84 Hi

Okay, this is the third time. No clue what is going on with this fanfic. As the author, I still have no clue. Anyway just thought you might wanna try out the first two chapters of my new Original novel. Yes, you that read right! Not a fanfic, I shall see how far I go. In this case, I actually have a semblance of a plan, something that is incredibly new to me. (That's a joke)

Anyway, it's nearly 2 AM so yeah.

P.S. - sorry to those who thought this was an actual upload.

Name of the novel is Natural Instinct. Logically, the title makes no sense. But screw it. It could be worse. It's going to be a fighting novel, something I hold a dear interest in.

I hope you all have an amazing day. Peace ✌️ might continue with this fanfic once I know what the hell I wanna do with it. But anyway cool.


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