The peerless sister Book

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The peerless sister


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In a certain city there lived an unstoppable boy, all knew him as the best. Girls fawned over him wherever he whent and boys looked up to him. This magnificent boy had a dark secret... his lazy, seemingly useless sister impersonated him whenever he needed to fight or show off. She was lazy and only wished to live off of him when he became rich and famous. Thus, she helped her useless brother to be seen as the best. Follow them as she tries to keep his image, whithout using too much energy. "Fight me!" She she neerly tripped over her own feet. Her brother turned to look at her with pleading eyes that made her sigh. "Brother!" she said in a overly girly voice. "First let me speak to you in private." She basically dragged him to swap their apearences. He SO owed her after this one.


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