The Midnight Crime Book

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The Midnight Crime


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DAILY UPDATE!!! 03:00 p.m. (GMT+8) xxx Falcon never fails...they said. They were wrong. When sent to locate an ancient ring that has the power to summon invisible demons, Falcon meets the irresistible demon slayer who shows him so much more of the world than he'd bargained for. Wronged by all, the two set out to rescue a lonely artist who is supposed to possess the power of the ring, which has somehow fallen into the wrong hands of a man known as '453.' All Falcon wanted to do was succeed in this mission. But as he finds himself drawn to the demon slayer more and more, her world blurs into his, and he entangles with creatures from another realm. Now he not only has to save his friend, but also rid the world of this threat. xxx Characters: Falcon: A con man for hire, strong, anonymous and mysterious, traumatized, competitive, has tattoos, a stranger in the affairs of the heart, in love with Aurelia (everyone except him knows) Aurelia: A demon slayer, witty but lethal, charming, very good at what she does, ambitious, in love with Falcon (everyone except him knows), also in love with herself, badass Cyan: Compassionate, talented, can do magic with a paintbrush, very good looking, a sweetheart, you'll fall for him xxx What You Can Expect: Gore, Lots of Fluff, Curse words where it's inevitable, Humor and sarcasm, fantasy+adventure+romance, No grammatical errors (hopefully), NO HAREM and NO SMUT xxx For app readers, please don't mind the (nulli) thing...it's just the italicized lines.


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