The Magical Gamer's Journey.

Waking up in a world with evil shadowbeasts and two immortals having a magical lover's quarrel... huh... why do I feel like I have seen this before... Ah well. My only regret is that I never got to finish that subway in my fridge. But I really don't want to mess with those spooky immortals, so I'll just stay over here in my sandbox. Let's see what 'The Gamer' can do!

Void_1234 · Fantasy
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Chapter 6: Mistral

I Don't Own Rwby Or The Gamer Ability, Only The Oc



"Tvs, Radios, and Text via book or newspaper... when those are around..."

(Mid Chapter Authors Notes)



Sprint: (Active) (Level 5: 4.4%) (Cost: 500 Sp every 30 seconds)

You exert yourself to increase your speed. Running speed increased by 30% when this skill is in use

'eh... could be better... but that's technically a sixty percent increase due to my one dex perk.'

I stretch slightly and let out a long sigh, I turn to the loud thumping of my home and rush back towards it, leaping just before I reach it and landing with a crouch on my five-foot front lawn, just beside the turret.

'You're doing good work, buddy." I state as I pat the top of its head... turret... thing.

'maybe I should make a mech suit with two of those on its shoulders... mn... nah, it wouldn't fit in my house.'

I cast a certain spell I learned.

The air pressure around me seems to change as the air around me gains a subtle swirl.

Windy Step (Level 6: 55.5%) (Cost: 1000(950) Mp per Minute)

Wind covers your body, reducing air resistance and speeding up your body.

Your dex is increased by 5% (8%)

'I think I need more Wisdom... then maybe I can keep up one of these buffs at will. Keeping stuff up endlessly has done wonders for my affinities... those dancing light nearly kicked my light affinity up to a THREE HUNDRED'

While meditating I can technically keep Windy Step up indefinitely, so I think that I just might... it may save my life one day, plus would really bring up my air affinity.

I walk up the stairs to the second floor and go sit on my bed, legs crossed as I close my eyes, taking deep breaths as I slip into a semi-trance... only one thought appearing in my mind... a simple bar that is mostly full, only around a tenth of it missing.

It ticks down slightly then refills back to full.

I sit in this trance-like state for several cycles... the energy three times dips... then refills... it dips... then refills again.

My eyes snap open. 'that should be enough for now.'

I glance to the side to a literal horde of alerts.

Windy Step has leveled up.

Windy Step has leveled up.

Windy Step has leveled up.

Windy Step has leveled up.

Windy Step has leveled up.

Windy Step has-

I wave them all off and simply look to the skill itself.

Windy Step (Level 27: 95%) (Cost: 1000(950) Mp per Minute)

Wind covers your body, reducing air resistance and speeding up your body.

Your dex is increased by 7.5% (12%)

Windy Step (Level 27: 95%) (Cost: 1000(950) Mp per Minute)

Wind covers your body, reducing air resistance and speeding up your body.

Your dex is increased by 7.5% (12%)

I glance out the window to see that it is already dark.

'ah, shit...'

My stomach rumbles slightly.

I shrug and reach into my inventory and pull out a bowl of stew... it's still warm from last night when I put it in there.

I grab a wooden spoon as well.

Hearty Vegetable Stew: (Common)

Eating this stew fills your stomach and increases your HPR by 10 points for an hour.

I frown slightly. 'ugh... I want to eat meat so bad...'

I shrug with a small sigh, 'ah well. This is what I have...'

A crackling blaze surrounds my hand as it swipes through the air... my other hand lights up and flies upwards, into an uppercut against an invisible foe, fire flickering out.

I let out a low breath... the fist ignites again as I swing my fist downwards, fire flickering out again just as I finish the swing.

Hand of Fire has leveled up.

Hand of Fire: (Level 10: 0.0%) (Cost: 500(475) Mp Per minute or until it needs to be recast)

You harness your fire magic to coat your hands in fire that chars your enemies... yet feels like a pleasant warmth to you. You add 50(80) Fire Damage to all of your unarmed Melee attacks, this enhancement lasts for 2(3) blows before it is put out.

'ah, it's now three blows instead of just one... great! Now it's sort of useful!'

I brush my hands together to rid them of a light soot and smile. 'lets try that second skill then...'

Water coils around my arms like snakes, I give them a brief flex and smirk down at my arms.

Water Muscle: (Level 5: 44.9%) (Cost: 1500(1425) Mp per Minute)

You use your water magic as a brace for your limbs, contracting and extending the water akin to a muscle, increasing your strength by 5% (8%) This skill may stack with itself twice, as you use it both on your arms and your legs.

Now you might ask, 'why are you making these buffs? They seems a little weak'.

