The Real Daughter With A Buddha-like Mindset Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The Real Daughter With A Buddha-like Mindset

Sumu Zheyue

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"Mingjing descended the mountain and became the real young miss of the Zhu family in River City. No one in the Zhu family liked this little Buddhist nun who came out from deep mountains. They gave the fake daughter their utmost care while warning the real young miss to discard all ideas of replacing the fake daughter's place. Mingjing did not fight. She ate vegetarian food and read Buddhist scriptures every day—void of lust and desires. Her younger brother got caught in a huge lawsuit. Mrs. Zhu went through a lot of trouble to invite the First Lady to plead for mercy only to receive merciless ridicule. ""I'll give you a second chance on Master Mingjing's account."" Mrs. Zhu, ""?” Mr. Zhu's company was in a crisis and was in desperate need of money. In his attempt to gain the richest man's favor, the rich man merely responded with a gaze full of despise. ""You tend to take fish eyes for pearls. I think you've developed an acquired taste in your investments."" Mr. Zhu, ""?” The fake daughter wanted to ruin the real daughter's reputation at a banquet. Eventually, everyone ended up realizing that the real young miss of the Zhu family was as beautiful as a fairy with a kindred heart. Fake daughter, ""?"" The crown prince of the wealthy, Qu Feitai, was also a top celebrity in showbiz. Being at the center of attention, he could summon a tempest whenever he wanted. When he participated in a variety show, a frail female guest appeared. She chopped wood with her left hand and pulled noodles with her right hand. Steaming, boiling, and cooking; everything was a piece of cake to her. As someone horrible at maintaining an orderly life, he was dumbfounded. During the live broadcast of the International Junior League finals, his cousin, who was known as a genius in Go, was extremely anxious. On the other hand, the familiar-looking beautiful girl opposite him was calm and composed, ending him in one move. His high-flyer best friend cried to him, ""After your goddess transferred over, I can never surpass being in second place anymore."" Qu Feitai, ""How many surprises do you have that I don't know about?"" Until one day, he actually saw her discussing scriptures and Buddism with a group of old monks at an international Buddhist exchange. As she started to speak of Buddhist Dharma, Qu Feitai panicked… ""You keep your six senses pure and saw through the vanity of the world, but I insist on dragging you here for a walk in the mortal realm. Worse comes to worst, you'll ascend to nirvana and I'll end up in hell."" "


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