The Magical Gamer's Journey.

Waking up in a world with evil shadowbeasts and two immortals having a magical lover's quarrel... huh... why do I feel like I have seen this before... Ah well. My only regret is that I never got to finish that subway in my fridge. But I really don't want to mess with those spooky immortals, so I'll just stay over here in my sandbox. Let's see what 'The Gamer' can do!

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Chapter 10: Training the Champion

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"Tvs, Radios, and Text via book or newspaper... when those are around..."

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(Mid Chapter Authors Notes)


"re... ure... AZURE!"

I flinch and look around; I find myself sitting at my table with Pyrrha staring at me with a concerned look on her face. "A-Are you alright? You don't look so good."

"Eh, I'm fine, just a little dazed... pulled a couple all-nighters this week and the last, so I'm a bit tired."

"You should get some rest, Azure." She frowns as she places a hand on my shoulder. "That's not healthy."

"Pshhh I'm fine for now... I've accomplished what I wanted anyways... and I'd say it's about time to start your training!"

"My... training?" She blinks holding a small mug in her offhand containing orange juice.

"Yeah I-"

I cut myself off as I cover my mouth, hiding a large yawn. "iiii just need to go grab your training buddies."

She blinks "Training... buddies?"

"Oh right." I blink as I slowly stand. "You've never been in this room, have you?"

I stumble slightly.

"A-Azure! When was the last time you slept?!" She gasps as I manage to catch myself before I fall down a flight of stairs.

"Oh... y'know..." I hum, glancing across the ceiling. "What day is today?"


"Oh, in that case... like two weeks, I don't think I've slept at all since you left the first time, actually."


I smile and do a small peace sign as I steady myself at the top of the stairs. "You coming?"

She quickly rushes across the room and grabs my arm, then begins slowly taking me down the stairs. "You've shown me your bed room, but not this room... why?"

"Oh, because I was afraid of what you would think of me, possibly getting a bit scared of me and ruining our friendship, but now... eh, I'm too tired to care. You'll either not care, or you will... no biggie."

+5 Affection with Pyrrha Nikos

"A-Azure... I'd never shun you... y-you're practically my only friend and I... I wouldn't do that to you!"

We reach the bottom of the stairs.

"it's... dark in here..." She mutters.

"Course it is" I hum. "We're a good... twenty or so feet underground."

I pull out a flashlight.


She flinches briefly at the several large humanoid figures wearing armor, the light catches on them and shines across the room as it passes through and gets dispersed.

"Tadaaaa!" I hum.

"What... is this?" She whispers. "Did you make all of these?"

She looks down on me as, regretfully, she is a good head taller than me.

Damn girls reaching puberty first.

"Yep. This is my own little defense system if anyone breaks into my house and tries to kill me... each of these bad boys can kill an Alpha beowolf without flinching and without taking a single scratch!"

I slump slightly. "Buuut they are basically made of glass, so if anything does manage to get over their natural hardness, they break really easily... making them fairly worthless against anything stronger than a beowolf."

"This is incredible- wait... they can move?" She asks with a small gasp.

"Yep." I nod. "And recently I have gotten a whole lot better at making them..."

"Lankly boys, come forwards."

There is a quiet tinking sound as two figures step forwards, each with incredibly thin arms and legs, each without hands or feet, they thin bodies as well.

Crystal Golem Level 16

405/405 Hp

-/- Sp

0/0 Mp

Str: 1

Dex: 320

Vit: 2

Int: 14

Wis: 0

Luc: 0

Average Attack Damage: 17

My efficiency got shoved through the roof upon reaching level one hundred golemancy... now every two levels are one thousand Mp, same with every two skill points being fifty Mp...

"You are going to have these two fight me?" She asks with a thoughtful expression. "Hm... That could work!"

"We should go outside so I can tell you how the training is going to work."

I turn around and begin up the stairs, grabbing onto Pyrrha's hand and gently tugging her along.

We make it outside, followed shortly by my two creations.

"So! This is how it's going to work! You are going to focus on dodging these two... I spent all of my time trying to work out how I would increase their speed to a point where it would make you sweat with Aura... and I have done it!"

I allow the statement to hang for a moment.

"At the cost of strength and durability..."


"O...kay?" She asks.

"These long two weeks have been training my semblance to a point where I could give you a reasonable challenge! And I really hope that they are a good challenge at least speed wise."

+5 Affection with Pyrrha Nikos

"Y-You really spent all this time... working yourself to the bone... for me?" She whispers.

"Pretty much." I nod. "Anyways! I caaan remake them quite easily now that I have reached this level of control... but please be aware that even a lovetap from you would shatter them like glass... that's why I want you to focus on dodging attacks for now... not counterattacking. This should build up your reaction speed and agility... which is probably the most important aspect of a Huntsmen or Huntress... you have enough strength- for now, though it's wise to not let it fall to far behind- but if you can't hit your target, even if you can pick up mountains, strength doesn't matter!"

