The Magical Gamer's Journey.

Waking up in a world with evil shadowbeasts and two immortals having a magical lover's quarrel... huh... why do I feel like I have seen this before... Ah well. My only regret is that I never got to finish that subway in my fridge. But I really don't want to mess with those spooky immortals, so I'll just stay over here in my sandbox. Let's see what 'The Gamer' can do!

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Chapter 13: Recruitment

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"Tvs, Radios, and Text via book or newspaper... when those are around..."

Gamer Ability Notifications

(Mid Chapter Authors Notes)

I'm living my best life I guess... traveling around Vale, seeing the sights, it's been about a week since I made Neo's clothes and hair all sticky, and I've noticed a certain level seventy that is nearly around every corner.


Neo Politan: 12/100

Relationship Status: Doesn't really know what to think about you, on one hand, your 'semblance' apparently allows you to make ice cream at will, but on the other, she really doesn't know you all that well... she has decided to stalk you for a while, to see if you are really worth her time.

'let's do this, then.'

I turn and walk down a nearby alleyway, silently activating stealth and hopping behind a nearby garbage can.


I hear the quiet crunching of gravel as a blonde girl with red eyes steps into the alleyway.

She tilts her head and begins to slowly and carefully walk through.

I thump her in the back of the head, shattering the girl like glass and revealing her original form.

She immediately whirls around, drawing a knife from her pocket, her eyes widening as her attack meets empty air, as I had taken like five slightly spooked steps backwards the moment I flicked her.

Her eyes widen as they meet mine, then she simply hops backwards and abruptly shatters as her feet meet the ground, completely disappearing from sight.

"Hn." I hum as I take a quick moment to glance around, then turn and walk away.

You have gained +2 Neo Politan affection.

'why's that?'

Neo Politan: 14/100

Relationship Status: She is now positive that she at the very least likes you, not in a likes you manner, but as possibly a friend, you surprised her once again, at the very least you can tell when she is there and that is... slightly fear-inducing for her, but at the same time, you don't seem all that annoyed with her presence, even though you apparently knew that she was stalking you.

'hn, her affection is going up much slower than Pyrrha's... probably due to her cautiousness... and I really shouldn't make Pyrrha a baseline, she was absolutely desperate... and desperate girls are easy to befriend.'

That's actually a pretty bad thing to say... buuuut it's true...


Well, Neo's gone, anyways... so I guess I have no reason to stay in this alleyway.

Being in the city of vale doooes have quite a few advantages I suppose... mainly that there aren't any grimm within a mile of me, meaning I can flicker the hell out of my aura, increasing its experience rapidly... as it is now, it is sitting at around level ninety.

Soon part two of my near a million-experience quest will be completed... then, maybe it'll tell me the next step...

I tap my chin as I walk. 'I really don't know what I want to do here...'

'like... here, in general... on Remnant... I was just satisfied by constantly grinding till I reached some sort of dimensional magic, but apparently the game doesn't want that... so... what now?'

'I've accomplished my current main goal, meet Neo and gain experience... yet I only gained six levels from it... honestly at this point, the Schnee quest is going to be put on hold indefinitely... purely because of the 'Meet the Schnees' requirement... I'd get tied down to the Schnee dust corporation, engaged to Weiss, get disliked by Weiss, and for what? A level? Probably not even that if I am going to be honest...'

'I might do it eventually of course, but I want to be able to control the outcome... I assume that the quest has quite a few hidden objectives that change the rewards, but... eh... I have enough money... and that's the only thing I achieve from it, but... I really don't know where to go from here...'

'not touching Ozpin with a ten foot pole until I can take both Tyrian and Qrow on at the same time, and even then, I'll be a chaotic outer-party who doesn't play by his rules... and utterly obliterates anyone who attempts to force me to do anything.'

'but what should I do now?!'

I need to practice my magic skills and grind affinity, but... I always do that...

I could try and create my own faction...

I pause briefly before continuing forwards, weaving through the crowds. 'wait... that actually isn't that bad of an idea... what if I create a massive mobile castle?!'

