The Magical Gamer's Journey.

Waking up in a world with evil shadowbeasts and two immortals having a magical lover's quarrel... huh... why do I feel like I have seen this before... Ah well. My only regret is that I never got to finish that subway in my fridge. But I really don't want to mess with those spooky immortals, so I'll just stay over here in my sandbox. Let's see what 'The Gamer' can do!

Void_1234 · Fantasy
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Chapter 3: IT'S ALIIIIVE

I Don't Own Rwby Or The Gamer Ability, Only The Oc



"Tvs, Radios, and Text via book or newspaper... when those are around..."

(Mid Chapter Authors Notes)


I slowly slide a rod of stone through a hole in a red crystalline creature- or should I say, literally just a spike.

Crystal Golem Level 1:

48/48 Hp

-/- Sp

0/0 Mp

Str: 1

Dex: 1

Vit: 9

Int: 0

Wis: 0

Luc: 0

Damage Reduction: 130

Average Attack Damage: 2

It's not just a hole... its two holes! With a gap in the middle where I placed another crystal golem that has a hole through it as well!

I glance to the other crystal golem, a simple line with sharp spikes protruding from the top, a small joint near the bottom where I am connecting this to the spike, however, this one is also connected to a second of the same type with a stone nail that has had both ends molded over the holes to prevent it sliding out.

Crystal Golem: Level 5:

150/150 Hp

-/- Sp

0/0 Mp

Str: 100

Dex: 40

Vit: 10

Int: 1

Wis: 0

Luc: 0

Dr 20

These three cost the exact same, by the way.

Those three golems are all attached to a fourth golem, a massive oval about ten feet wide and around twenty feet long, the three pieces the main body is made of is based solely on durability, much like the leg tips, however these are more of an HP tank than an Armor tank.

Crystal Golem: Level 5

250/250 Hp

-/- Sp

0/0 Mp

Str: 1

Dex: 1

Vit: 100

Int: 9

Wis: 0

Luc: 0

Dr 40

Yep. I'm combining my golems...

A third set of three golems sits on the other side, looking like a massive insect-like leg... or maybe a crab, another, the same as the first and second, sitting just behind that as well, then another behind that.

With a wave of my hand, the end of the stone rod shortens into a semicircle, locking the pointed foot to the rest of the leg.

I crack my neck and smirk, that was the last of six legs.

"ARISE!" I grin as I raise my hands and the construct rumbles slightly, then slowly lift itself off the ground, the back of the body has been smoothed out except for four large holes leaving a perfect platform.

There are a couple cracking sounds as the crystals rub together, but considering all the golems, have at least twenty damage reduction, they resist the rubbing and grinding of their neighbors.

I hop up onto the back with a small smile, with another wave of my hand, a wall of stone is created on its back, a considerable portion sinking into the hole in the golem, locking the created armor in place.

Wall of Stone (Level 35: 40.6%) Cost: 5000 Mp

You can cause a small wall of solid stone to spring up to protect you, this wall is 4(6) inches thick and 8(12) feet tall/wide alternatively, you may half the height and width to double the thickness. This shield protects you from (500+Int*4) Damage per inch of thickness before being destroyed. Additionally, the wall has a Damage Reduction of 25(40), meaning that all attacks upon the wall will have their damage reduced by 25(40) points.

I halved the thickness to increase the area... the spell itself doesn't say you can do that, but it's quite simple to do once you think of it.

The rock armor is what really protects this thing...

I watch as it moves around unhindered.

The pins are also made out of the rock from the stone wall spell, so they are actually several times more durable than the pieces they connect...

All I need to do is finish the underside, which is bare at the moment, then maybe stick a couple of small shields on the legs, then my tank will finally be completed!

I have been working on this off and on for about three weeks now, trying to find the perfect way to connect everything, trying to find the perfect balance of stat layout for each piece... now I just need to stick a house on its back and I can tell it to walk towards Mistral!

A lot of work for something that I'll have to leave behind, I guess, but hey... I don't exactly know what I'll come across in the wilds, so it helps to be prepared.

