1 Xia Tian

Xia Family Manor

Inside the medicinal hall, a group of people crowded around a woman as she lay on the bed, cradling a newborn infant in her arms.

The newborn had dark black hair, along with silverish eyes that shimmered with a slightly bluish hue. The baby's skin was blotchy and smeared with patches of blood, evidence of his recent arrival into the world.

Despite the chaos around him, the baby lay silently, his eyes fixed on the faces hovering above him. One man standing next to the bed furrowed his brow at the sight, but soon enough, the room grew quiet as it became apparent that the baby was healthy and unharmed.

"Madam Long, we should clean him first," a maidservant urged from nearby.

"Umm… alright," the woman replied hesitantly, handing over the newborn to the waiting hands.

But before the maidservant could take the baby, the doors to the room suddenly burst open, revealing an intruder.



"Who dares to infiltrate Xia Family!"

An older man sitting in the corner leapt to his feet, a fierce look in his eyes. Despite his age, he radiated a powerful energy that made everyone in the room take notice. With a shout, he unleashed a wave of pressure that filled the room, but the intruder remained unfazed.

The figure strode gracefully towards the bed, ignoring the commotion around them. All eyes were fixed on the intruder, who seemed to command a presence that was both compelling and unsettling. The intruder's gaze locked onto the baby in the woman's arms, and for a moment, the room fell silent.

The intruder was a strikingly beautiful woman who appeared no more than twenty-two years old. However, her ethereal beauty was unlike anything anyone had ever seen before. If someone were to claim her as a goddess, no one would dare refute it.

"I-I-Immortal!!" The old man stuttered, his face turning pale with shock. The others in the room were equally astounded, for it was not every day that someone dared to intrude upon the Ancient Xia family's boundaries - one of the most powerful clans in the mid-level realms.

As they scrutinized the woman standing before them, they felt as if they were in a dream. Her face was exquisitely perfect, without a single blemish, and her body was statuesque and flawlessly curved, the very embodiment of feminine beauty. Her presence was regal and elegant, yet as fresh and pure as a newly-bloomed snow lotus. Her aura was like that of a fairy, pure and holy, and unlike anything they had ever encountered before.

She had long, flowing black hair that cascaded down to her waist and eyes that were identical to the small boy's, but without the slightest hint of blue. Her irises were a striking silver that seemed to glow with an otherworldly radiance.

Her name was Evelynn, and she was a vision of unparalleled beauty and grace.

Evelynn's gaze swept across the room, taking in the various individuals present. Her eyes settled on the old man with the peak of Mortal cultivation, his aura strong and powerful, yet no match for her own. Beside him lay a beautiful woman with blonde hair and golden eyes, cradling a baby in her arms. Though the woman was undoubtedly stunning, she paled in comparison to Evelynn's otherworldly beauty.

Next to the woman was a man in his thirties, with the cultivation of the first stage in the overlord realm. His bone age was an impressive 500 years old, making him the youngest man in the Mortal world to achieve such a feat. Evelynn raised a brow, impressed by his accomplishments, but also aware that he posed no threat to her.

As she surveyed the room, Evelynn couldn't help but feel a sense of superiority. All of these people were geniuses of the Mortal realm, but compared to her, they were nothing. She hoped they wouldn't try to interfere with her plans, for she was unstoppable. No one could stand in her way today, not even the entire immortal realm.

Note: The Mortal world consists of both low-level and mid-level realms, which are sometimes referred to as dimensions.

Sensing Evelynn's gaze, Long Wanhui immediately shielded her baby with her body, trembling with fear. She had heard her father-in-law's words and knew that she was no match for the immortal in front of her, but she couldn't let any harm befall her only son. Anxious, she glanced at her husband, hoping he had a plan.

"Leng..." she whispered, her voice trembling.

"Wanhui..." Xia Leng looked at his wife with helpless eyes. He signaled to the guards to move, knowing it was futile but hoping to create a distraction that would allow his wife and son to escape.

The guards quickly surrounded Evelynn, but before they could take any action, the old man stopped them with a gesture. He knew his son was foolish to think they could stall the immortal. He had seen many powerful beings in his long life, but none possessed an aura as potent as the woman before him. She was just too strong, and any wrong move on their part could lead to the destruction of their entire realm. The only option they had was to wait and see what she wanted.

The guards halted their actions, but they still surrounded Evelynn, their expressions wary.

Evelynn frowned in displeasure, her aura growing heavier. However, before she could take any action, her eyes met with the newborn in front of her. The baby tilted his head and looked at her with curiosity, as if questioning her presence. It was a cute action, but the room was already a battlefield.

Surprisingly, the baby's innocent gaze worked its magic. Evelynn calmed down and walked towards the woman with the child. She extended her hands, as if asking for the baby.

Long Wanhui misinterpreted Evelynn's actions, and instantly moved a little further away from her, fear etched on her face.

Evelynn sighed and extended her hands further, assuring the woman, "I will not take him away from you. Now please..."

Long Wanhui stared at the woman in front of her for a while, unsure of what to do. However, sensing no ill intention from the immortal, she finally handed over her baby to her.

Evelynn's eyes widened with surprise and wonder as she took the small, fragile body into her hands. A smile bloomed on her face, radiating joy and warmth that dazzled everyone present. She held the infant close, marveling at the softness of his skin and the fragility of his tiny fingers.

As she gazed at the child, a hush fell over the room, and the air was thick with confusion and disbelief. No one could understand how this powerful immortal had transformed into a gentle, docile girl in a matter of moments.

The only person who could provide answers was Evelynn herself, but no one dared to disturb her in this fragile state. Instead, they looked to the patriarch for guidance, seeking reassurance in his wise and steady gaze.

