The Mischievous Maiden & The Sleeping Prince
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The Mischievous Maiden & The Sleeping Prince


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What is The Mischievous Maiden & The Sleeping Prince

The Mischievous Maiden & The Sleeping Prince is a popular web novel written by the author MizA, covering TRANSMIGRATION, HORROR, SUPERNATURAL, MYSTERY, STRONG-FEMALE LEAD, HIDDEN IDENTITY, IMPOSSIBLELOVE, SLOW-BURN ROMANCE, Historical Romance genres. It's viewed by 1.4M readers with an average rating of 4.78/5 and 52 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 271 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


[COMPLETED] "THE PRINCE IS NOT DEAD!" Her words, in front of the court, sealed her fate... Leaving Holstein is impossible, now! From the first moment Magnus von Wuttenfal met Alexa, he knew she was a liar and a problem. Who’s that girl and why his cold heart pumps so fast for her? Since Alexa laid eyes on the exasperating First Prince of Holstein, she knew she should keep a distance. Not only he’s sharp-tongued, entitled, and incredibly handsome, but he’s about to marry her new friend Cordelia! Does the First Prince Magnus, think of her as a mere toy... or an actual threat? Or something else? The fact she was born with a peculiar gift, and raised as someone else, shall not come to light. Her sad past full of betrayal and pain cannot be unveiled to anyone. Never! Torn between Prince Alexander and Prince Magnus, living and dead, her past and her future, will she love and be loved in return? Or will she once again be used and discarded? ------------------------ "Why... did you do that?" "Well, that was when I regretted acting like a bad son and a vile man, and before God. I had to take responsibility, didn't I?" 'But what nonsense is that ?! It's not like you really put your… thing… into my… thingy….' "Oh! OHHHH! You want to use me so you don't marry your bride! You set everything up! From sending me to the maze to… up to…" "Having you in my arms, tasting your mouth as I did this peach?! Is that what you're stuttering on, Lady Saskia? This will be repeated ad infinitum when we get married. That and more." COMPLETED NOVEL! ------------------------ WARNING: HEAVY SUPERNATURAL ELEMENTS, GORE, DISTURBING THEMES, SLOW BURN ROMANCE, RICH-IN-STORY NOVEL! I hope you like this story. If you wish, please support this tale by voting, rating, and commenting. Your feedback on typos or bad grammar is welcomed and appreciated. --- Also, check MizA’s original novel: Never Date a Man in Pink


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Gem hidden somewhere in WN. Thankfully I found it and after that it is just binge reading, I have finished 34 chapters in 1 day. The author is now part of my fav list. Love her writing style N the story development. Cannot complain on the quality of the language. My SS will be devoted to this story....


If you’re on the fence about reading this story, just go for it! This is possibly one of the most well written stories on Webnovel. The writing style is fantastic, story is intriguing and will keep you wanting more, the characters are three dimensional with their own flaws and strengths. I’m not even close to finished with the story, but I know it will probably be one of my favorites to come!


The classic shameless author's review (after 8 months) I really hope you like this novel! To clarify, romance is an important part of it, but the novel doesn't focus only on the main couple's love story. Rather, their love story is deeply affected by what is going on around them. They might need to sacrifice important things in the way. The imperfect main characters and also the side characters are involved in a convoluted plot that might, or not, intrigue you. It has to do with honor, sacrifice, family, fraternal love, intrigue, survival, politics, superstitions, and supernatural... Well, a boiling brew of a story. I guess some will like, and others looking for a romantic couple having only eyes to one another will pass this novel. I'm sorry to disappoint those!


If you are loking for a addicting, beautiful and wonderfull book, look no more. This is it. You are going to be unable to let this story go and, binge read everything, just as I did. Sorry, but it will be worth it. So prepare your coins and fast passes and sit back. The author did a beautiful job portraying each and every aspect of the characters and their surrounding environment. You are going to feel the love, the hate, the disappointment... Every single emoticon is beautifully portraid. 🌹


This story is perfectly balanced to me. It has humor, intrigue, romance, mystery, and a touch supernatural. I love the MC strong personality and actual strength. I obsessively started reading this from the get go. The fight scenes are well crafted and flow so well without being overly long and descriptive. There’s a lot going on to keep you guessing and interested without being overly complex that you get confused or lose interest. Highly recommend.