I should probably wait until I have like fifty thousand mana for that though...

Buuut that still doesn't stop me from getting members early... so far, I have Pyrrha and Neo... one is by far the strongest creature I have come across... surpassing even a Lycan without using Aura at all, then the other is adorable as fuck, can become literally anyone she sees, and is no pushover when it comes to a fight... but who else? That's two members... three if I count Roman... but who else?

Ah yes, I'm an idiot.

I smile as I sit boredly on the edge of a rooftop as a certain girl rushes into an alleyway.

"Where did she go?!"

She meets a wall and takes a couple deep breaths as she turns and hides by a nearby dumpster.

"She went that way! Someone call the police!"

I see a man rush by the open alleyway and continue on.

I smile as I gaze downwards.

Emerald Sustrai Level 60

2343/2343 Hp

16875/16875 Ap

-/- Mp

Str 150

Dex 150

Vit 150

Int 20

Wis 20

Luc 10

I activate stealth and hop down, my feet mutedly crunching against the gravel beneath me as I land just out of the girl's sight.

"Impressive." I state causing the girl to freeze as I slowly walk forwards.

She stands up and grabs the handles of the two revolvers clipped to her lower back.

"No, no." I hum. "You wouldn't want them hearing you, would you?"

"Who are you?!" She growls.

"My name is Azure... and I watched what you did back there, you just flat out reached into that woman's purse while she was sorting through it... she didn't even notice when some others did... you've got talent... that was your semblance, right?"

She draws her weapons and points them at me.

"Put those away." I sigh.

She flinches. "H-How did you-"

"Oh... I see... your semblance is that you can put people in an illusion that only they can see... sorry, but mental affects don't work on me... if you had a physical illusion like that other girl I've met recently, it would have worked somewhat, but otherwise, you're tough out of luck."

She changes the grip on her weapons ever so slightly as two blades come out the bottom.

"We don't have to fight, you know." I state with a deadpan expression.

"How do I know you won't rat me out, kid?"

"Kid? That's seriously what you went with?" I ask with a raised eyebrow before glancing down at my body. "Well, I guess it fits, but eh... not the best insult... aaannnyywaaays, I'm going to warn you... if we were to actually fight, you'd lose, my semblance is earth control meaning I can just bury you if I really wanted. But I don't. Because I don't want to fight you."

Her weapons lower ever so slightly.

"What do you want?"

"Join me." I grin.

She blinks owlishly for a moment, weapons sagging more than they were. "What?"

"You are homeless, correct?"

"What of it?!" She snarls, weapons rising once more.

"Join me, and you will never have to worry about where your next meal will come from... you won't have to worry about a roof over your head... you won't need to worry about where you will sleep... and most importantly." I continue. "You won't need to steal to make ends meet."

You have gained +20 Emerald Sustrai affection.

She still looks slightly skeptical.

"You see, I'm going to create my own little..." I pause and cup my chin. "what's the right word for it... company? Gang?"


I abruptly snap my fingers. "Faction. I am making my own faction... and I want strong people to join."

"Faction?" She whispers.

"Oh, y'know... the Grimm, Huntsmen Academies, the White Fang, the Schnee Dust Corporation... that sort of thing."

"Why?" She asks.

"Why shouldn't I? I am no grimm, nor am I a faunus, I cannot deal with the high-class world of the SDC, nor do I wish to be involved in whatever plot the huntsmen academies have... my talents would be wasted anywhere except for on my own."

She blinks slowly. "Why invite me? I-I'm nothing special."

"No, not at the moment... but you have talent... much like my friend... when I first met her a year ago, she was not even half as strong as she is now... much like her, you have incredible potential, an illusionary semblance, that only affects one person is decent I suppose... but what if your semblance eventually lets you affect two people? Three? Four? Ten? You could manipulate allies into hitting each other, use it as a feint, or just simply use it as you did today to disguise your escape."

You have gained +15 Emerald Sustrai affection.

'ugh... desperate girls are easy...'

