The Opportunity That Came
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The Opportunity That Came


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What is The Opportunity That Came

The Opportunity That Came is a popular web novel written by the author sophiakhoo, covering COMEDY, ROMANCE, MODERN, LOVE, FEMALELEAD, YOUNGADULT, LOVETRIANGLE, CONTEMPARYROMANCE, ROMANCEFICTION, CONTEMPORARYLOVE, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 15.8K readers . The novel is being serialized to 86 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


[Editing in progress - Chapter 5] Lia arrived in New York City with a chance to start her new life all on her own, independently. There she met a famous designer who offered her a job. Cyrus had a very private personality and is always difficult to be in contact as he is always in the public eye. When they do meet, it doesn't always end happy. The feelings Lia had towards Cyrus had been mutual. Unfortunately, not to him. Through her best friend Minhyuk's encouragement, she accepted the offer after some thought. However she realised that being an assistant was not easy. She had bad treatment from her colleagues- always ordering her to do their work, making her stay overnight. She became friends with two photographers, Kihyun and Hyungwon and in times of trouble they had always helped her where conflict also came between Ivy, a model who works in the company as well. She almost wanted to quit. But then things took a turn. She encountered Mr Fabian by chance. Fabian landed her with another job as a model which she thought it could be her ticket to escape from her colleagues as well as her "rival" with Ivy. Lia had no idea her arrival in New York would be such dramatic! After getting to know Fabian more, the two had attracted each other like sparks flying. He had stirred her deepest pleasures and desires. From her rival with Ivy, a model, two photographers and Fabian who had attracted Lia's attention. NOTE: Want to know what happened between them? Come follow the story as it goes!

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owo...honestly didn't expect this to be this good....the writing Quality is good, and although updates are not consistent, the story is very good as it makes you want to read further...the character's designs are thoughtful and the world background is also not bad..


Did not expect to like the story as much as I do based on the synopsis but the story quickly proved me wrong. 10/10 very well written novel. I love the mystery and suspense. This is my first novel from this author but I cannot wait to see the full reveal by the end of the book.


I like the idea of using Kpop celebrity's names in this novel. I started reading this story with no expectation but now I wanted to follow the progress of the story and eagerly wanting to what's next. Am certainly enjoy reading it. Looking forward for next chapter.


I enjoy reading this book. . Its lovely and interesting. Good vocabulary...story line keep me want to read the next episode. Can't wait. Tumbs up for now.


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