The Mischievous Maiden & The Sleeping Prince Book

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The Mischievous Maiden & The Sleeping Prince


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The most shameless, honorless maiden from Bizantium meets a Haughty Troubled Prince, a Sweet Sleeping Prince, a Tyrant, a Machiavellian Priest, an Undesired Bride, Ghosts of varied sorts, a Dangerous Court, Assassins, and... Love! --- "THE PRINCE IS NOT DEAD!" Her words, in front of the court, sealed her fate... Leaving Kielstadt is impossible, now! From the first moment Klaus von Donnersmarck met Alexa, he knew she was a liar and a problem. Who's that girl, and why his cold heart pumps so fast for her? Since Alexa laid eyes on the exasperating First Prince of Kielstadt, she knew she should keep a distance. Not only he's sharp-tongued, entitled, and incredibly handsome, but he's about to marry her new friend Cordelia! Does the First Prince Klaus think of her as a mere toy... or an actual threat? Or something else? The fact she was born with a peculiar gift and raised as someone else shall not come to light. She cannot unveil her sad past full of betrayal and pain to anyone. Never! Torn between Prince Alexander and Prince Klaus, living and dead, her past and future, will she love and be loved in return? Or will she once again be used and discarded? ------------------------ "Why... did you do that?" "Well, that was when I regretted acting like a bad son and a vile man, and before God. I had to take responsibility, didn't I?" 'But what nonsense is that ?! It's not like you really put your… thing… into my… thingy….' "Oh! OHHHH! You want to use me, so you don't marry your bride! You set everything up! From sending me to the maze to… up to…" "Having you in my arms, tasting your mouth as I did this peach?! Is that what you're stuttering on, Lady Saskia? This will be repeated ad infinitum when we get married. That and more." COMPLETED NOVEL! Anyway, there's a Discord for Discussion and Giveaways still running! https://discord.gg/CESYZACDT7 ------------------------ WARNING: HEAVY SUPERNATURAL ELEMENTS, GORE, DISTURBING THEMES, SLOW-BURN ROMANCE, RICH-IN-STORY NOVEL! I hope you like this story. If you wish, please support this tale by voting, rating, and commenting. Your feedback on typos or bad grammar is welcomed and appreciated. --- Also, check MizA's: * COMPLETE Fantasy Romance: Never Date a Man in Pink * COMPLETE Fantasy with Male Lead: Inferno Ascended KO-FI: https://ko-fi.com/mizanovel (if you feel like buying me a coffee for enduring nights and writing more, this is the place for throwing me some bucks). Thank you very much!


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