The Magical Gamer's Journey.

Waking up in a world with evil shadowbeasts and two immortals having a magical lover's quarrel... huh... why do I feel like I have seen this before... Ah well. My only regret is that I never got to finish that subway in my fridge. But I really don't want to mess with those spooky immortals, so I'll just stay over here in my sandbox. Let's see what 'The Gamer' can do!

Void_1234 · Fantasy
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16 Chs

Chapter 14: An Agreement

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"Tvs, Radios, and Text via book or newspaper... when those are around..."

Gamer Ability Notifications

(Mid Chapter Authors Notes)

"U-Uh, Sir?" Emerald asks as we step off the train.

"Please, just call me Azure... none of this 'sir' stuff." I sigh, shoulders slumping.

"Okay... A-Azure, then... what are we doing here?"

"In Argus?" I ask.

"Yeah..." She nods.

"I live here." I simply state with a smile.

The girl blinks slowly "You live here?"

"Well, actually in the forest, but Argus is close enough that I can just walk to it..."

"You live in the forest?"

"Yeah, I mean, no rent, spacious, secretive, should probably jazz it up a bit now that someone else is going to be living there, though..." I turn and look back at her with a smile. "It's fine, everyone has to start small."

"Come on then." I hum as I turn and walk away.

As we step into my home Emerald looks around. "This is... it?"

"Eh, I've needed to upgrade it for a while... this was enough for just Pyrrha and I when she wanted a place to hide."

"Pyrrha?" The mint-haired girl asks.

"Oh yeah, that's my other friend... she's really strong actually... she's the current champion of the Mistral Regional Tournament."

"W-What?" The girl whispers.

"Yep, I helped her train quite a bit with my semblance." I smirk as I gaze around the room.

"Anyways. Yeah, this needs a little renovating."

'fuck it... I'm tired of not being able to grind efficiently... besides, once an elemental magic gets to level eighty...'

Bestow Magic: (Active) (Level: Max) (Cost: None)

You bestow the ability to use magic of a certain affinity onto a person, temporarily locking all spells with that affinity until you take it back or the person containing the magic dies.

Unlocked Elements:


I could technically give one of my friends magic... but I still need earth magic... for now.

Definitely going to give Neo ice cream magic at some point, and ohoho that'll be chaotic, I can see her easily overthrowing Vale on a whim if I give her that power.

With a wave of my hand, the room enlarges, easily doubling its size, then one half of it sinks downwards for a good eight feet. A staircase comes out of the wall in front of us, leading downwards.

A wooden railing comes up, starting at just beside the entrance and curving down the staircase.

"W-What the hell?! Your semblance is supposed to be earth!"

Glossy floorboards quickly carve out a path before us as I slowly walk forwards. "I'll talk about that when Pyrrha gets here because I don't feel like having the same conversation twice."

I slide down the railing with a smirk as wooden floorboards explode out from where my feet touch the ground.

'with dust magic, I can just create infinite power... so perhaps I should get a dust generator? I definitely have enough money for it, the only problem is, that I can't exactly create electricity dust beyond the 'dud' level... and I don't really know if that has enough energy in it to actually power a generator.'

'can other dust work in a dust generator? I mean, they probably have factories to transform burn dust into power, but... light dust? Probably not... and that's a shame seeing as how that's my current highest affinity.'

I glance up to see a doorway a good five feet off the ground. 'oh right... the golem room...'

With a wave of earth magic the doorway and stairs beyond slide downwards.

I let out a long breath as my mana nearly empties, and sit down on a sofa I pull from my inventory.


"Short answer: Magic. You'll get the longer answer later." I deadpan as I lean my head back, looking up to the railing where Emerald is leaning over with a look of shock at how I just expanded the room and made a couch appear out of nowhere.

I pull my scroll out of my shirt with a small smile and open up my texts.

"By the way, I'm back home." - Azure

"WHAT?!" - Pyr

"Yep, doing a little renovation because that other person I told you about is going to be living here now." - Azure

"Oh right... you're going to make a... 'faction'?" - Pyr

"Yep. Haven't really thought of a name, or a real general idea of what we'd do, I just know I want to have enough power to choose my own fate." - Azure

"I don't really care what we do as long as I'm there beside you! Also, I'm on my way." - Pyr

"Oh cool, Pyrrha's coming over... she'll probably be outside the door in like... five minutes."

"O-oh? The friend you told me about?" Emerald asks as she slowly and carefully walks down the steps, making sure each can support her weight before she fully commits to stepping on it. "T-That way you can tell me what the hell is going on, r-right?"

"You trust me, right?" I ask with a small smile.

"Of course." She nods immediately.

"My abilities just allow me to do a little more than the average person, nothing more, nothing less." I state with a small smile. "Like I said, you'll get a more in-depth explanation when Pyrrha gets here."

"Alright." She slowly nods as she slowly steps over to me and sits down on my right. "U-Uh, Azure? You've told me that this friend of yours is a girl, but are you l-like... uh-"

The door upstairs opens. "I'm HERE!"

