4 Like a Time Bomb

The airport was packed and bustling with people. People brought their luggages in hasty pace. The airport staffs were working in a high speed because there were too many people that it seemed the queue had never finished. One of the children that followed her parents to queue suddenly cried, and like a domino, every toddler surrounding followed the girl to cry. Their parents could only helplessly try to appease them.

It was so crowded.

From the arrival gate, a woman wore a piece of white t-shirt and navy blue jeans. She hold her cashmere coat in her arm before she donned it because she felt cold. From her back, there were five people following, - they were Amon, Zagan, Leraje, Paimon and Agares.

Zagan, as the youngest along with Amon went to wait for their luggages while the other three followed their master, Liliana Chen to the cafe inside of the airport. "Mast...Liliana, what do you want to drink?" Asked Argus nervously. Before their departure, Liliana proposed her subordinates to call her name directly, without any title. Spontaneously, all of the rejected her proposal but Liliana adamantly ordered them to do so. Because of that, they reluctantly tried to call her as natural as possible. It was their very first time to call their master in intimate calling although it has her real name she used.

"Americano." replied Liliana. She whipped out her phone from her coat. She typed a string of phone number and dial it. After waiting for some seconds, there was a response from the other side of the line. "Hello. Who is this?"

"I'm Liliana." answered Liliana succinctly.

"Mas...Master. I'm sorry that i could not recognize your voice." the voice of the speaker from the other side was slightly trembling. Liliana didn't care about this oddity and continue speaking. "Where are you?"

"In the airport Master."

"Good. We've been in the airport, at Starbucks. And during my stay here do not call me Master, just call me Liliana. Just wait in the parking lot."

"Yes Master."

Liliana ended up the call. She drunk the Americano that Agares had ordered. About to the call earlier, everyone knew that their master still like to do this kind of menial job. It should be done by them, the subordinates but their master refused them. when they pestered her not to do this kind of menial job, she said, "You listen to me or i'll fire you all."

The sentence their master spoke was like a nightmare to them. They had been working in master household for so long, especially Amon who had worked since Liliana's grandfather was still young. So, they could only helplessly watched their master do what she wanted.

Soon, Amon and Zagan had picked up their luggages. Liliana and the others followed them to the parking lot.

From afar, Liliana could see a black Maybach. It probably was the car that Ba'al, the man she dialed drive to pick them up. Ba'al was also one of her subordinates.

Ba'al who was still sitting in the drivee sear while singing his favorite song, Bohemian Rhapsody, upon seeing Liliana's figure from distance scared out and jump down from the car. He stood in front of the car and displayed his best smile. "Welcome back Master." Then, he opened the back door.

Elena nodded. When she was about to get into the car, she reminded, "During my stay, don't call me Master. Call me Liliana."

Ba'al gulped his saliva down to his throat. He totally forgot about his master order from the phone earlier. "Ye...yes Liliana."

"Good." Liliana got into the car and turned on her laptop. She scanned through the graphs and number for quiet a few time before she smirked. She had got a significant amount of that scum company's share. She only need to wait for some time and lay low before she truly start the game.

She turned her laptop off and closed it in careless manner. She laid her head on the passenger seat and closed her eyes.

Almost every night since five years ago, she would dream the same nightmare over and over again. Whenever she closed her eyes, that scum cruelty replayed in her dream - at the time when he broke her arm, when he insults and humiliate her, and the time when he refused to save her son.

She hated him so much that she couldn't wait to push him to the hell although she knew she need perfect time to begin her game. His cruel treatment engraved intense hatred deep down to her bones. It almost led her to a path of no return but fortunately, her sanity still retained her logic. She was afraid of this hatred because it was like a time bomb that she didn't know when it would explode. Thus, although she couldn't defuse it for the time being, at least she would direct it to the right direction, to the place where her enemy flocked together.