"H-how do I even know you will be able to accomplish something like that?" She asks. "What happens if you fail?!"

"Simple." I smirk. "I won't fail because I'm strong."

You have gained +5 Emerald Sustrai affection.

I hold out a hand and grin. "So... care to join me?"

"…" the girl stares at my hand for a moment, then puts her two guns back in her holsters.

"I-I... okay." She nods once before grabbing my hand.

"My name is Azure, Azure Jade." I nod as I shake her hand.

"My name is E-Emerald... Emerald Sustrai."

You have gained +5 Neo Politan affection.

'she is watching right now?!'

There is a small crunch of gravel to our left, causing Emerald to snap her head over and reach for her guns as we both turn to the noise, a short girl with two-toned hair and heterochromia is standing there silently.

"No no, she's the other person I was planning on inviting." I state as I hold out a hand to the dark-skinned girl, causing her hands to fall slightly.

"So, you finally decided to stop stalking me, huh? What now?"

She says nothing.

"You're mute, right?" I ask.

She flinches but nods once.

"Yeah, I sort of guessed that with the lack of any sort of verbal reaction to me flicking you."

Emerald glances over to me with a raised eyebrow.

The shorter girl crosses her arms with a frown. "…"

"Alright, I can see how this is going to go." I pull out a piece of paper. "This is my scroll number, text me if you want.

You have gained +2 Neo Politan affection.

Your Crystal affinity has increased by 1

You have unlocked a new Affinity.

'I'll check it later.'

The world shatters after a moment, Neo is revealed to be holding the piece of paper now with a small smile, then she takes out her scroll and shatters again, disappearing from sight.

I glance to Emerald. "Anyways..."

I take off my cloak and give it to Emerald. "You can have this until we get back to my apartment..."

You have gained +10 Emerald Sustrai affection.

'what the hell is... this?'

Tier 3 Affinities:

Rainbow Magic: 1


Apparently, I need two affinities to be at two hundred before I unlock tier three affinities... but why the hell is my first one rainbows? I mean, I get it, my light affinity is nearing four hundred, and crystal is shooting up, but really?

I glance over a couple of the skills I've gotten recently

Ice Cream Magic: (Active) (Level 12)

A strange offshoot of ice magic, this magic takes flavors from plant magic, the coolness of ice magic, and the healing properties of holy magic to create a consumable magic that grants the eater, or target, a myriad of effects.

Perks: None


Snowcone Smasher: (Level 20: 30.0%) Cost: 10000 Mp

You create a large orb of soft serve and sent it hurtling towards an opponent dealing 2000+Int*6 Damage, then applying an affect based on the flavor you chose.

Vanilla: -10% Dex for 30 seconds

Chocolate: -10% Str for 60 Seconds

Strawberry: Minor headache

Sweet Treat: (Level 40 55.5%) (Cost 2500 Mp) (Crystal Magic Combo)

You create a small bowl of tantalizing icecream, every bowl heals damage equal to 20+2/10th your Int and applies a temporary buff for 20 minutes.

Vanilla: +5% Dex

Chocolate: +5% Str

Strawberry: +20% HP Regeneration

Grape: +200 Temp Hp

Orange Soda: +400 Temp Aura

I've got my first healing spell... so that's wild...

Shame that I need to eat the entire scoop of ice cream for it to actually activate... not very useful in combat...

I sigh and shake my head, at least it's more simple than Dust Magic.

Dust Magic: (Active) (Level 4)

A magic involving compacting raw, natural affinity into magic crystals that have wonderous affects when used.

Create Dust Crystal: (Level 21: 32.3%) (Cost: Dependant)

You channel your magic to create a crystal of raw elemental power that has purity based on your affinity. You must have at least 100 Affinity in any given element to create a dust crystal, and certain affinities have special effects

Affinity 100: 10% Purity crystal, known as a 'Dud Crystal', these are broken up and ground into powder for bullets and creating other elements

Affinity 200: 25% Purity crystal: A low quality crystal that is fairly cheap, but it functions well-enough in its safer crystal-state.