'how the fuck-'

"Pyrrha?! How did you get here so fast?!"

She steps around the corner and looks around the room while stood behind the railing. "Woah..."

She shakes her head and blinks. "oh! I was just on my way over here when I got your text. Then I started running even faster."

"I see." I slowly nod as she leaps over the railing and lands with a crouch right beside me, sitting down on my left with a massive grin as her arms loop around my torso and pull me into a hug.

"I've missed you!"

"I've missed you too, Pyrrha." I sigh as I pat her back, slowly freeing myself from her grasp.

I finally get myself free and stand up, gesturing to the mint-haired girl to her right.

"Pyrrha, this is Emerald Sustrai, she was homeless before I picked her up, and had resorted to stealing to survive, Emerald, this is Pyrrha Nikos, champion of the Mistral regional tournament, probably stronger than both of us combined, but is shy as hell... I might possibly be her only friend... until now of course, because I really hope the two of you get along."

Pyrrha holds out a hand. "H-Hello... yes... I am pretty much what Azure said... s-sorry."

"I-it's no problem... h-he was honest about me as well... I-I was stealing before I met him." Emerald stutters as she shakes Pyrrha's hand.

"Alright, since you've met, I'm going to tell you both a small secret, Sorry, Pyrrha, I've kept this from you for a long time, buuuut.

Crackling electricity appears in one of my hands as a cold mist hovers around the other. "My semblance isn't actually earth control."

Pyrrha slowly blinks. "W-What?"

"I simply just said it was my semblance as a throw-away explanation for what I can do." I explain with a small frown. "I'm trusting both of you to keep this a secret, by the way, but... my actual abilities are... magic."


"That makes... a lot of sense..." Pyrrha mutters to herself.

"Magic?" Emerald asks. "Seriously?"

"As far as I know, there are only... seven magic users on Remnant... and I want nothing to do with any of them..."

"Magic..." Pyrrha mutters. "You mean like the four maidens?!"

"That was four of the seven I was talking about. The maiden power is confusing and convoluted, no, they aren't the same maidens from however many years ago, the maiden powers pass on from one young woman to the next seemingly at random, it becomes slightly less random when the last thing a maiden thinks about before dying is in fact a young woman, but that just makes them targets for people who wish to murder them for their power."

"Wait... they actually exist?!" Pyrrha gasps.

"Most legends existed at some point, Maidens, magic, the twin gods, probably even more... but most of those are in the past so I'd rather not worry about it." I shrug. "What are your thoughts on this, Emerald?"

"I don't really... care... this doesn't really affect me... you can use magic, so what? That explains why your semblance is so diverse, but otherwise it doesn't really affect me, does it? In fact, it just makes me want to stay here even more. If you can use magic, that means you will definitely be able to protect me from any enemies we might have."

"Eh, that's a way to look at it I guess." I shrug. "I'm telling you both this because I want to try and get as strong as I can during the next... half a year or so... and I don't want to have to deal with hiding everything, so..."

I snap my fingers and create several orbs of light. "Until I can figure out how to do wiring, we are going to be using magical light... Pyrrha, I want you to help train Emerald for a while."

"If that's what you want." Pyrrha shrugs.

Pov: Pyrrha.

"So... Azure must have seen something in you, right? He doesn't just become friends with anyone, you know..." I murmur as my spear clashes with two small sickles attached to pistols.

"Really?" The girl asks. "He pretty much sought me and another girl out nearly immediately..."

"Another girl?" I question.

"Oh, short thing, pink and brown hair, when I asked him about it, he stated that she is 'stronger than you, but weaker than my other friend, but she has an illusion semblance so who knows how it would actually go."

"Hm." I hum as I free myself from the deadlock and swing milo upwards, knocking one of the girl's weapons out of her hands.

I watch as the girl's eyes narrow, then she abruptly disappears.


I see a couple deformations in the grass rushing for where the weapon landed.


I fling my shield.

*THUNK* "AGh-"

The girl reappears, stumbling slightly before tripping over a root and faceplanting into the ground, sliding for a bit, coming to a halt just before she reaches her lost weapon.


I walk over to her as she slowly rubs the back of her head, i float my shield back into my hand with my semblance. "A-Are you alright?"

"I'm fine." She states with a frown as she slowly gets back to her feet and picks up her pistol.

She faces me again with narrowed eyes. "So... I couldn't help but notice you were quite touchy with Azure... what is your relationship exactly?"

I flinch, a blush quickly appearing on my face. "E-Eh?"

I raise my shield to block a slash from the girl's sickle, then repel her with a light shield bash.

"O-Oh... y-y'know... it's... c-complicated..." I stutter as disarm the girl again with another flick of my sword, my shield smashing into her face in her brief lapse of focus and annoyance. "W-What about you?"

The girl glares again as she rubs her nose with her empty hand. "I won't lie... he is my type... and he is the first person who even seems to slightly care about me... I don't know if it's for my semblance or for my body, but I don't care... he is taking care of me... so I guess I do have a small thing for him..."

"Oh. Azure isn't like that!" I gasp. "He likes me for who I am, and likes you for who you are as well!"

