1 Chapter 1 - Death

"Shit! Why do they have to do this?" Maiden turns herself towards the person she's talking to.

"Ma'am, the board of directors said that what they've done is the best for the company," Adela, her secretary, said to Maiden while trying to act normal and with sense.

"The best for the company? Huh? Do they know what they're talking about? There's no other way in saving this damn company than with my own decisions! Those old geezers have done nothing than spouting accusations about my inability to run this corporation. Yet, not even a single one of them has given tantamount sweat of efforts that I did even before I turned of legal age until now. But still, they think they've done something worthy!" Maiden angrily slammed the desk hard and furiously walks towards the bar of her office.

Later this morning, she has found out that the board of directors is having a meeting denouncing her of all her rights in the administration of her own corporation while she is busy dealing with an international investor that needs her immediate attention. After the deal has closed and she has indeed won the trust of the investor did she come to know that they are planning to execute the outplacement of her position as the Chairman and CEO of Calibers Corporation.

It was alright if she had done something and caused problems and anomalies in the corporation, but she hasn't. For the past 9 years of full service in the company, she had done her very best in keeping it track after her parents died, when she was only 15 years old. Yet, her hard work is met with ingratitude and now she's here, causing a fuss to her secretary and drinking this supposed high-class champagne that tastes nothing but toxic water.

After drinking the champagne, she calmed herself and said to her Adela, "Arrange a meeting for us tomorrow, I want them to explain why these bullshits happen--, arghh" but before she finished her words, she felt hot liquid streams down her throat causing her to breathe hard. She coughs and pants to catch her breath while slowly swaying her body down the floor but to no acclaim. She feels like her internals is burning.

What is this? She thought and heard Adela tauntingly say, "You're such a fool, Ms. Caliber. You drink the champaign--, oops or I may say poison without even looking at it." Adela said while walking gracefully around her office


This... What did she.... She rounded her eye at the sudden realization. This bitch!

Adela sat on her swivel chair and turns to Maiden with a look of disgust and hate. "I never thought I can kill you this easy. I thought you, yourself, are trained with things like this. Hmmm.. But I was wrong. You're fool and stupid." She said as she stands and head towards Maiden that is panting to catch her breath as the poison slowly do its work.

"Why did you... do this to me?... Why?" Maiden said through hard breath. She tried to stand up with great effort but she just can't. She's just too weak to even move.

Damn! Is this my end? Am I going to die without a fight? She said to herself, as she knew that without her strength to even move herself a bit, she can never protect herself. She knew martial arts, she knew how to use weapons, and she knew how to use circumstances to her advantage but now that she is almost paralyzed, she can do nothing than wait for her death.

As she began to ponder on how unable she was to fight and to even guess what she had done wrong to Adela, the poison slowly reached every nerve in her body causing her to be completely paralyzed but still able to speak.

Adela grasps her chin hardly causing her to be yanked upward. She hisses at the sudden movement and feels the muscles on her neck slowly tear. But she urged herself to look Adela in the eye and wait for her to answer her question.

"Why did I do this? It's pretty simple Ms. Maiden Caliber, revenge." She pushed Maiden's head against the desk."Ahh.." Maiden cried in pain and saw blood trickling down her head. "For revenge?... What did I... ever do to you?... I've been kind enough to not--- Arghhhhh" Maiden shouted again and feels her internals slowly breaking especially her bones.

Is this really how I'm going to die? Is this the kind of death my parents would like me to have? I doubt it. She really doubts it.

"You once told me Ms. Caliber. Revenge is the only thing that can cure a wounded heart. And I believe you. I do" Adela looked at Maiden loathingly. "You killed my brother! You killed the only person who cares for me. You killed him with no mercy!" She grabs Maiden's neck and choked her, adding more pain to Maiden's body.

"I wish you to die like him! I wish you to die being cut piece by piece like him!" she madly shouted as she continued to choke Maiden to death. But she suddenly stopped strangling her and Maiden slammed to the cold floor limply. She was now on the brink of losing her breath. But she still listens to whatever Adela has to say.

"Are you now afraid, Ms. Caliber? Huhh.. You should be. This is your end Ms. Caliber." She said while laughing maniacally. "And oh, by the way, your company was not yours anymore." Maiden stared at her and immediately thought of the things happening at the board meeting.

"You...." Maiden pointed at her angrily as she keeps her last breath.

That's my father's corporation!

"Someone is now leading it without you knowing Ms. Caliber. Just say "Hi." for that person to your parents in hell." Adela said and turn to leave.

Our company? The empire my father has worked hard to nurture was not ours anymore? Why? She remorsefully said.

Dad. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I wasn't able to finish my revenge for you and mom's life. I'm sorry I've wasted your effort. I'm sorry.

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