I slowly look at it.

It has no head, nor any other sort of defining features... but... with the wall of stone it sort of looks like a turtle...

A nearby blue crystal person, slightly taller than me, walks by, carrying a long in its shoulder with a jagged sword made of pink crystal in one hand, the blade acting much like a hand-saw.

It has no defining features, but it does have the general human shape, perhaps just a little rough.

For humanoid crystal golems, I've started to cheat... just a bit... I have developed a new skill that lets me permanently create armor and weapons from crystals... so I have been equipping my friends here with their very own armor sets and weaponry.

It sets the log down in a steadily forming pile a short distance away.

That wood pile is just firewood I plan to take with me on my journey.

I look down at it.


'maybe I should give it a head...'

"…" I scratch my chin in silence.

"Hn. Maybe later."

I wave a hand, creating a square of thin walls, about seven feet tall, and covering most of the back half of the oval.

I walk towards it and hold out a hand, using 'move earth' to carve out a rectangle about five feet tall.

I reach up and slap the top of the doorway as I walk under it.

I walk to the corner and reach into my inventory.


A table lands roughly on the stone, the table looks to be made of stone, at least its four legs are, along with a rim around the outside, but the inside is a perfectly flat crystal-clear substance of a vibrant blue color.

I brush my hand across it with a smile.

"Lavish living~ this table probably would go for a couple thousand bucks... pure crystal is a little hard to work with after all."

I pull out my wicker chair, now with soft and comfortable moss across the seat.

I turn away, walking towards the back corner of the room, and with a flex of my plant magic, a large wooden pole springs up from the floor.


Along with several wooden steps that spiral around it, going upwards, some sinking into the wall, while some simply floating for a moment before a long piece of wood wraps around the entire staircase, locking the steps in place.

A small stone wall is created to add even more stability as I slowly climb the stairs, creating an alcove for the staircase instead of just simply having it be in the corner.

Several planks of wood suddenly slam down across the previously empty space that was the ceiling, the walls around the edges that overlap sinking downwards about an inch, allowing the boards to fall into place, a moment later a thin line of stone covers the edges locking them in place.

I slowly walk out across the planks, giving them a small bounce.

'I didn't fall through... seems stable enough...'

This house is definitely a work in progress, but it is already quite a bit better than my previous home...

I let out a sigh of relief as I sit down in my chair, the only light coming in the room being from the open doorway, stairs, and a couple beams from in between the floorboards above.

I'm nearly out of mana.

A single board slides along the length of my home, sideways, perpendicular, and beneath the others, acting like a support beam to prevent the upper floor from falling inwards.

And thus, I'm mostly out of mana... just two hundred left... and I'm keeping that for my dancing lights.

I stand up and slowly walk to the front of the mobile platform.

"Alright, you big bastard."

The front leg raises and slowly turns forwards on a hinge near the main body.


It slams into the ground with a loud crash, the entire body rocking slightly as it lifts the front leg on the other side.


"AHAHAHAHA!" I cackle madly.

The middle legs begin to move forwards as well.



Then, finally, the back legs, each thudding against the ground with a loud crash, the pointed tip digging deep into the ground.

"IT WORKS!" I grin as I leap off the construct, falling a good ten or so feet to the ground.

I look back on it, it has a good five or six feet of clearance under it, however, its red underside looks a little naked at the moment.

It's actually moving fairly fast all things considering... it has perhaps a couple tons of stone on its back, then the weight of its body itself.

It easily passes over me, continuing on.

"Stop." I command as I walk out from under it.

It freezes in place once it gets all its legs on the ground.


The golem slowly lowers its body until its underbelly presses against the grass below.

'this should protect it for now...'

I climb back up on it and glance around, watching humanoid golems of assorted color walk around slowly, each armed with a full suit of crystal-like armor which honestly could pass for their body, a shield, some kite shield, some simply round, and each have a melee weapon of some sort.

I let out a quiet puff of air as I look over all my creations. "Worth it... this was worth every. Last. Second. Of that painful grinding...

