The Miracle Newbie in Dreams of Jianghu Book

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The Miracle Newbie in Dreams of Jianghu


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I thought I would die in a much more normal way. I was drowning. I wasn’t expecting death to knock on my door so soon. Perhaps, this was my destiny and today marks a death anniversary that no one will remember. It was true about what they said. Your life does flash before your eyes upon death. If life had four seasons, mine was a long winter. I sought the warmth that was never given to me. Or maybe I shut myself out of it. My inner voice was screaming: Get out of the water and prove to them who you can be! Rewrite your destiny! But I can no longer summon the strength, my body was getting weaker. If I had the chance to survive, I’d choose a different path. I won’t be that lone tree in the winter anymore. I’d show everyone in the world that they were wrong about me. A dazzling white light was the last thing I saw. This must be the tunnel of light that brings you to the afterlife… There was nothing much I treasured about this life except for my identity as Ash Knight. Goodbye Ash Knight, at least someone will remember your glory. Goodbye Lucas, the one that will forever be buried and forgotten. ------- Male character in the cover art was an image I found online, if copyrighted please let me know. ------- Transmigration doesn't take place immediately, you'll need to read on a little. ------- Thank you everyone who has read my novel. Another big thank you to readers who gave me power stones. I'm grateful for receiving your support! Here's my discord: https://discord.gg/XDbjrnJWqV ------- Enjoy!


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