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"Thank god it's over!" Shouted Sophie.

She had just finished another 8-hour shift at her part-time job as an office worker. More specifically an overworked assistant. She sighed tiredly once more as she dropped her bags on the dining table.

"How was work?" Asked her mum.

Sophie looked over in the kitchen. Her mum, as usual, was an angel, cooking up her favourite meal, stir-fried soy sauce noodles. [Oh my god thank you mum, I already feel my soul in heaven with that delicious smell.]

"Same same, just tired mum." Replied Sophie.

Today at work was the usual. Cleaning the office space, before sitting down to make various calls and write up reports for the manager. Though it was mundane, Sophie was happy at least it wasn't retail and paid decently.

Sophie dragged her sore feet along the cold tiles before reach her bedroom. Once inside, she fell face-first onto her mattress.

"UGHFHSJKDKLDDLDLS." She grumbled onto her blanket. Her half-yelling scared her little kitten who was resting on her chair.

"Sorry baby!" Sophie turned to her poor cat.

[God...I'm so tired].

She turned on her back and put her hands on top of her face before sighing for the umpteenth time today. [Can't rest for long though Sophie, have to unpack everything]. She sighed once more before getting up and unpacking her bag. Tiredly, she placed her Apple laptop and connected the charger, before charging her mobile phone. She took off her suit jacket before slowly peeling her clothes off making sure not to wrinkle it. [I hate doing this, but then again I'm too lazy to iron them. Suck it up, Sophie].

Dressed in her comfy oversized "home clothes" as she likes to call it (its really just sweat pants and a large hoodie), Sophie grabs her iPad and checks the latest notifications for her online novels.

"Holy shit, they updated!" Sophie said to herself.

[Oh my god, I'm so excited. I can't wait to read this! I wonder what's gonna happen to the female lead and the male...]. Her stomach rumbled.

"Sigh...maybe after dinner. Food first."

After eating a delicious meal of steaming noodles and a daily check-up of her animal crossing village, Sophie plopped to her bed and excitedly grabbed her iPad to check the novel.

[AHHHH...calm down Sophie, calm down.]

Taking a few deep breaths, she opened the link to the latest chapter. Sophie's latest novel obsession was called 'Modern Maiden'. It told the story of a 21st-century girl called who had transmigrated into the villainess in a cliche fictional European world filled with magic and monarchs. The author had just updated the ending.

"Please be a happy ending, I'll die if it isn't," Sophie muttered.

Thankfully it wasn't. The female and male lead ended up together, with the story tying any loose ends. It was a classic happy ending. Sophie sighed.

[I want my happy ending too. If only my life wasn't so boring. If only I transmigrated into a fantasy world munching on delicious food and finding a lover.]

Sophie's eyes began to feel heavy.

"No, I can't sleep right now. I still need to shower."

But Sophie's resistance was futile. Her eyes began to feel heavier and heavier as her head sunk deeper into the pillow.

[Maybe just a little nap. I hope I transmigrate heehee.]

But dreams can quickly turn into nightmares, so be careful what you wish for.

In a few minutes, Sophie was in a deep slumber with a smile on her face unaware of what lied ahead.

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