My eyes narrow at her. "But... it appears we both want a deeper relationship with him... so what now?"

I feel a brief uneasy feeling in the back of my mind, so I raise my shield.


I repel the invisible attack and slash forwards, hitting nothing as Emerald stands blankly ten feet from me.

"You... have an illusion semblance? I thought it was just invisibility..." I quietly murmur.

A single voice echoes out from all around me.

"You haven't made any moves on Azure hm? In that case I propose a challenge... we both clearly want him..."

My eyes narrow.

"Whoever seduces him first... may have him." The voice continues.

Azure wants to create a group of strong people... and I respect that, he wants the power to stay neutral and I want to be right next to him as he shakes Remnant to its core... but the first person he brought into the fold is... a challenge! A challenge for his love! Did he plan this? Did he do this so I would finally fully accept my feelings and actually ask him to go out with me... I mean... I did state that I would like to... but I never actually asked him... s-so maybe?

O-or maybe he wants a harem? I-I don't really know what to think about that... if he really wants it, I'd be fine with it... it would be selfish to try and keep him to myself like that... he even helped this girl when he had no reason to... so of course she would like him! I guess I'm sort of like her in a way...

Azure has helped me so much throughout this past year... a-and well, one thing led to another, and here I am, lovestruck and flustered by him... but I'm also stronger, faster, and have more aura than ever... he practically made me twice as powerful as I was before!

If I never met him, I have no idea if I could have reached this level of strength ... well, if I did, it more than likely wouldn't have happened this quickly... he is so ambitious... he has so many ideas on how to make me stronger! some, like the 'drawing iron from blood' thing don't exactly work... but others...

I let out a small pulse of my semblance as I close my eyes, taking a deep breath and lowering my shield and sword.

I feel a small blip rocketing towards me as I 'lower' my guard so I simple raise my shield and strike at the same time.

My sword impacts the girl's stomach as she reappears again, her twin sickles crashing against my shield as I abruptly hop backwards.

The girl rubs her stomach, but I feel the blip of magnetizable metal circling around me, so it is probably just another illusion...

As it goes behind me, I abruptly whirl around and lash out with a roundhouse kick, catching the girl in the chest.

She slams into the ground with a small groan, her aura crackling around her.

'she's nearly out...'

I lower my sword and shield with a small smile. "Let's stop here... your semblance is quite powerful... it would definitely turn a fight in your favor... but you still affect the world around you. I could see the grass move around your feet... I don't think you'd win against someone with some sort of sensory semblance."

I hold out a hand to the girl as I swap my sword to my shield hand, she slowly takes it and allows me to pull her to her feet.

"Your main problem is that you are still a little physically weak... I am around twice as strong as you in a physical fight... but Azure has made some training constructs to assist with that."

The girl tilts her head. "You... aren't mad that I am challenging you for Azure's love."

"oho no. I know he'd pick me." I smile innocently. "I've been with him longer after all... but we will see what Azure says... there's always the small chance that he would want both of us, so who knows?"

I gesture to the rock wall behind me. "Should we go ask him."

The girl frowns slightly but nods once. "Alright."

We turn and walk inside, the golem door slowly opening and allowing us inside, we walk down the short hallway and turn to the left, leaning over the banister. "Hey Azure-"

He is wrapped in wires and hung upside down from the ceiling, holding a book with one hand, a confused expression on his face.

"Hn?" He hums, wiggling slightly so he looks up to us.

He immediately blushes and looks away, causing heat to rush to Emerald and my cheeks as we probably think the same thing.


He abruptly falls and lands on his head.

I blink slowly. "Are you... alright?"

"M'fine!" He exclaims as he untangles himself from the wire. "This is just... more confusing than I thought it was going to be... it was supposed to be simple, carve trench in the wall with magic, put wire in, cover with earth magic, but I apparently need a circuit breaker, conduits, batteries, ugh... it's just annoying me... I can't even MAKE electricity dust the required purity needed for a dust generator!"

"He can make dust?!" Emerald whispers to me.

"That's more of a recent thing." I whisper back before looking down at him again. "A-Anyways, Azure... I just have a s-small question."

"Yeah?" He asks as he closes the book he was reading, 'Electrician work for dummies' "What is it?"

"O-Out of Emerald and I... w-which would you say is more physically attractive to you?"

"You're both very pretty." He shrugs as he goes around rolling up wires.

"Azure... could it be that you want a... harem?" I slowly ask.

He freezes in place.




There is a loud smashing sound from the place he keeps all of his golems.

"Oh, that sounds like one of my golems breaking... Ishouldprobablygocheckthat-"

He turns and sprints out of the room.

"Oh... it looks like... he does want one..." I sigh. "Oh well. I probably wouldn't be enough for him anyways."

I look to Emerald. "I-I just want him to be happy, y'know?"

She nods once in agreement. "He has helped me... so good things should happen to him."

"So, are we in agreement, then?" I ask with a small smile.

"We both go after him?" The girl asks slowly as she looks over to me. "R-Romantically I mean."

The only response she gets is a small grin.