The magical adventures of Galaxio Book

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The magical adventures of Galaxio


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As a writer,I have a message for all the readers.This is not a story or novel,but a readers' theatre.Also,I will post chapters at least everyday so go ahead and read as much as you want,since the new chapter is coming the next day!Also,if I am not that busy,I might even post 2 chapters in a single day!You are also free to roleplay this if you want.Anyways,here is the synopsis: Galaxio is a space mortal who came from a planet 9 billion light years away from earth.He has many powers and that includes being able to teleport,set things on fire,and more.He can die from different situations,except for oldness.This goes the same way for all his relatives.He has different cousins,in which each of them have different elemental powers.He has only one sibling:Galaxia,who is older than him.He knows very few things about earth and finally,he is given the chance to learn more about the planet by accepting a mission he must do on earth.He has brought all his cousins and his only sibling with him and now,they must complete the mission without avail.Will they complete the mission and return home safely or will their story take an unexpected twist?


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