Half a year... I've spent half a year away from people... the only thing keeping me sane, being Gamer's mind... how will people react to me? A simple black-haired boy, torn clothing that has been roughly stitched together... my hair is a little dirty, not that I don't wash it, of course... it's just that I don't really have any soap here so I just have to run my hands through it while creating water over my head.

They'll probably think I am some sort of feral child.


'wait, hold on... why am I even going to Mistral?! I mean, sure, the people to talk to would be nice, but I was planning on going to VALE! Like, why?! I don't want to get drafted into Ozpin's death war! Fuck that! I'm gaming on my own! I'm going to max out my affinities, and become a god-like entity of destruction! I'll get girls, and- there are a lot of girls in Rwby...'

I sit down on the rock and rub my head. 'go to the main plot... for pussy? Or stay away from the immortals and grind like I should...'


'eh, I don't even know why I'm thinking about this right now... 'Create Crystal Golem' hasn't even reached its max level yet.'

I stretch and let out a small yawn. 'eh I better meditate and finish up the armor on my crab so it doesn't fucking die and I lose all my work... maybe I should have focused on securing its body before building a partial house on its back... ah well'

My eyes slowly open to a sloping ceiling that passes about three feet over me.

'ah right. Finished up the roof, then fished my bed out of my inventory.'

I slowly sit up and yawn, crawling out of bed. 'hn that was a good forty or so hours of work... now I can sort of just relax... maybe make a couple of golems to act as turrets? How would I even do that? Can I even make bows for them?.'

Glowing plants and two circular windows on the far side of the room cast a warm light throughout my bedroom, they are wrapped around a couple of planks running along the top of the roof, acting as support between the two slopes.

I yawn as I stand up, walking to the corner of the room where I walk down the stairs.

Light filters in from the two large crystal windows at the front of the house, two rectangles running length ways up, creating windows about as tall as I am, while one sideways rectangle is on each side of the house allowing me to see left and right when the crab is walking. 'maybe I should make some wooden shutters'

In the back of the room, to the left of the staircase, is an alcove, inside of it is a fireplace with a stone pot sat on a small shelf over it.

This place is only about eight feet wide and a little over fourteen feet long, but it's homely... I like it.

I step out the front to the front of my walking home.

I take a deep breath as a pleasant smell reaches my nose.

I glance to the side of my door to see several planter boxes with a strange brown flower within, it looks like a rose... but it smells like chocolate...

Plus, they drive away insects of any kind, it has a hidden odor that insects just can't stand.

Just a little something I made with my plant magic... they're also highly resistant to temperatures and lack of water.

A small glob of water sprays over the plants.

'lets see here... how do I make a turret- OOOH what if I make a little spider tank! Just a much smaller scale than my giant walking house.'

I scratch my chin. 'hrm.'

I pop open my little 'Golem Crafting' window.

I blink slowly down at a certain box.

[Add Ability?]


I slowly tap on it.

[Please type out a name for the ability]

A keyboard appears in front of me.

I walk back inside as I type. 'Shooting'

[Ability Searched:]

[Shoot Crystal: 1000 Mp

Your golems can launch a small piece of themselves at enemies, dealing a small amount of damage to themselves that goes through all damage reduction. The attack's damage is based on their vitality.]

I look to the next one

[Shoot Water: 1000(Tank)/5000(Creation) Mp

Your golem can shoot a concentrated beam of water much like a water hose, either from an internal tank, or simply just creating it with water. Water Creation requires the golem to spend MP to launch its attack, while the internal tank lowers the maximum health of your golem may potentially run out of water and need to be refilled. Additionally, in combat it has the potential to leak if damaged, meaning the golem could possibly run out of water without firing a single attack. These attacks scale off the golem's Int.]

'hrm.. Maybe...'

[Shoot Light: 5000 Mp

Your golem can bounce sunlight within its body to create beams of concentrated light that deal damage to creatures of darkness. This requires Mp, and has damage scaled off Int]

That seems to be the last thing for 'shooting'.

I tilt my head. 'what is the cheapest I can make a golem that can deal considerable ranged damage...'

