1212 Battle

Upon hearing Minos' words, the people there felt the weight of his words, feeling less worse for putting the fate of an entire family at risk because of the crime of a few.

The Vogel family was many times more powerful than House Stuart and, as far as anyone there knew, had never interacted with the Black Plain's royal family. Thus, there was no apparent reason for action by one side against the other.

And thinking about how Spiritual Saints had been sent to threaten a place where the majority were just Spiritual Kings, many of the Church group even felt that the current action was not at all unfair.

It was not necessarily justice being done since there was no such thing. But the Vogel family's situation in this instant was not undeserved!

As for the royal guards there, they could not help but internally regret that they were facing all this trouble over something as small as the Black Plain.


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