The Rebirth Of A White Robe Man: I'll Follow You This Time (BL)
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The Rebirth Of A White Robe Man: I'll Follow You This Time (BL)


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What is The Rebirth Of A White Robe Man: I'll Follow You This Time (BL)

Read The Rebirth Of A White Robe Man: I'll Follow You This Time (BL) novel written by the author LoveableChubby on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering r18, mystery, superpowers, bl, tragedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


When a wrong path is chosen, it isn't surprising to have a miserable ending. "Before didn't I mention about how blind you are? Look at you now! Since you are so ignorant and stupid, next time, just ignored the other people and follow me alright? Base on our intertwined deep fate of being enemies in this life, I am sure that we will meet again in our next life!" With bloodstained lip, Shao Cheng let out an ironic smile, betrayed by his loved one, Ren Yuan who is his greatest enemy of all time has given him comfort and satisfaction on his moment of death, which is rather ridiculous considering the two of them have been trying to kill each other. How come this enchanting man is being strangely gentle and considerate toward him? "Alright, If I meet you again. I'll follow you this time." -------------------------------------------------- The second life he was given has been full of mistakes, errors, and blunder. Losing their game of conflict, Shao Cheng will listen to Ren Yuan's word this time. Later on, a beautiful young man with a cold expression dressed in a snow-white robe follows behind an older exquisite young man dressed in a gorgeous crimson robe. "Aren't you going home soon? How long are you going to keep following me around!?" Shao Cheng's sapphire eyes suddenly dim down turning pitiful causing the young man dressed in crimson robe to become guilty and panic inside. "Alright, alright! Just follow me! This Big Brother is powerful, so protecting a single person wouldn't be difficult!" So a clueless and ignorant crimson robe young man let a wicked person follow along his side which he, later on, learned to have an abnormal ability. I seemed to hear him talking to a bird? Hey, why are you showing tender expression to a plant? MC (SHAO CHENG IS GONG/TOP) WARNING! BL, Boy Love, Yaoi, Don't Read It If You Don't Like it! Mature Content! BTW! There Will Be Writing Mistakes, Spelling that will be accidentally Miss, and Grammars - Just want to let you know before you start reading it. IF You Don't Like it and Can't continue reading it because of the writing problems, Please Just Try To Be Respectful and Quietly Leave. Thank You. I, as the author, know the problem, but I want to continue writing, so thank you. Editor: Dreamer (Chapter 285+) Mc White Robe (GONG/ATTACK/SEME) x ML Crimson Robe (Shou/Bottom/Uke) Buy me Coffee? Appreciate it ^^ https://ko-fi.com/loveablechubby DISCORD: LoveableChubby#1263 https://discord.gg/2XXK28V- First Time Server, Please Become A Member? Haha Commission Book Cover! :)


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Oh dear naughty Author, there’s so many praises I wanna rain on you for your books that I worry that if I would do that you would be like a peacock 🦚 Your novels are written with nice structure, the plot is not always very complicated but I don’t think that’s always necessary to enjoy it, there’s plenty of well described SNU SNU (Thank god for that) ☺️ the flow of the novels is fluid and cliffhangers are doable 😉I can’t wait for updates and feel dissatisfied if there’s no more so please please continue with great work 😍🥰😘


Thank you for this amazing novel. The characters just fit to my taste so much that it's making me addicted to it. MC is gong and I love him, his weak act, dark thoughts, carved pain, beauty, cruel yet broken heart, everything, I love everything about him. ML is shou and I feel it suits him when faced with MC, hahaha. I really love their interactions, so happy that they doesn't instantly fall, but are taking time; it's so much fun this way. I like when MC sometimes go sadistic to our ML, and really acts as a gong. I hope this novel will continue to be updated until it finishes and would not stop like many other novels (I really wouldn't be able to take it if it's dropped!) I'm sure author is doing her/his best but it would be great if we get to have more chapters updated everyday, I just really love this book.


Dear author I give you a full 5* I really like your story, the development, plot, personality, the big funny dose too^^ I like your other novel with Snow ^^ You have a great talent & you can be sure if you create a paper book, I’m first to buy it. I like your covert too ;) too bad we don’t see Pinky & purple on it ;) I recommend to read it^^ don’t hésite, the storyline is very good.. Thank you so much for your daily update ;) & the good time you give to us, readers ^^ <3<3<3<3


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The synopsis sounds interesting I'll give it a try 🥰🥰🥰 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜


5 Stars because I love the author and the author’s other book is absolutely amazing!!! 🥰 I absolute can’t wait to read the new story by the amazing author 😍


I am frustrated. Author, your story has a really good opening plot wise, but the writing is horrible. I am wiling to edit the chapters for free. It actually hurts when I read an interesting story that is poorly written. What do you say?


I love the other story soul karmas return by this author it's great. I'm sure this one will be good too. I can't wait to read more chapters. Keep up the good work author. ☺️


I like this nove.... it's interesting but it's troublesome because of lock 🔐 on chapter's and this novel is available in any other websites or apps I wish I could read al once


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I just love this book❤❤❤❤❤❤ Every day i wait for the new chapter and wonder what will happen next I especially like the relationship between the Mc and ML It's funny, wholesome and super cute😍 All in all i want to thank the author for his/her great work and wish you all the best😙 (Probably not so important but i am at Chapter 91)


Oh, so it like from rivals to friends then to lovers. I have to say that I really love a Gong/top protagonist. It is really great to see a gong protagonist in a good story. I really like how it is



I really love this novel. It is nice to carry my small cup of tea while I read it every morning. "Sigh", author. I support you. I love your novel and your words "hug"



So happy we finally hav a Seme MC LOL The synopsis is awesome, it has me hooked xD Will giv a more detailed review later once i start reading. Just wanted to say how the synopsis & gong MC hav already gotten me excited LOL


I love everything in this novel since practically everything suit my taste...like the darkness that contains within, the emotional state of each individuals characters, the cruelty of reality, the nature of humans, the pains and suffering each person had to go through, everything that comes with price to pay...well, all in all I love everything in it...


Book is great. The development of both the story and the love life of the ml and mc is fantastic. This makes one interested about how the book would progress and how the the author will end (already?😂) the story.


This book has really got me addicted, it’s soooooooo good !! I love the characters and their behaviour in fact everything about them !!!!!!!


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