3 Chapter 3: A Smith


I dreamt of that again... It always surprises me whenever my body jolts before I completely wake up... the strength of my eyelids is not yet present, and the light coming through the room is blinding!

"She is fine, Mr. Smith. She will soon wake up." I hear voices, but who in the world would be chatting while I am on my bed? I haven't invited anyone in my place yesterday... That is right, I do not even have friends to begin with! Why would there be strangers in my place?

No need to think.... I just need to kick them out of my place, and done! "Ugh, I feel terrible...," I whispered. Where did my voice and strength go? I feel so weak, and drained.

"Ava!" Someone said with a gentle, but deep worrying voice... I looked up, and there is an old man and few other people dressed in white coats and black suits. Am I dead? Is this supposed to be a funeral?

It does not seem like this is heaven though...

My eyelids blinked a few times in search for reality... Am I still dreaming? Did I drink too much yesterday? I barely managed to fully open my right eye, it is so bright! It is like cloudy and foggy in here!

"Wh-Where... Where am I?" This is not my bed! This is not my apartment! "Who are you people?!" Gladiolus Clan perhaps? I need to get out of here! Crap, that's right! I just remembered what happened last night!

They were busy drinking and, and, and- they are drunk! I snuck on the boss' office and- crap! They are supposed to be drunk! "I need to get out of here!" I panickingly said to myself.

"Don't! Young miss you still need the IV-"

Everyone seems flustered! But no one beats my panicking state right now! Sh*t! My heart wants to jump out, it can't stop racing!

I pulled the needle stuck in my skin hastily, that it stings so bad! I jumped out from the bed too quickly, that my head spins, because of the sudden attack of the word dizziness! My head pumps along with the thumbing pain in my brain too! It really hurts!

"Stay away from me!" Their feet stopped from taking another step, and they kept their distance. But they seem to be on their toes, cautious for my every move... or perhaps the strange old man's actions?! I don't know! ... but I'm in no good position either since I am cornered, and the door is at the opposite side of where I am in in this room! The wide glass windows, I can't break it! I can't jump down either! "What do you want from me?!" I asked between my huffs.

"Ava..." The old man that called me a while ago... How did he know my name?

He has this long white hair laid to the back of his head, and trimmed white mustache and beard. He looks old, but he looks so strong for his age!

"Listen-" he said while trying to take a step closer.

"Stay back!" There is only one thing I know why I am here... My eyes averted from him, to all of the men in the room. There are like two dozens of them! I locked my eyes on the old man and gulped, "Believe me, I don't know anything! The Gladiolus Clan, I do not know anything about them!"

Trouble after another! The Gladiolus Clan got into a fight with another strong group recently, maybe it's them? I may had hit and beaten some of them real bad... but crap! I arrived late at that gang fight! I don't even have a clue what group that was! Is this revenge? But I am in a hospital?! Maybe this is for an organ trafficking... or worse?!

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"Gladiolus?" Huh? He titled his head with raised eyebrows... He is making a perplexed face, he does not know them? Then what the heck am I here for?

The old man sighed, and smiled, he seems sad though with his watery shining eyes. "Ava... Welcome home, my granddaughter!"

Grand- A what?!

"Huh, excuse me, what?! This must be a big mistake! You definitely got the wrong person. My mom's family definitely is not rich! My father doesn't have any pare-" What? Since when did he-? "-rents..."

The soft cloth touching my skin give me chills, but his arms tightly wrapping around me, somehow, gave me warmth. Grrr! I shook my head and pushed him away! What kind of scam is this! Are they seriously expecting me to believe this?!

"Mr. Smith! Blood... Hurry up and get the kit!" The doctor shouted in panic!

Yeah... I grabbed the long thin tube with a needle that was injected in me not until a while ago. I do not have anything else to protect myself in this situation! I have to get what I can! I have to do everything I can!

The old man's left arm is bleeding. With his white and thin men's blouse, it is easy to hurt him! He is lucky enough that I did not think to stab him with it multiple times!

Those men in black got in position, but the old man raised his unwounded arm to stop them. Instead, he nodded, and one of his men left the room then came back after a few minutes.

The old man is surprisingly patient, even though he looked so strict and scary. He looks like Santa, but not jolly, and without the big belly.

It's strange how flustered this people get with this Mr. Smith's every move... I can feel his superiority somehow. It's almost the same as a mafia leader's presence.

"Ava," the old man softly called my name. Then the guy who left a while ago handed Mr. Smith... an album? "Ava... I apologize for frightening you, but I won't hurt you. We will not hurt you. This...," he stepped forward.

I stepped back, but my back is already touching the hard, white-painted, wall! Why are these cement walls always so cold!

I waved the needle in front of them, they better not try to get close to me again! My problem is, how long should I stay like this? My body still feels pain all over!

He kneeled down and placed the photo album in front of me. After doing that, he stepped back, consciously waiting for me to move and get it from the dark-colored carpeted floor.

Definitely, I am curious right now! I grabbed the photo album as fast as I can and came back to the corner! I still need to be cautious. I still don't know who- these people are... What is this? It's a picture of, "Jayva..."

My mom....

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