The Only Witness
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The Only Witness


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What is The Only Witness

The Only Witness is a popular web novel written by the author heyitsmejovi, covering ROMANCE, ACTION, ADVENTURE, MODERN, FANTASY, LIFE, JUSTICE, BRAVE FEMALE LEAD, SOLVINGCASE, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 19.8K readers . The novel is being serialized to 68 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Be ready to discover the hidden secrets of the Lancaster Clan. The more you seek, the more you wonder. ****** Her name is Lanie Dyce Vergara. The only witness in the Gerpacio's massacre, 14 years ago. Hiding in fear for years, but now have courage to tell the truth. Will she able to uncover the truth about the massacre and give justice to the relatives of that family? Along her journey to solve the Gerpacio's case she will discover something that will make her world turn upside down. She know that she is just an ordinary girl but it seems like she is beyond extraordinary. ******** cover is from pinterest


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Wow! The synopsis was intimidating! As a part of the witness, it was really hard to tell the authorities the truth you never know if one of them was a suspect. If she told them without being careful it may harm her or worst killed her. Being a witness in a crime was the best result to give justice but of course, it would be dangerous if the words come out of her mouth without being alert in time. It's hard but very powerful, her commands and her words are the power and rules to those two for the victims and the murderers. Good job for a wonderful story author. It would be best if this book becomes a movie everyone would love to read and watch it. Keep up the good work!


Hello! This is my first novel here. I'm hoping that you'll support this and give many love to this novel. I hope you guys enjoyed/enjoying reading this as much as I enjoying creating this work of mine. Thank you, luvies! ^^


wow this novel is great. I loved it just from the synopsis itself. The characters are well sketches and are engaging, I'm thrilled with how great the author penned down the plotline and such wow! I'm gonna read till the end... good job author!


Lady! I totally understand what you mean by the country is better than the city. all the noise and air pollution is out of control. I'm tired of smelling diesel fuel every morning. 😷😷 But that paranoia is so much like me without the seriousness of being a witness to a crime. GREAT BOOK 📖✍️! MUST READ ASAP😊👍


I like the plot, specially the MC's name lolol. It's my mother's name so it's kind of funny for me to read anyways, I just wanna say that I enjoyed reading your novel, hope you won't stop. Shameless Promotion: Try my story too! Title: The Seductress' Suitor


The story is full of mystery and the world could be elaborated further. Why did she pick up the gun or whatsoever anyway? 🤣 Anyway, it is good. Better than most of the novels here in WN. Keep it up!


This novel is so good to be true, can't take my eyes away from this. It feels like heaven to read, I wanna read it so much. If this novel got some drive, then thanked God its still alive. This novel is so good to be true, can't take my eyes away from this. I need this novel like it's quite all right. I need this novel to warm my lonely nights. Just read this novel, cause I... say... Shameless Promotion: Check out my novel: Blood Burning Blood. Hahaha. https://m.webnovel.com/book/blood-burning-blood_19157009606618805


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I like that every chapter is very interesting and always leave a question on my mind. I like how mysterious the characters. Some of the chapters are short that makes the readers look forward to the next chapters.


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