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The Shadow Princess


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Born twins, the big sister lived a life like a princess, but for the latter, she lived like a shadow. The Duke of Claymore set rules like that and everyone lives in the mansion should obey. The big sister called Roselia, she was beautiful and gentle lady. The Emperor of Zetas Kingdom praised her for her contribution in avoiding economic collapse and granted her the title "Princess of Virtue". But actually, her ideas of preventing that misfortune was her little sister's ideas. No one knows beside the Duke of Claymore house. The Constellation Master has said, the first born will be the future Empress. --- This story put under 'pause' status. Currently, I am trying to rewrite this story in Indonesian, which is my mother language. Also, I use this story to join writing competition at NovelMe. If you want to continue read this story and you can also read Indonesian, I would gladly recomend you to read my story there. The title still the same so you can easily search it. Thanks for all the support I have received when I write here. With love, evalline


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