1 Neo-London

The sprawling city of Neo-London illuminated by the Massive towers that act as beacons, For the sun is no more, well that's not right it has dimmed, Past all previous estimates, you can no longer see it, outside of neo-London it is -273°C, all life beyond neo-London is impossible well that's what we thought, until, the leaders of Neo-London were reminded of the most horrible, and terrible event in human history, Neo-London the final bastion as far as we can tell is under siege, in fact, it has been for thousands of years, Of course, the general public, can never know of this fact, most live satisfactorily lives unknowing of the siege.

Only high ranking military and administratum personal, know of this fact, par from a few outliers who have to know, leaving neo-London is impossible no-matter-what, the 43rd administrator of Neo-London he who has complete control, who is all-knowing of the situation in Neo-London has gone silent, the Puppets of the administrator has taken control, the general populous has no-Idea of what is happening, Neo-London is a shining Jewel of humanity that has rusted on the inside.

well, that has ended the history lesson for our new members any questions?

"What are the Entities sieging our bastion?"

They are, Creatures that were once human, Thousands perhaps millions of years ago, however, the "Evolution virus" that was so forcefully spread among us has changed them, they have not 0.00001% human DNA, left in them.

"What happened to the sun?"

The sun threw inexplicable means, has dimmed, so much that, everything beyond these walls, have frozen if you were to stand out there you would freeze within a Minute.

"Why are we the last bastion?"

There were once, Hundreds perhaps Thousands of bastions like Neo-London, we even have logs of communicating with these other cities in the archives, Neo-London has lost the Communication dish, and, we hadn't received any signals for, 90yrs prior, the last one we ever got, was heavily corrupted it was from, "Paris" or that is what the logs say.

I'm sorry I'm gonna have to cut this short, I have other business to do, till next time you are all dismissed welcome, to the administratum, Gentlemen where we, have to safeguard this secret and manage the city from our tower, in the middle of the city.

I begin to leave the Orientation room, the secret we protect is the most important, one among all of Neo-London, more than every secret the military has, more than any personal secret.

The long corridor stretched before my eyes, it's pure white and while it looks unending it has an end, that I'm sure of.

I start to follow the Corridor until I finally find an elevator, SHIT, THE DOOR IS CLOSING, I start to go into a full sprint, Guys, Can I get on the elevator, I shout while Running as fast as I can.

"Don't get your pants in a twist dan, As a sign of good faith, I'll stop the elevator for you."

Stop being such an Asshole, Haggis and Tatties.

"Oh, You bringing up my Scottish heritage now are you, Wow Mr Tea and biscuits."

Geez, I don't like them that much even if I did you know how hard it is to get them, I finally reach the elevator.

Thanks, Jack, I do actually appreciate it, I got a Meeting real soon.

"No problem man, You have to feed your inner-child, don't you."

Hey, I'm not a child, I'm higher-ranked and OLDER.

"Sure but you still act like a child."

We both had a Good laugh, We really have no, sense of humour do we.


The Speakers said something called the "Cephalous" protocol was engaged?

Probably something the higher up's were hiding, Even though I'm on the Council they still Hide things from me?

"Hey, Dan what's the Cephalous protocol I know what the Alpha-Omega protocols are but what is the Cephalous protocol, There's nothing in the Handbook.

My stomach began hurting what was it, The emergency protocols were always, Weird and strange but...Wait when I came in today they were loading food and Military supplies?

I have a bad feeling about this.

Jack, I have no idea what it is, They never told me anything about it.

It was on that day, I saw the sun, Fully lit and ablaze, The first time anyone has seen a Bright sun is hundreds of thousand years.


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