the sentimental life in fairy meadowthe sentimental life in fairy meadow

the sentimental life in fairy meadow

by Dear_Bliss

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Sophie is your average 21-year-old. Juggling between university and a part-time job, she wants nothing more than to rest. She dreams of running away into another world, to travel and make friends, to eat delicious foods and to maybe meet a soulmate...alongside her best friend Lucy of course! One night, her dreams have come true. She and Lucy get transported into a fantasy-like town called Fairy Meadow and there begins their sentimental life. But dreams can quickly become nightmares...so be careful what you wish for... Join Sophie and Lucy in their sentimental life in Fairy Meadow! ---------------------------------_______--------------------------------------- This is mostly a light and fluffy novel. No crazy drama, annoying bishes or triggering content. But rather, a simple novel about two young women finding themselves in the simple life....or so it seems? ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆ The book cover is created by yours truly however the actual picture was taken by Pinterest so credits to the owner of the photo!

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