I quickly tap 'Shoot Water'

[Creation] [Tank]

I tap 'tank'

'let's get to work on a design, then...'


A four-limbed creature made of dark blue crystal creeps around my house, its body is much like the limbs for my mobile home, yet it is much smaller... while my mobile home is made up of twenty-one pieces, this is just made of two... the head, and the body...

The head looks a bit like a five gallon jug that people put on those office water coolers with the little paper cups, but it has a hole going cleanly through the middle, sort of like a doughnut, that allows me to pin it to the four-legged spider body below with a large stone spike.

I quickly gaze over its stat block.

Crystal Golem: Level 5:

175/175 Hp

-/- Sp

0/0 Mp

Str: 1

Dex: 10

Vit: 20

Int: 100

Wis: 0

Luc: 0

Water Tank: Can store 5 gallons and shoot out pressurized water dealing 10+Int damage, the range it can shoot with water is 5 feet for every 10 Int it has, each attack in this manner uses 1 gallon of water.

Damage Reduction: 20

Then the legs.

Crystal Golem: Level 4:

150/150 Hp

-/- Sp

0/0 Mp

Str: 70

Dex: 80

Vit: 20

Int: 1

Wis: 0

Luc: 0

Damage Reduction: 20

Average Attack Damage: (74)

The top is only useful for its ability to think and shoot, with one hundred int it is actually smart enough to lay ambushes-

Oh, and by the way, I should mention, that this thing's mental stats work differently, it isn't as smart as me, its about as smart as a normal person... the nine of my walking home is just enough to sync up the legs so it doesn't flip over after trying to move all the legs on one side at once.

This can command the legs below, and the one intelligence of the legs allows it to receive those commands and act accordingly.

All things considering the little spider bot is about three feet tall, and has a small body of about two feet wide, then four legs on each side of its body that extends an additional two feet in every direction.

Its feet click on the floor as I point at the door, causing it to skitter over to it and slowly climb out by tilting its body on its side.

I walk out after it and take one step up on its body which has a slight overhang, and hold out a hand.

A large quantity of water flows into the empty insides of the golem, then with a white flash, the clear water begins to twinkle and sparkle slightly as if sunlight was bouncing off of it.

I stick a piece of stone over the hole I just used to fill up the golem, and use 'Move Earth' to make it sink in, wrapping around the inside edge as well as the outside and creating a water-tight seal.

I pat the top of its head and step off.

I point to the front of my walker. "Sit there and shoot anything that's hostile."

The golem skitters a couple of feet away and stabs its feet into the stone, doing miniscule damage, then lowers its body till the underside is touching the ground.

A piece of log about a foot long is tossed up on top of the walker as a second humanoid golem catches it, then carries it inside.

Why am I doing this when I can just make entire boards out of thin air, you ask?

It makes me feel productive...

Simple as that.

There's a certain magic to having things go out and collect things you are going to use... just conjuring up some firewood takes the fun out of it...

Though, I suppose I did sort of just conjure a house out of nothing.

I look up to the wooden shingled roof.

Eh, that's big things... little things like firewood or fish are easier to get.

I scratch my chin. 'I could technically make some primitive plumbing if I make some stone pipes... I might be able to make a bath... that's simple, just have a drain and I can fill it and heat it with magic... I'd just need a stopper, then I could send the water out as long as the pipe flows downwards.'

'hrm... maybe later.'

I brush my hands together. 'I suppose it's back to grinding... this was a pleasant little break.'

I shiver slightly. 'ugh, it's getting a little chilly... maybe I should get this giant moving, then.'

I snap my fingers. "Finish preparations, then load up."

The golems all freeze for a moment, before returning to what they were doing.

It's time to leave this place before winter goes into full swing.

I smile as I look in the general direction of mistral, into the massive lake. "It's been a while since I've had a doughnut..."


So, what do you guys think? Next chapter will probably be the last long timeskip for a while, so he'll be taking a quick look over his affinities, skills, and stats, anyways, I hope you all liked this little trio of chapters, I don't really know when chapter 4 will be done.