I mean, yeah... right now they are... but what about in a year? Or two? And they will constantly be growing stronger as I increase my affinities and increase my Int stat...

Plus, there's a certain thing I want to try...

I activate Stone Skin, Windy Step, and Hand of Fire, keeping my Water Muscle active.

A skill has been developed through a specific action.

Way of the Four Elements: (Passive) (Level: 1: 46.7%)

While under the effects of four buff spells of different elements, all of their beneficial effects are increased by 1%

I cut off all of the buffs with a smirk. 'I knew something would happen if I used Earth, Fire, Water, and Air at the same time... I didn't expect a skill to buff all elements as long as I am using four, buuut I did sort of expect some sort of title... like 'avatar' or something.'

Kind of hard to grind that, though... my mana would run out after like two minutes

I look out the window.

It's day five of my journey...

Day one had the Ursa debacle and fucking around with blood magic, two, I started sewing my cloak, and just fucked around with golemancy for a while, eventually gaining my idea for a sword, two was finishing my cloak/blanket and creating my sword...

Four was creating sprint and grinding Wind Step up to level twenty-eight-ish,

Five was further grinding Windy Step up to like forty

Six brought Windy Step up to fifty, and I got my idea for the 'Avatar' Title so I started messing around with elements.

And today, I finally finished the buffs and got my Way of the Four Elements skill!

I look at my map to see that I am nearly completely around the lake.

'YES! I predict I'll only need to travel a day or two more to get to Mistral!'

There is one more skill I sort of want to develop before I get to Mistral, though...

Sadly, I need more Mana for it... I'm nearly out right now.

It will basically be my 'fuck you' to all grimm I come across!

I nod slowly. 'tomorrow I'll create that spell... and then unlock my aura so I can get some grinding on it before I get to Mistral proper'

I cup my hands by my side. "Kaaaaaa..."


A white orb appears and steadily grows in side.




I fling my hands forwards

A spell has been developed through a specific action.

A beam about as thick as a watermelon flies from my hands, arcing into the distance where there is a loud rumble and a small explosion.

Light Wave: (Level 1: 50.0%) (Cost 7000(6300) Mp, +1000(900) Per second of charging.

You launch a beam of light from your hands, dealing (1500+Int*4 Damage) +5% for every second of charging. +100% damage to Grimm (Max Charge Time: 5 Seconds)

"ah... that checks a couple things off my bucket list."

This will fuck up any grimm in my path... and all I need to do... is turn it into an earth spell!

Shame that carrying a... what? Thirty-inch slab of stone will be slightly difficult... maybe I could develop a shield?

I turn around and sprint to my walking golem, hopping up onto it with a single leap- and by that, I mean I pretty much body-checked the top of it and had to scrape my way up onto it while my chest ached from hitting a stone wall at like thirty miles an hour.

I let out a small wheeze and massage my chest as I walk inside my home.

I immediately walk across the room and up the stairs, where I step over to my bed and sit down.

'alright, let's see if I can unlock my Aura now...'

I scratch my chin as I look down at my lap. 'how would I even unlock my aura?'

I tap my fingers on the bedding below me.

I shrug. 'let's try this.'

I coat my body in Mana and close my eyes.

"Through it is in passing, we achieve immortalit-"

A skill has been created.


I open my eyes to see a light green light crackling around my body.

Aura (Active/Passive) (Level 1: 20.0%) (Cost: 100 Aura per minute, +50 per minute active to a max of 4000 Per Minute)

You use the power of your soul to create a barrier around yourself, allowing your Aura Pool to take damage instead of your Health Pool, additionally, you gain a +80% to Str and Dex. While your Aura is active, your HPR is increased by 500% and the time taken to regenerate health is cut in half, Passively, your HPR total is increased by 5%, and your Str and Dex by .8%

A 'Semblance' skill will be granted to you upon reaching skill level 50.

"it was... that easy?"

"…" I narrow my eyes slightly at the screen, then simply shrug and get up while activating the skill.

'getting this to fifty is a priority... I mean, it already is my strongest buff and will probably grow stronger as I level it, so preferably maxing it would be a priority, but I don't think I'll have enough time for that... but I could probably get it up a couple of levels before I make it to Mistral... that should be do-able.'

I wish I had something that was do-able...

I've been out in the forest stewing in 'the horny' for half a year... I need a girlfriend... but it fucking sucks when I look like I'm fucking twelve years old.

'Maybe I can date Neopolitan? But that would require me to get involved with the plot... and that's a no go. and sadly, that means 'no' to sexy grimm lady, team Rwby, and even stupid sexy Cinder... perhaps once I have trained just a bit more.'

'Shame she got fucked up in volume four...'

