The story of squad 13
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The story of squad 13


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What is The story of squad 13

Read The story of squad 13 novel written by the author Chaoscaller on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, magic. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"Julian, oh Julian... I am so... sorry... For everything." Ten years ago, Julian Gromel's world got torn apart. Literally. However, amidst the carnage, he lost and found his only true ally. Now, ten years later, he finds himself at a loss. All those years, wasted on killing small fry. Not even once had he found a trace of his enemies. Julian had long since lost his hope for revenge, along with his emotions. Until he met Carmilla, the leader and sole member of Squad 13. Together with her and allies he never thought he needed, he sets out with a renewed vision in his mind. A vision of his enemies being paid their dues. "No matter the cost... I will right what has been wronged!" Updates every other day, or every two days.


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So far, one chapter exists of The story of squad 13. The question this review seeks to answer is whether that chapter will convince you to want to read another. For a story to warrant continuation, it needs a hook. Squad 13 has a hook, squad 13 is Captain Hook. The author paints you a picture of a seedy, underbelly world where addiction and abuse are rife, but he doesn't just tell you, the author allows you to discover it for yourself. The author illustrates dependence, hopelessness, brutality and callous disregard for the lives of a character's loved ones or even their own all without wasting a word. No omniscient narrator need take the time to explain what the world is like, it unfurls within the story as the author intends it to. You may find yourself confused for a moment, but hold on because you're experiencing the world with the characters. The chapter has action, lots of action. Great action. Detailed yet succinct. At no point do you feel words are wasted while describing the action sequences. Indeed, if anything it creates another mystery, the operation of the artificers. How do their powers work? One with a game controller, another with a phone, perhaps? Another still by conjuring weapons from the air. As much as you can with the written word, we see the powers displayed, but we're not told how they work. Don't take that as a criticism, but rather as an observation of the mystery of the powers in this world being used as yet another hook. So the story is good? Yes, so far, definitely. It takes, however, more than a good story to make a good novel. The writing has to be proficient, here is where this story suffers, but only slightly. On the whole, the story is well written. There are, however, grammatical errors, and perhaps a logical error to two, that serve to distract from the unfolding story. Normally I don't care much for grammatical errors. A missed comma, or 10 might be sloppy. but it doesn't seriously hinder enjoyment or understanding, so know when I talk about grammatical errors, the ones I speak of are of a serious nature. I did notice some serious grammatical errors, but luckily, not so many to seriously impact on my enjoyment of the story. So, as we established, the question this review seeks to answer is whether this chapter inspires one to want to read more, the answer is a resounding yes. You'll find yourself hooked and reeled in by the unfolding world of The story of Squad 13


Intriguing premise, great action-packed opening. I got some real Matrix and Dark City vibes while reading this. Enjoyable. You have a great imagination and I look forward to seeing where you take this story in future installments.


The way you expressed the thoughts and actions was very good. I'd definitely read this novel!!! Author has done a really good job at making this novel so great. I hope the author keeps updating the story!!


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Did not expect to like the story as much as I do based on the synopsis but the story quickly proved me wrong. 10/10 very well written novel. I love the mystery and suspense. This is my first novel from this author but I cannot wait to see the full reveal by the end of the book.


The premise was intricately weaved! The narration was very vivid that it got me the chills! Quite jealous of his talent....The story is lit! Thank you for making me read a wonderful piece of art....by the way, I am from review swap. Congrats and good luck!


The thrills this story gives me is great. The action scenes were great. I like the character introduction. Nicely done author! I look forward for more updates. Keep it up!


The author knows very well how to set the scenery for his stories, the imagery he uses is top-tier. The action is also great, as the vivid narratives allows for a visualization of epic scenes. The characters in the story are also very interesting, as they are all unique and three-dimensional. Good job


Nice novel Excellent writing quality Stable updates Amazing character design and story development World background is also well thought out.


Wait what!!! death by the trash-can dam the best I just started reading it and it already got me hooked up here. I'm so in love with the characters lol the conversations are so funny. I'm so excited to read what happens next Auther-nim


Very intriguing idea and unique plot. The characters aren't one-traited and still but are flawed and contrast each other. The dangers the plot hints as really makes you want to continue reading.


A very interesting premise! The opening really hyped me up, and the writing style is amazing. The details are explained in such a way that it's clear enough but not repetitive enough to be boring. I like it! The chapter length is also very satisfying and even though there's only a few chapters, but I can see it being a great novel. Also, the occasional humor is great lol. Keep up the good work, author! <3


Hi author! So far so good, it has been has been intriguing. The story is building up nicely and I would like to see where it goes from there! Keep writing!


your vocabulary is immaculate, the way you explain the sceneries is just amazing, the details are really good too and overall its a really great book


So far so good keep it up, it keeps the readers entertained, with a good balance of comedy and triller which I believe all novels should have a mix of


Before anything else, let me just say that there's only two chapters to this novel right now, so I can't say anything for sure yet. However, what I can do is give my own impressions of this novel based on the little bit I have read. First off, writing quality. Flawless. I didn't spot any mistakes, whether it's grammar, spelling, or punctuation. I would prefer it if the author could split some parts like dialogue into two separate lines, just to make it easier on the eyes, but that all comes down to personal preference. Second - stability of updates. Not much to say here, since there's only 2 chapters. Story development - a fast-paced, action-packed start to the novel that really draws readers in and makes them want to read more. Keep up the good work, though I think having comedic/downtime chapters is necessary as well. Character design - the few characters that have been introduced already are all unique. I would say a little more description regarding the characters' physical appearances is necessary, but to be honest these are all little things that can be fixed with a tiny bit of time. World background - the story started off with an action scene, and since there are only 2 chapters, not much is known about the world this novel is set in. That's all. Keep up the good work, author, and I'm looking forward to reading more.


Excellent book so far. The characters are well designed, The world building is on point, the grammar is of high quality and the story develops nicely. Although its still early with the chapters, its already turning out to be a very good novel. Keep up the good work, author.


Read the initial chapters. Descriptions are cool. You can see it happening while you read it. Superb collection of words i.e. great vocabulary. Action-packed. Invokes curiosity. Grammar is good. Long chapters. The book has potential. Grt work, author👍


Just two chapters, i was scrolling looking for more chapters. The story just keeps you hooked, it gives off mixed vibes, keeps you on edge wondering what's gonna happen next. Good job author .


Dang, this is a good read! I mean, just two chapters and yet i love it! Definitely will add this in my library because i'm hooked ngl! The plot is pretty interesting but what catches the eye the most is the way you described everything in such perfect detail! I hope you publish next chapters soon!


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