I scratch my chin. "Though I suppose if you had that much strength your attacks would probably carry for some distance... hm..."

"O-Oh right, anyways. Put up your aura for a second, I want you to get a feel for how much damage they do."

"A-Alright?" She slowly blinks as her aura briefly appears around her body.

I point at one of the two crystal golems. "You. Attack her once."

It blurs forwards, incredibly quickly.

There is a little slapping sound.


"Was... that it?" Pyrrha asks.

"Yep, you can still feel it, right?" I ask.

"Uh, yeah, but why was it so..." She pauses briefly, probably trying to find a way to say it without being offensive.

"Weak?" I finish with a smile. "It wouldn't do for you to get your aura broken in like a single hit, now would it? This way, there is room for error, you can get better without much issue.

I scratch my chin. "There is the problem of grimm bothering you when your aura is low, I suppose... but I'll be right here, and besides you can just tell those two to hold it off, that should be long enough for me to protect you."

I take a moment to gaze at her full combat statistics.

Pyrrha Nikos Level 60

2343/2343 Hp

16808/16875 Ap

-/- Mp

Str 360 (150+140%)

Dex 360 (150+140%)

Vit 150

Int 20

Wis 20

Luc 10

'fucking hell... that's a lot... she has more than double my dex when I use my aura... and that's my highest physical stat...'

"A-Alright... here I go." She tosses down her spear and shield and lowers her body slightly.

I turn and make a stone seat appear from the ground and sit down. "Both of you... attack her."

The two golems blur off.

Pyrrha lets out a pant as she wipes her brow, the three lanky golems around her standing absently by as I hold up a towel.

She perks up and quickly jobs over grasping the towel with a grin. "Thanks, Azure."

"No problem."

I glance at her stats with a smile. "You are definitely getting stronger... I can tell that much."

Pyrrha Nikos Level 68

3300/3300 Hp

23400/23400 Ap

-/- Mp

Str 150

Dex 220

Vit 200

Int 20

Wis 20

Luc 10

Now I don't know if I could beat her in a fight...

She finishes wiping her brow with the towel and sits down beside me, a chilly breeze passing over both of us.

She shivers slightly and leans against me.

"Cold?" I ask.

"A-A little." She mutters with a small blush on her face. "It's starting to get into winter and my Aura is practically empty..."

"Well, let's go back inside then." I shrug as I point to the wall behind me, the door slowly opening to reveal the toasty hidden lair disguised underneath.

"Okay." She nods.

We pause briefly to let the three golems strut inside, then follow after them, door closing behind us.

Pyrrha lets out a sigh of relief in the fairly warm room.

I hung up curtains in front of the staircase to the golem room to trap the heat from my heater in my kitchen-slash dining room and bedroom.

Pyrrha sits down in one of the table's chair with a smile.

"Would you like something to drink?" I ask. "Maybe hot chocolate?"

"That sounds wonderful!" She beams

"Color preference?"

She blinks for a moment before realizing what exactly I mean by that.

"Oh! Red is fine."

With a wave of my hand a red crystal mug appears in my hands, I walk over to the stove and place a pan on top, then pour in some milk I grab from a small freezer that isn't actually plugged up to anything, just full of some ice.

"It'll probably be a while." I shrug as I place the mug on a stone countertop that suddenly juts out of the wall with a little earth manipulation.

I step back over and sit down around the corner from her.

"The Mistral Regional Tournament is coming up again..." Pyrrha mutters quietly.

"You've got it... you're definitely going to win." I nod to her.

"Y-Yeah..." She weakly smiles while scratching the back of her head. "W-Would you care to come with me and watch?"

I wince slightly. "Maybe, but, that's where I killed the grimm... people are more than likely still looking for me there."

"O-Oh..." She stutters while looking away. "Right... I forgot about that..."

She frowns at the ground. "I forgot that you are more anti-social than even I am..."

'I mean, you don't have to put it so brutally, damn girl.' I mentally scoff.

"Oh! T-that probably sounded pretty rude, didn't it? I'm sorry." She bows her head slightly.

Her shoulders perk up as she gets an idea. "Hey... if you can't come and watch me fight... do you think that in exchange... that maybe I could stay over here for a night... l-like a sleepover of c-course! I just want to hang out with my friend, talk about ghost stories or something, m-maybe eat junk food?"

Her face is quickly turning red as she looks away.

I glance to the side where I have my status sheet open.

Pyrrha Nikos: 100/100

Relationship Status: Would get naked and bend over if you asked for it, is completely head over heels in love, she sees everything you do in a good light, and is trying to figure out a way to ask you out without damaging your current friendship or having you swarmed with Paparazzi.