Love this novel! It’s got adventure, horror, suspense, romance, everything you can think of to make a great novel, all set in a land long ago somewhere in Europe. Everyday I wait for a new chapter of this novel to come out, and I’m never disappointed!


Author MiZa - you are a fantastic story teller with great historical details and interesting character developments. I don’t usually read fantasy romance genre but I couldn’t put your book down. This is a truly hidden gem that has a lot mystery and sweet romance. Your FL and ML are too sweet- well I was pretty sure who I think the ML is then I look at your book title but I will still keep my prince as the ML even though, he is a bit foolish but he is a sweetie in my books. I can’t for more updates and like the other reviewers indicate, it does keep us on the edge of our seats. I found the beginning chapters a little confusing when she was traveling with her fiancée entourage and running into the Cordealius but after reading- I got the gist of it. Your writing improves as the story progresses so while I wait for more future chapters, I will check out your other book. As a suggestion, you might want to reword your story summary to be more concise to attract more readers. Great job! Thanks again


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


It keeps me on my toes. I am confused most of the time because I am not well-versed with history and things like that, but I really enjoy it! 😍


(Btw I love your cover, also I love how Magnus and Alexa meet.) So, I'm only on chapter 10, but, I love the names of your characters and their personalities. There are small grammar mistakes, like really tiny ones but nothing distracting. (Sorry for the sucky review.)


Alexa, a woman of many secrets, submits herself to a tale of beyond-mortal peril when she decides to befriend Cordelia, a plain woman bound for marriage into the Holstein royal family. The wisdom of her decision in the face of political strife, the charming yet vexatious Prince Magnus, and the harrowing echoes of souls long dead is revealed within The Mischievous Maiden and the Sleeping Prince. The piece opens in medias res, teasing readers with prospects of a plot that turns out to be a tad more complex than your typical historical romance with a dash of fantasy. Even if they aren't hooked by the image of a panicked and injured protagonist dragged away by royalty in a foreign land, MizA’s style is strong enough to ensnare readers with smooth text structure. The paragraph variation, in particular, lets one’s eyes slide from one scene to the next without much exhaustion when binge reading. Another strong point lies in the exploration of the title’s genre. Where others tend to tack on the fantasy tag as window dressing to provide easy setpieces to drown shippers in, The Mischievous Maiden and the Sleeping Prince gives the more esoteric elements appropriate consideration. The plot feels very much alive past the romance. The characters are palatable overall. I only found slight issue with Magnus and much of the reason for my weariness was put to rest before too long. In the beginning, it felt like he was going to be one of those romantic interests that get portrayed as perfectly attractive and acceptable despite legitimately abusive behavior. I’m glad to say that his faults and actions were recognized by both Cordelia and Alexa and dealt with in a manner that seemed internally consistent and appropriate given the context. The story doesn't fetishize or romanticize maltreatment despite a few beats implying that pairing up with the right woman could smooth out such a tract in a man. If there was one outstanding gripe I have about him, it’d be that he seems over competent in tests of strength and skill. The issue isn’t so bad as to make him the solution to every conflict, however. Reading through the interactions and developing relationships between Alexa and even minor characters brought more than a few smiles to my face. There are enough humorous and heart-touching moments for the work to leave a lasting impression. On the mechanical side, the writing is strong compared to your average piece found on Webnovel. That isn’t to say that everything is perfect. The story often uses epithets in place of the characters' names. In some cases, it can provide information while saving up on words, but here it’s done too often and in a way that makes the scenes stutter a bit. It draws attention to description where readers are trying to process actions. Consider the use of so many bland words like “I” “said” “the” “he/she” etc. A character's name or a single, consistent epithet can be counted among their place. These common bits don’t look pretty, but they are essential for coordinating the text. Think of them as transparent strings on a puppet. When you replace lengths of them with material of different colors (a unique one for each epithet if you want to maintain this analogy) you risk distraction, or worse. While MizA does a good job of making readers feel as though they are at the center of things, there are places where the text feels distant. You can catch the odd instance of someone trying to remove a hood rather than lunging for it. I yearned for more vividity in some scenes due to a reliance on adverbs, plain/chunky text, or redundancy. Some of the adverb usage even feels like a crutch or worse, signposts implying that readers can’t discern the air of a scene. An early example takes place where Cordelia begs Magnus to not accost Alexa, interposing herself between the two. We already know that such an action could be conceived as brave, it isn’t necessary to say that she bravely held on to Magnus’ arm. There are also instances of passive voice that can turn some people off. It weakens the text but isn’t there in a way that rouses too much of an issue. I suspect that some people who are sensitive to it might even pass it by unawares due to MizA’s neat flow. Places where I hit a snag and had to stop reading for a moment were scarce but usually occurred when the above issues were found bunched together. Another point worthy of consideration is the story’s word choice. It can be very hit or miss. Sometimes the text dips into extremely rare, awkward words rather than ones that are simply uncommon. I understand that some of this is due to an effort at painting an in-period picture, but other options would be understood immediately by a general audience while maintaining the effect such as “direful” or simply “dark” rather than “tenebrous”. A good trick is to seek out words using the more common prefixes/suffixes that were nonetheless left behind in the graveyards of eras long past. All that aside, I truly enjoyed reading The Mischievous Maiden and the Sleeping Prince. So long as you keep your wits about you and aren't terribly frightened by shades, I’d say that the trip to Holstein is one well worth embarking upon.