"Patriarch-" one of the guards began, but the old man silenced him with a stern look, signaling for the others to leave the room. He knew that this situation was not as dire as it first appeared. In fact, it might be a blessing in disguise.

Evelynn's voice was soft and soothing, like a gentle breeze that calmed the storm within them. "What's his name?" she asked, her eyes still fixed on the small bundle in her arms.

"Xia Tian... His name is Xia Tian," Long Wanhui replied, his voice filled with a mixture of relief and awe.

Evelynn simply nodded, her eyes still fixed on the child. She gently handed the baby back to Long Wanhui, who cradled him carefully in his arms.

"Esteemed Venerable, I am Xia Len, the patriarch of the Xia family," the old man began, but before he could continue, Evelynn interrupted him. In the next moment, her body was enveloped in spiritual energy, and her appearance underwent a dramatic change.

Her hair and eye color remained the same, but her features softened, and she now looked like a young noblewoman from the mortal world. Facing Xia Len, she introduced herself simply. "My name is Evelynn, and as for why I am here, you've probably already guessed."

Xia Len looked at his grandson Xia Tian in shock, his mind reeling with the implications of what was happening. Turning to his son, Xia Leng, he asked, "Do you know anything about this?"

Xia Leng shook his head, equally bewildered by the situation. Long Wanhui, too, looked to Xia Len for an explanation.

Taking a deep breath, Xia Len explained everything he knew about Xia Tian's special body constitution, which was extremely rare and coincidentally similar to that of the immortal woman in front of them. It seemed that she had come to take Xia Tian as her disciple, a fact that was confirmed by Evelynn herself.

The couple could hardly contain their joy at the news that their son had been blessed with an immortal teacher from birth. They watched in wonder as Evelynn stood next to Xia Tian's sleeping form, her eyes fixed on him with a serene and focused gaze. It was clear that she had already formed a deep bond with the infant, and they knew that he was destined for great things under her guidance.

Little did they know, that their understanding was a far cry from the actual truth.

Evelynn's thoughts flickered with amusement as she mulled over the idea of awakening his memories. "No, I shouldn't do that. He would probably beat me to a pulp," she chuckled to herself. "But eighteen years more...sigh, I have already waited a billion years. What is another eighteen?"

As she reminisced, a hazy memory surfaced in her mind's eye, transporting her back thousands of billions of years to three Chaos cycles prior. (A/N: Each 'Chaos Cycle' represented a complete cycle of destruction and rebirth, including all life forms. Further details will be disclosed later.)

[Editor's Note: The expression 'World' was used instead of 'Chaos Cycle' in the novel earlier. However it created lot of confusion, so slowly everywhere the word 'World' is being replaced 'Chaos Cycle', please be patient, as it would take time to fix it everywhere.]

In her memory, a tall, broad-shouldered man stood at 1.8 meters, with chiseled features that matched those of Xia Tian as a baby. He exuded a confident aura that made all the girls around him swoon. Next to him stood a girl who resembled Evelynn, with long raven hair and piercing silver eyes. Further away, there were six more girls, each with their distinct features that made them just as beautiful as Evelynn. The girls surrounded the man, and the sight was nothing short of heavenly.

"I have decided that even if I die and reincarnate, I will not unseal my memories until I turn eighteen again," the man spoke with conviction, his voice carrying the weight of his determination.

Curiosity piqued, a blue-haired girl to his left asked, "Why is that?" She received a swift smack on the head from a pair of twins next to her, who looked exactly identical except for their hair color. One had inky black hair, while the other had snow-white locks. Both had an unusual trait where one of their eyes was red, while the other was blue. The black-haired twin had a red left eye and a blue right eye, while the white-haired one had a blue left eye and a red right eye.

"Isn't it obvious?" another girl spoke, her lavender hair swaying as she tilted her head, "He wants to seduce the women outside without any memory of us."

"It's all because of this bitch. She is a bad influence on him," Evelynn spoke, her voice firm with conviction.

The girl referred to as the bitch arrogantly lifted her chest, flaunting her curves. "You're just jealous of my charm, Evelynn. And isn't it a good thing he won't remember anything? He can just look but not touch. Wouldn't it be torture for him?" She smirked, her black hair cascading down her shoulders, her dark eyes gleaming with mischief.

Evelynn fell silent, her expression saying it all - "If it's him, I don't care." (A/N: No pedophilic content.)

As the others engaged in their nonsensical conversation, another girl remained focused on a different matter. "But how can you be sure that you will reincarnate?" she asked with a curious expression.

The man paused for a moment, considering her question. "Well, that's because I am the only person in this world who knows souls the best. As the Master of Souls, I have a deep understanding of the nature of our existence. Additionally, I am already in the Void realm, where people naturally cannot die. Even if you destroy their souls, unlike immortals who have weak souls and lose their individuality during the Samsara cycle, we people in the Void realm retain our individuality. Normal mortals and immortals can also reincarnate, but their chances are very slim as their souls are not dense enough. Even if they did reincarnate, they wouldn't be able to retain their memories like me."

He paused for a moment before continuing, his tone turning serious. "This is why you girls should attain the Void realm as soon as possible. When this world is destroyed, only people in the Void realm will be able to survive. Every creation will be destroyed along with this universe. The only beings that will survive are those that can live in the Void itself."

At his words, the other girls around him nodded their heads in agreement, this time taking his words seriously.

However, the man had other thoughts that he kept to himself. 'Even in the Void realm, there is still one person who can kill all of us. After all, we are nothing but ants to him. He is the only creator, God. Though, if I am right, that idiot is self-bound by his principles. As long as we don't go against his balanced universe, he can't touch us. Simply put, our existence is not worth enough to get in his eyes.'

Coming back to reality, Evelynn snapped out of her daze and muttered with melancholy, "We used to be seven... Now only five remain..."




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