1 An Innocent Dove ..

With a half-eaten sandwich in her thin hands and a torn out bag on her petite frame, Everlyn ran hurriedly across the corridors of her college. She was already late for her classes as the college hours had already begun. It was her third consecutive day being late and her professor had already warned her about behaving like a toddler. The college was filled with eerie silence as she heard some teachers giving lectures in their respective classes. Her palms were all sweaty due to anxiety and anticipation. The thought of some 60 students staring at her and laughing at her tattered clothes made her stomach churn.

With a deep breath, she moved her hand towards the handle and slowly pushed the door and peeked inside the busy class engrossed in their studies. She caught the professor's eyes and he put his book down on the table to stare at her with revulsion on his face. She finally closed the door behind her and went closer to the professor with her eyes stuck to the ground she flinched her eyes when the teacher started to scold her.

"Now Miss Eva, what happened today?" the professor asked by looking at her whole body making her embarrassed. Her jeans were torn off and mud stuck to her shoes on the side of her left shoulder dust stuck like a design. Her long hair stuck to her forehead because of sweat.

The morning incident came back to her mind when she looked at herself. In the morning she left the house early to reach on time as she didn't want to get late on the third day of her college. But while walking on the road she found a disabled man who was trying to cross the road but unfortunately fell on the zebra crossing the light turned green and the vehicles started moving forward at full speed. Evelyn started running towards the man. She entered the running road and tried to pick him but because of his body weight and her being underweight was unable to get him up and fall to the ground with a thud. One nearby passing school going little girl started laughing at her then Everlyn realized that she had fallen in the puddle of mud. Then she managed to pick herself but saw that the man stood with the help of a pole and looked at her with sympathy. She felt really bad.

"Miss Everlyn, Are you listening to me, I said go to your seat".Professor's words pulled her out of her dreamland and she moved toward the bench without saying a word with her eyes filled with tears. The whole class was laughing at her and the professor was still staring at her with disgust in his eyes and picked up his book to continue the class. The lecture went on for another 1 hour and the professor dismissed the class. Everlyn collected her books and took her bag and moved towards the canteen.

When she entered the canteen she found a seat in the corner and took out her half-eaten sandwich from aluminium foil and started eating it and thought that it was not new to her that it all happened in the morning. She thought that God had gifted her with a stroke of bad luck as whenever she tried to help or wanted to do something she got in trouble. While thinking she found that her sandwich had finished and she was still hungry. But luckily she had some money with that she could buy one glass of juice. She went to the counter to order her juice and within 5 minutes she had her glass.

As she was going to her seat a gang of badass girls started coming toward her and blocking her way. Everlyn without a word just tried to ignore them but she was unable to find her way and found herself surrounded by the girls. These girls were from her class and they bullied her from the very first day she entered the class. They all belonged to rich families and wanted some entertainment so they bullied the one who was weak and poor like Everlyn.

The tall girl from the group said, "Just look at her she is so ugly and her hair has a foul smell. Where did you bathe nerdy? In mud, huh? " She laughed smacking the table hardly with her hands.

"Please let me go ." Eve started to make her way out of the gang when one of the girls with bangs grabbed her arm and made her sit on the chair harshly and put her leg on the side table to block her way.

" Martha, why don't you talk to her? Maybe you can understand her whimpering.

" Please, I am sorry. It's my birthday today. I need to leave now " Eve begged them.

"OH! It's your birthday. Damn! " The girls howled like animals ." You need a makeover, little princess ."

The girl with bangs aka Marylin splashed the glass of juice on her face. Eve started crying and tried to wipe her face with the corner of her shirt.

The girls started laughing at her and the whole canteen students were staring at her with different expressions some with sympathy while the others were enjoying the drama for them it was so-called drama but for Eve it was horrible. She was not feeling bad as it was her birthday but in these 20 years nothing special had ever happened to her and she also had not expected something magical to be done today. It was her 21 birthday...

She left the college at noon to reach her foster home with a heavy heart where she lived with an old lady who took care of her since childhood. Her heart throbbed with pain after imagining the old lady's worried face after seeing her in such a condition but she had to go anyways.

Everlyn decided to discontinue her studies and to always stay at home as she was a bit of bad luck not for herself but others also.

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