I tilt my head 'I feel like I am forgetting something...'

'Ah, right, Coco, Velvet, Pyrrha, and Nora... '

'But maybe pass on Nora... for the 'don't stick your dick in crazy rule'.'

He thought... knowing fully well that he would absolutely bang psychopaths like Neo and Cinder if he had the chance.

"Welp. That's enough for me... to horny jail I go."

I stand up and roll under the bed.

'I'll stay under here where it's safe... I'm close enough to Mistral that I can run there if I really want in under an hour, so it's not a big problem if my home is destroyed... sure, I'll get sad for a while, possibly a little annoyed, but I'll just make a better one when my Golemancy skill is maxed out anyways...'

'tch- I'm such a child... oooh spooky monsters may hunt me down now~ hide under the bed!'

'actually... I may take a nap... I can hold up my aura for like sixteen minutes, right? Possibly seventeen if I take into account my Aura Regeneration.'

It's a long time, but sadly, that time is cut down if I get hit even once...

Having my aura up endlessly is TECHNICALLY possible...

Eventually of course... after I have like hundreds of thousands Aura...

But I don't know if I'd be able to use my semblance at the same time while doing that... of course, that won't matter if I use earth magic as my semblance, but I'm not just going to let my ACTUAL semblance just sit and rot at level one... it'll be like my secret weapon!

Along with the golem-powered railgun I plan to have on my eventual home.

While I wait, I suppose I could just scroll through my golem creation list.

I open the screen with a bored expression.

[Fusion: 10000 Mp

Two golems with this ability can combine their bodies, adding their levels together, and taking the best stat from each, and any other abilities that they might have. You can also increase the number of golems added to this fusion, but each additional planned golem requires 5000 more Mp]

'steven universe much? Shame that this is completely worthless at the moment... ah well.'

[Armor: 15000 Mp

This ability allows a golem to be worn like a suit of Armor, adding its health to your own, and letting you use its physical abilities instead of your own.]

'I can't even afford that one just yet...'

'hn... if I'm going to be honest, my 'railgun' may just be a water-tank golem filled with holy water...

If I figure out magnetism, perhaps I might get an actual railgun, but for now, my little turret is enough.

I stare blankly at the underside of my bed, barely a centimeter away, deep in thought.

I quickly blink and shake my head. 'ugh, that's just a load of misplaced anxiety... but I guess that's to be expected when going somewhere new... eheh...'

The walking golem comes to a stop as I walk outside, with a wave of my hand, a large hole is dug which it sits itself in, then with another application of 'Move Earth' it smooths out, leaving just my little cottage above the ground.

'alright... I've got my cloak, my sword, lien in my inventory, and I've successfully parked my home... d-do I need anything else?'

The city of Mistral is only a single mile away...

I slowly tap my fingers together. 'hrn...'

I glance in the general direction with a frown.

'should I?'

I nervously glance back at my home.

'FUCK IT! If I don't go now, I'll just mope around the house all day! The best way to get into water is to just jump right in!'

And jumping into water is the best allegory I can find to me going back into normal human society.

I turn and begin walking to the city.

"H-Hi, can I buy a pizza?"

"Do you have the lien for it?" The man behind the counter asks.

I hold out a couple lien cards from my cloak. "Yeah..."

"Alright, kid, that's all I needed to know, what do you want?"

"Just cheese and pepperoni please."

The man slowly nods and moves to the back of the room. "I'll be done soon, so just wait somewhere."

I simply go and wait on a stool in the corner.

I had picked a relatively small place; I appear to be the only one here at the moment.

"So, what's your story, kid?" The guy behind the counter asks.

"Me?" I blink with a confused expression.

"You're the only other person here, so yeah."

"I just wanted a pizza... it's been a while since I've had once due to traveling across Anima, so I thought I'd get one."

"You're traveling across Anima on your own?"

"Yeah... I have Aura and a Semblance... so it's not really a big deal..."

"Hn. Alright." He shrugs.

I sit in silence for about twenty minutes while he finishes the pizza.

"Alright brat, that'll be ten lien."

I hop up off the chair and walk across the room.

I lay two five lien cards on the counter and smile. "Thanks!"

I grab the pizza box and just walk away.

'huh... would have thought that the place would get robbed while I was here...'

I shrug and walk outside, then continue down the street in the general direction of the outskirts of town.


Welp! Looks like good ol Azure has Aura now! Now nowhere is safe! He will be endlessly harassed by grimm and plot devices! With his aura unlocked, he will be dragged kicking and screaming into the plot!

Kind of surprised he didn't get molested by Raven Branwen or something... I mean, they're both on Anima, seems like something the world would shove onto him just to kick him in the dick.