The Master of Seventh Gate Book

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The Master of Seventh Gate


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***Epic story so please consider the violence.*** The world has surrounded by demons. There is only one way to save it; Allies need to gather and unsheath their swords against them, if they did not the whole world would fall apart. This story has a grievous theme and has been proceeding over darker shades until reaching the light. No superhero exists here, they are all regular people who have been seeking peace. And will fight with the darker shade to have what they yearn for. ==> {If you prefer comedy I don't suggest this one.} *** Athor takes his first step and destiny brings him, his true identity. This story's last Volume will be updated in March...Please forgive this hiatus. you can join my discord server: https://discord.gg/vtGqMgYb9K the cover rights belong to me, art by Ina Wong, unreal studio works...


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