The Power of Espada in MHA
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The Power of Espada in MHA


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What is The Power of Espada in MHA

Read The Power of Espada in MHA fanfiction written by the author Zick_Rander on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering r18, reincarnation, mha, op, myheroacademia. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


After God sent him, Satan met him and gave him the task of killing the main characters and gave him the power of the Espada, let's see if he can kill them and still survive or if he will perish like the others


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It's a nice idea but unfortunately the author completely ruins it with the awful grammar. I can't understand what is going on half the time. There is no story development at all but that's to be expected since you can't develop anything without being able to understand what you're reading. I will give the author props on the update rate though (but again, updating every day means nothing if the quality is sub-par). Overall I will say that this fic is a total failure and I urge the author to just repost it in his native language rather than try to appeal to a larger audience by posting it in sub-par English.


(1 Star) Writing Quality: It's machine-translated quality, not even using . ! ? or anything, and the worse part in my opinion is the way he does character speech. An Example: Ken: Hi Random1: Hi (4 Star) Stability of Updates: Meh, I'll see if it continues. (2 Star) Story Development: It's just cannon, hasn't done a thing yet. (Only gave 2 stars because of 1 scene that wasn't cannon) (3 Star) Character Design: Just your average character design. (1 Star) World Background: Little to no info, smaller than cannon. --- Overall, I'll keep reading because I have nothing to do and maybe update this if it improves or gets worse. Hopefully gets better. Good Luck!


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The story is good, though the grammar is horrible. It can't be understood. Hsbsuehebbrjdnrbrbrdbdbdbdbbdbdbdbdbddbbdbddbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbddbd


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