The Schatten Chronicles
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The Schatten Chronicles


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What is The Schatten Chronicles

The Schatten Chronicles is a popular web novel written by the author Roselia_Black, covering Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 97.5K readers with an average rating of 4.72/5 and 32 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 26 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Part One: The Gate Raiden gets admitted to the prestigious Schatten Academy after she applies there just for fun. However, during her usual troublemaking detours, Raiden comes across a mysterious Tantabulum that contains secrets about her parents that she couldn't believe. however, her parents mysteriously disappear as she tries to confront them. On her way back to find them, Raiden finds herself chased by Monsters. What is she gonna do?

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To be honest, this novel deserves better, or at least, more than these mere lousy three stars. I have to admit that the grammar on this nover is good, if not better than the average novel that you would see on Webnovel. I assure you that this novel has a very little grammatical error, if it has one, I doubt it will disturb the reading experience. Well, so, why three stars? Well, confusion, confusion was the main reason. Maybe I can fix this review after the author updates more, but for now, it is just the way it is. Well, for starter, I still have difficulties in finding the plot point. I meant, the synopsis describe about the main character finding something that would uncover the secrets of her parents that I, personally, haven't care about either. But well, it will be lampshaded along the way I think. I thought it would start at chapter 3. Not to be confused with Chapter Three. However, well, it didn't, I kept reading, however, I only found out that the chapters were full of exposition. I couldn't describe how detailed the surroundings of the story to the point where the details could be deemed unnecessary. It's like reading a textbook. Textbook of exposition, the author sometimes has a tendency to describe things too much in a short period of time, for example, a paragraph. In short, too much telling, too little showing. I meant, it could be more interesting to know the MC through some of her action instead of just telling it out loud. For example, instead of telling "Raiden was an expert at hiding her emotion," just describe how her face looked like when she heard that she was admitted at the academy. I bet it would be more interesting that way. If not a dialog, the author usually describe something in a very very long paragraph and this is when I was reading on a computer. I just couldn't tell how jarring it would be for the smartphone user to read that long expositional narrative that could be described as some information which is important, but placed at the wrongest of time and place. For example, the author told us that the location of the academy was in the mountain and located far away from the civilization even though the MC hasn't even arrived at the academy yet. This was one of the examples of it. I just couldn't read it, oftentimes, gazing over it would work too and the details of the information wouldn't be lost since the relevancy of the said information was usually thrown out of the window soon. As long as you remember the name, you are good, that's just how much unncessary information in this book is. Of course, if you forget it, don't worry, the author will explain it again inside of the next chapter so you don't have to worry about the feeling of missing out some of the vitals information. So... you might also be confused by the shifting POV in this story without any warning before hand (Please don't put X's POV or something like that). Well, I think there are two main characters, well, more than two I think. Damien and Raiden. Well you can go figure since the main character was introduced in Chapter One (Not to be confused with Chapter 1). It's not really that easy to describe whether this story is a closed or omniscient third person. However, no matter what the POV is, it's just that. It's just confusing. And the confusion kept going on and on. I hoped the author could fix this in the future. Well, I won't put much faith on that to be honest. Too much characters that were introduced at once didn't help with that issues either. Well, overall, a decently written story, but you need a very high suspension of disbelief to read this one since this is your average teenage story. Hmm, I supported this author. I knew she could write better, however, that potential hadn't been released yet considering how many books she has written, but those books had a low amount of chapter in Webnovel. Well, I would say that fixing this book would make it better. At the very least, I wanted those things that wer


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.................................................. I really like it. .... that's very good. .. I won't say much because it will be a spoiler to the others thank you for your hard work hoping for more in the future


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I think it is a gem to read through but author please update it regularly. Other than that I have no complains. Character & plotline are bang on. All the best.


Bravo! This author success in creating such an epic work! the tension and atmosphere from just reading makes me hold my breathe until i didn't realize i finish that chapter. Good work author! keep updating!


The story is very interesting. The plot is so mysterious like we want to read more to find out.This story kinda giving me harry Potter vibe. Waiting for next chapter, good luck


Simple words. Exciting. This book holds you so deep, it increases suspense by the moment. I read three chapters thinking I was watching a movie. It's so professional and amazing, this book should've been published a long time ago by HarperCollins or someplace


Okay ,now this book is totally awesome !! Like the drama and suspence is really thrilling ,you can't help but be on tenterhooks while holding your breath . Don't see much of grammatical error and tense misuse ,though would have preferred if the author had moved the character and phonetics to an auxiliary chapter or beginning cause it disrupted the flow of the story nevertheless ,the story is one of a kind ,I totally love it . Wish for more updates though, regular should do the charm . Well ,thumbs up to you author, you out did a great job .


Hi.. if your are a fan of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson you will definitely like it . The magic , family secrets , fighting monsters and some sweet love .All the elements are there in the story . surely it's gonna be a rollercoaster ride . One thing the author has written and edited liked a professional . please give a try you will not be disappointed


OMG!!!! WOULD totally read it. The sypnosis makes it so interesting , secrets and monsters are the best part. Totally recommended this book.


Really good novel with great charcter development and story, highly recommend it and read it now.Really good novel with great charcter development and story, highly recommend it and read it now.


The first chapter is enough to hook you in. It's a good book and it's so amazing Wow wow wowo wow Keep up the good work and continge being amazing . . . . Wowww


I like the writing style, I might steal it hehe... I already stole so many writing styles but never used them OOF got of topic. Till the chapter I have read the story line is good. I can't say much for now.


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Wow! This is truly an amazing read! The setting, the intrigue, the suspense! Its all top top notch. I just want the story to continue on and unravel all its dark secrets. Added to library! Update update update good author. I'm officially a fan of The Schatten Chronicles.!


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I like the way you write since itsss so detailed and also I like Raiden. <3 <3 I also like the named of the academy, soooo unique. Keep writing :))


The storyline is tremendous! It's a legit fantasy book & would be perfectly loved by the readers. I am considering it 5 stars to show my fundamental underpinning to the dear author!


The storyline is epic! It's a legit fantasy book & would be perfectly loved by the readers. I am rating it 5 star to show my initial support to dear author! Keep it up❤️❤️


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