I found this book by accident, left it alone for months and I'm so glad I finally started to read it! I binged read this book for three days and now I'm about to read the second part. This book is so good, plot twist left and right and I just cannot predict anything correctly. The setting is in Western Europe, which I'm very much in love with! The main characters are strong. They have their own stories and pasts. I believe the story focuses more on the mystery and supernatural side rather than romance. I find it appealing as the MCs are growing for betterment and not focusing on their carnal desires. This is not the type of book you can speed read. It was difficult to catch up during the first few episodes but you'll get used to it as you progress!


Provavelmente a escritora ficará confusa com um comentário em português 😊 . Porém resolvi escrever esse comentário em minha língua natal , para dizer o quanto seu livro é incrível. Eu não sei se você já tem algum fã brasileiro que amou sua história .Ser não tive , eu serei o primeiro , caso já tenha eu farei parte do grupo . Depois de ler mais de mil livros / história ( sou viciada em Leitura😂) Estava sendo difícil, acha algo que me chama-se a atenção ao ponto de eu sempre querer ir para o próximo capítulo , seu livro me encantou e sem dúvidas é minha maior descoberta do ano 💓 Estou no início da história , na torcida para que no final ela fique com o Maguns ( Quase nunca tenho sorte com casal , espero dessa vez ter sorte😊) Parabéns pela criatividade de criar um mundo fantástico . E obrigado por compartilhar com a gente.❤❤


wow, the further you read the most you love this novel! It's like a mashup of Chicago Typewriter and Arang and the Magistrate, but with an European setting. It's addicting! Stay strong, author!


Ive come to really love this book i just wish very much for it to be updated alot faster its absolutely maddening lol it definitely has all the requirements for a great story i especially couldnt keep myself from laughing so hard when she was confused about the prince's body omg that was hilarious


First few chapters are really interesting.. will keep on reading.. [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]




this story is now the part of my favorite list in webnovel......such an amazingly cincept precisely written n described..highly recommended ..


I'm loving this already...The epilogue got me big time..my curious heart couldn't take it and I had to read and review..This is a really great and interesting story👍👍


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