9 Chapter 9: Chances

And that is the end of our lesson for today. Don't forget-! ...the... presentations... tomorrow- and they're completely gone." The teacher sighed in surrender.

The loud knocks on my desk made me avert my eyes on the one who made the trouble to walk all the way to the back of the classroom, just to get my attention. "Mr. Charden? Oh, the class is over? Thank you for letting me know.." I stretched a smile, grabbed my bag, and tapped Mr. Charden's shoulder lightly.

"Ava, you need to focus on your studies. You already got held back a year-" I turned, stared at him, and cut him off.

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"You know that I was held back NOT because I am stupid, right?"

"Exactly! Ava, you are smart, don't waste it!" Mr. Charden's pointed finger poked my forehead, two times, like it's digging my skull to reach my brain. "Ava, you are missing your other classes... I can't help you if you are not helping yourself."

"Mr. Charden, I do not need the extra credits. All I need is to pass them."

Mr. Charden sighed, and stared at me with his baggy eyes like I'm hopeless. It seems like he's been stressed lately, "What would I do with you...," he said.

I smiled at him, then burst out laughing. "I am doing just fine," I said, reassuring him with a smile. "You should look after yourself. You look awful." I shook my head, teasing him with a smile.

Mr. Charden is my science teacher, and it happened that we both have a thing in common. He lost his daughter years ago... and I lost my parents. I guess he became a teacher to make the other kids fill in the space his daughter left. But, I don't get it, kids my age are massive headaches!

The drama in the air suddenly popped like bubbles that got burst. Our heads turned towards the window because of the students' sudden, but loud cheer coming from outside. "What is the commotion about?" Mr. Charden whispered as we take a few steps to peek through the third floor window.

There are four, shiny, black, luxurious cars parked in front of the school, and everyone is surrounding them like a predator waiting for its prey to come out. Then, the second-car-in-line's door opened; A tall man with a sunglasses on, fashionably and sophisticatedly stepped outside our school ground like a supermodel...

I can't deny the fact that he's cute, but that cuteness is out place! And, I thought he wear eyeglasses? What's with the cool get up?! Ugh! My brain is screaming right now! What the freakin' monday school day is he doing here?!

I quickly went through my bag and searched for my phone. I sprinted through the classroom door and- "Oh, sorry. Bye Mr. Charden! I'm going to be sick tomorrow. I can't with the presentation! Thank you~, bye!" ... and ran down the stairs, and sprinted all the way to the backdoor exit of the school.

"Going to leave without saying hi?" A voice of a man said as soon as I stepped outside the exit door.

I faced him, tilt my head, and raised my brows. "I'm sorry, do I know you?"

Shyn stood straight from leaning on the wall and smiled, "I know you bumped your head, but that was two days ago. You do not have amnesia. And, you seemed fine since you're already here. Alive and well," he teased...

I said nothing!

I kept my eyes straight on his smile, and waited..., "Okay! Okay! Stop staring! I am here... I am here to take you back with me."

"NO." I said through my gritted teeth...

"Why not?" Shyn asked while giving me his wide-eyed shock expression. He tried to get closer, but every step he took, I went backwards to maintain our distance. "You know, I will do anything to bring you back there with me. Even if it means dragging you, I don't care." Something's changed... The way his voice said that two sentences, the way his eyes look at me, feels strange.

It took a minute... to take my voice back, due to that weird observation. I slightly shook my head, uncontrollably blinked my eyelids, "Do not show up in front of my school ever again!" I yelled, so that we are clear. "Do not show up in front of my school, and I'll think about it." I said with no hint of expression in my face. I left him there, and walked away as fast as I could. I do not want him following me around. Furthermore, I do not want him to be seen with me.

.... because the next thing I'll know, he is beaten down badly somewhere; worse, killed.

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