Perk: You gain Magnetism Affinity 1.5 times faster than normal, additionally, all Magnetic spells gain 50% more Exp

Keeping my hormones in check is a little difficult when there's an absolutely DROP-DEAD gorgeous girl who shows up at least five times a week and my badass power is all 'yeah you can absolutely bone her with no consequences'

I mean, TECHNICALLY I died when I was sixteen... and I am like thirteen now- which is really fucking weird from an outsider's perspective when you look at a relationship between myself and Pyrrha in the 'Pyrrha is the elder here' sort of way... buuut it's technically in my shooting range... I mean, my parents in my past life had a good ten-year difference between their ages...

Admittedly they probably didn't meet until they were like... over thirty... buuuut-

I crush the lewd ideas once more... for the third time today.

I mean having to toss out any thoughts of the perverse variety is a little difficult when you see her basically every day in a tank top with her stomach exposed, a thin sheen of sweat across her body from a fairly hard work out, her flat stomach and reasonable bust... her long, toned, legs-


Four times.

Maybe I'm just an extremely small fifteen-year-old? Yeah, maybe... I mean, I didn't eat much during my six months in the wild... maybe I'm just anorexic and only now just barely starting to grow due to Plant Affinity and such?


I blink slowly, blush appearing on my face as I look down at the table, hands folded in my lap. "Huh? What? I zoned out for a second there."

"C-Can I stay here for the night one day? S-sometime soon?"

"Sure." I shrug. "I don't mind... I'll need to buy a second mattress though."

"Y-You don't need to... we could sh-share? I-I mean, I-I've seen your bed and it's pretty... big... s-so it should be fine... w-we could even put some pillows in between us if we need to."

"Hn. Alright." I shrug. "I don't really care one way or the other, so it's up to you, really."

"O-Okay." She nods, a large grin quickly appearing on her face before she tries really hard to look indifferent.

I scratch my chin. "Anyways, considering your training... do you think we should add some weights? With aura your fast enough to keep up with two of my training golems easily... yet maybe with some weights, you could train your strength as well as your reaction time..."

"Okay..." She nods.

We sit in comfortable silence for a while.

"So... the tournament in Mistral... what's your opinion on it." I slowly ask.

"Hn." She hums. "Well... I'm going to try and follow your advice and only barely win... I-if that takes even a small portion of attention away, it'll be worth it... I'm glad I'm getting strong and all, and I'm really happy you are helping me, but... I don't want to be put on a pedestal like that... you were right..."

She shyly touches her fingers together. "I-I know that just winning the tournament will turn some heads, but... h-hopefully now not as many!"

We talk for a little while, with me periodically getting up to stir the milk and put in some hot chocolate mix.

I take a sip from my small blue mug as Pyrrha smiles over at me. "I love this little secret base... it's fun!"

I nod along. "With Argus so close that I can just walk over to it, I'm quite pleased with it as well."

"Well..." She pouts. "I should probably get back home now... my mom might be getting worried..."

"Want me to walk with you?"

She perks up with a massive grin on her face. "Would you?!"

"Sure." I nod. "Your aura's still a bit damaged, isn't it? It's the least I could do."

She nods and checks her scroll. "It's still at about sixty percent..."

She quickly finishes off her hot chocolate and stands up. "I'm glad that you are protecting me, Azure!"

"Really, it's no big deal." I shrug as I stand up as well.

"I'll ask my mom if I can have a sleepover sometime soon, alright?" She states.

"It sounds like a lot of f-" she pauses for a moment to collect herself and fight off a steadily appearing blush. "f-fun."

'Is she seriously thinking about lewding me? Eh, I won't stop or encourage her... let her figure it out on her own.'

"Let's go, then." I hum as I walk towards the golem door.

The door opens slowly to reveal Pyrrha in a coat, a small backpack hung over her shoulder.

"Oh! Hey Pyrrha!" I grin.

"Hello!" She smiles back, quietly stepping into my home as I move aside.

"So today's the day, hm?" I ask as I sit down on at the table.

"Yeah." She nods. "It's been so long since I have had a sleep over... I'm really excited... also a little nervous..."

She nervously scratches the back of her head.

"There's no need to be nervous!" I scoff. "It's just the two of us, alone, nobody will judge you here."

"I've even got pizzas!" I gesture to the two large pizza boxes sitting just in front of me, then to the sodas.

"You said your favorite was meat lovers, right? Then orange soda for your favorite soda?"

"Y-You remembered?"

"Of course, I did." I scoff. "What sort of friend do you take me for?"

She brings a hand up to her chest with a weak smile as she blushes. "That's really touching... thank you."



"Sooo... I bought a couple of board games... wanna play?"

"Sure." She grins.


Welp, this chapter pretty much flew together... and we've gotten some more AzureXPyrrha fluff.

Sorry Jaune, but you honestly don't deserve her. And Pyrrha probably isn't even in my top 3 favorite Rwby girls, yet you somehow managed to fuck it up.

Anyways, just wanted to get this out really quickly, I'll see you all later.