The man in the High tower. Book

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The man in the High tower.


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One of the last bastions of humanity, Ever since the Colation fell, Humanity has been splintered, with limited trade, Talks or any means of travel between the two for the common citizen, Truly we have fallen, Mass insurgents Besiege our most critical supplies, We all work for survival under this oppressive society of ours the wasteland beyond the walls, ever daunting the most daring Scavengers. The common citizen, Will never know what's beyond the walls, I know, however, It truly was the worst, most horrible event in human history. The few of us who know have to carry that truth, For the rest of life without telling anyone, for if the wall was breached, The end would surely come for all of us. That's what I would say, If they didn't already breach the walls already, and caused the second worst event in human history the "Evolution Plague" those who are affected are, No longer human by even the most Outlandish standards. We only survive because of this, Oppressive system that we run, no I run I'm the one responsible for this system and was it really worth it? I'm just prolonging the suffering of us. There is no chance for long term survival or us reclaiming the world for it is within Neo-London that is our world. And at the centre of Neo-London lies a secret that even I do not know what it is, the way for us to reclaim the world or, the reason the world ended. But, I do have one last trick, The system that keeps us here my system, I have been preparing it for the last thousand years, the cephalous protocol, The answer to the long question that has never been answered. What's beyond the wasteland of our planet, The old logs says planets and stars, but they aren't any in the sky not anymore, so what's out there? That's what I hope to find out with the cephalous protocol. I am the 43rd Administrator of Neo-London the last bastion, Within a world all but fallen.


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