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The Most Powerful Being


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(Book 1 of the series, The Most Powerful) Max, just Max. He's been an orphan for as long as he can remember. He's 16 and is emancipated. He never understood why his parents abandoned him, he never understood why he was being bullied, he never understood why he seemed to be such a freak in society, until one day when he snapped at his bullies. The Outcasts, as most people call the group. They are nothing like the biker gang, there are 4 people in this group. 2 girls and 2 boys. These kids were practically thrown to the side by society. They stomped and walked all over as if they were a pile of garbage. This group sticks together making sure not to let anyone of them go down without them or without fighting. What happens when Max is sent to some special school that's supposedly meant for kids like him? What'll happen if this group of 4 kids and Max meets? Looks like you're gonna have to read to find out. Discontinued for a rewritten version that will be out asap!! Started: 03/16/2021 Discontinued: 06/23/2021


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