MC isn't completely evil, like most of those dumb MCs who only know how to kill and be dumb, there's a good balance here and I think it's more Gray. I also think he is building more relationships with other characters well. Overall an excellent fic, I highly recommend it.[img=recommend][img=update][img=gift][img=More pls]


good fic and translation. Quick question, when translating a fic, do you need to get permission from the og author or just give credit to the og author?


very promising hp story ,,, i like the writtings with these adjustments on a completely different level🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


[img=update].....🤞HAREM😉.... [img=Your move]


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