LUO YAN, of course, noticed Bai Ze's sudden abnormality.  "What's wrong Brother Ze?"

"Ahm, someone from team Celestials just sent me a message," Bai Ze said, looking once again at his Message Tab.

Uriel: [White Marsh, it seems that your team is doing something that involved borrowing the face of our Captain.  I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt and believe that your team was not doing something diabolical with our Captain's face.  But a particular member of our team doesn't share the same opinion.  If you don't give us an acceptable reason, I'm afraid he would directly attack your headquarters just so he could have his answer.  I believe both of us don't want that, right?  So, our team would really appreciate a bit of explanation.]

Bai Ze read that message to his team mates.  And then he turned to Su Yuqi.  "So, what exactly happened when you took Eclipse to Celestials' headquarters?"


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