1 the Start

(surrounded by hundreds of goblins)

(hardly breathing) Am I gonna die here?

it's an inevitable death

heh , I have had talk more to my dad...cough


(a goblin attack from back and hit a critical hit)

(Mc losing conscious)

(a shady taskbar showing up in mid air,[computer voice], you will gonna be reanimated in 10 s,9,8,7...)

[you are reanimated]

(background voices[peep,peep,peep...] mc waking up screaming and surprised )

was it just a dream?

it was so realistic...where am I?

(a nurse entering the room)

(the nurse look kinda choked)

dr.Jean ,dr.Jean ... it's an emergency... patient 102 is awake!!

sometimes we are at a turning point that radically change our lives, in that case this was the turning point of everything,

5 years ago some strange magical gates are starting to appear, people call it portals, these portals are connected with dungeons whose filled with monsters, And when the extinction of humans was taken for granted, some of those humans woke up with magical powers that we call "Awakening" those humans were called "the hunters"

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