Affinity 300: 50% Purity crystal: A medium quality dust crystal, these are primarily used in factories, but see quite a few military uses.

Affinity 400: 75% Purity crystal: Military grade dust, this is highly illegal for the average civilian or criminal to have, it is incredibly powerful and has the potential for large-scale destruction.

Affinity 500: 100% Purity crystal: perfect dust crystals are extremely rare and valuable, only one of these has been discovered, it doesn't have that much of an increase over Military-Grade dust, so even if it were more common, it probably wouldn't find use.

You can summon Dust of assorted sizes: (Dust deals a percentage of the listed damage based on its purity)

Finger-length 1000 Mp, a dust explosion with this type of dust deals 1000 damage in a five foot burst

Fist-sized 5000 Mp, a dust explosion with this type of dust deals 4000 damage in a ten foot burst

'that's honestly just a wall of text to me... I read through it before and it basically summarizes down to 'make dust from your affinities, the higher the affinity, the better quality the dust is, each dust crystal does a certain amount of damage that is decreased based on the purity of the crystal, a one hundred percent dust crystal does full damage, while a ten percent does ten percent damage... sort of simple when I lay it out like that... really only the last two lines are the important part, the rest can sort of just be ignored.'

Buuuut technically, this allows me to make 'military grade' light dust... and hoo boy, that fucks up grimm... I enjoy making hand-sized ones and just hucking them at nearby grimm... honestly, this has become my most overpowered ability... I have an endless amount of three thousand damage hand grenades... admittedly, not allowing me to punch too high over my level, buuut against grimm?

Barring the Lycan who honestly would probably just start throwing them back, I can probably take on any grimm under level sixty with my 'pussy little bitch with grenades' tactic.

This skill allows me to make dust off my affinities... Meaning that I could probably make 'TIME DUST' at some point.

I tilt my head slightly as I stare up at the ceiling.

'Ice cream dust?'

I blink as I realize something.

'wait a minute... didn't Weiss make Blake go really fast in volume 2? Like, she cut missiles out of the air n crap? Then she never used that fucking ability again? Same with Blake's elemental shadow clones?'

Schnee glyphs are altered with dust as well...

I stare up at the ceiling. 'does time dust exist?'

I shake my head. 'that doesn't really matter I suppose... I'll be able to make dust that doesn't exist... like rainbow dust...'

You have gained +10 Emerald Sustrai affection.

Ah, right, I let her use the shower.

Emerald Sustrai: 59/100

Relationship Status: you are quickly becoming her 'Cinder', she is still slightly untrusting of you, but thinks you mean well, plus you seem to be the only person she has ever met that cares about her, and while she thinks it may be partially because of her body, she's... sort of okay with that if it means she can live without worry for even a short time.

Not as High as I got Pyrrha's in one day, buuut I'm not actually trying... plus I may actually reach one hundred before the week is up... ugh... my powers are sort of... disgusting.

But it doesn't matter I suppose... I need allies, and it ensures that they won't ever betray me... so I'm glad about that.

I glance to the side to see that my aura is mostly recharged.

"Ah, good."

My aura crackles around me as I rapidly turn it on and off.

'Good ol grinding... how I've missed you.'

WELP, another chapter for all of you, ANYWAYS, as I write this, it's quite late, so I don't have much to talk about...

Apparently, volume 8 Rwby is getting even more retarded... so I'm probably not going to watch it myself... just yoink some things from the Wiki if I really feel like it.

But I will state that I will watch the series if I hear that Willow snaps and begins beating the ever-loving shit out of Cinder due to her being a huntress before she married Jacques... because really, Schnee glyphs are just stronger maiden powers and it annoys me that they made Winter get absolute DEMOLISHED by a maiden in-canon

Sure, Maidens get a separate 'Mana' pool, but Schnees can summon grimm, ALTER TIME, summon elemental attacks, create platforms, propel themselves at high speed.

Honestly, they seem to have quite a bit more versatility than Maiden's simple elemental magics.

At the very least I hope Jaune boosting Weiss' semblance takes her up to Maiden level...