11 Chapter 11: Goals

"What- What are you doing here?!"

He smiled after replying with a simple, "Oh, me?"

Those innocent looking expressions in his face, I hate it!

Shyn moved his head around, averting his gaze; and he even looked up!

Stupid, there is nothing up there!

"I am just craving some Chinese food. Any recommendations? I heard you work here," Shyn teasingly smiled.

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"Wipe that smile off your face, and leave!" I hope that he heard that crystal clear!

"Do not drive my customersss away." Huh? That old lady's voice.... Matilda. I glanced at my side and she is already standing beside us. She raised her right eyebrow, and I rolled my eyes as a response.

"Whatever! Geez! He is not going to eat anyway! Matilda, this person is-" Matilda is giving me the stares, slash death glares, again! "Fine! I'll shut up, keep him. Do whatever you want, but I am leaving!"

"Your shift is not yet over, if you leave, do not ever consider coming back. I mean it." I took all the air I can get, and smiled while gritting my teeth.

"Great," really, really great! I am so going to end him! And, Matilda's spoken words are so emotionally lacking oftentimes. That is what makes it so scary! I can not even tell if she is joking or not! I wish my glares could strangle Matilda right now!

Because of Shyn, I am still stuck here. "I thought I could take the day off! You do not want me here, remember?" I said that, and I know she heard me but Matilda ignored me like she didn't even hear a single word I said. "Hello? Matilda?"

Matilda even ushered him herself to one of the VIP rooms, and ordered me to serve him personally. She never have done that before! Then, she left us both all alone, leaving her glare that can open the gates of the afterlife glued in my mind. My suffering should be worthy enough for the information I want from her!

I took a deep breath of patience in, and tried not to show any hint of annoyance and intent to kill him. "What do you want?" I said through my gritted teeth.

"To talk to you, young miss." He is smiling like an idiot again. That deep dimple in his right cheek is not even cute!

"No, I meant, on the menu, what do you want?"

"Oh, come on! I even booked this VIP room. Do you treat your customers this way? Try smiling, and be more welcoming, you know," he smirked.

Young miss my ass! Where did that goody attitude go?

"Okay! Okay, stop glaring. I have a proposal from Mr. Smith. Sit," Food enters as soon as my bum landed on the red leathered couch. He did not even order yet! Why am I here then?!

My jaw dropped! Woah, unbelievable! "I am here to take your order, but I can see that there is no need of that. I am leaving!" Ugh! It is best not to associate myself with them! Oh, I knew he is not here just for the food!

I stood up quickly as I blinked my eyes, I slammed my hand on the table and connected my gaze to his... I can't stop my smile from curving up, I feel so stupid to the point that I want to laugh at myself! "Hey! Did you purposely let me escape from the hospital, and then tailed me? You already knew where I live, where I go to school! And now here! How do you even know this place?"

Should I be worried that he will find out about Gladiolus soon? Mr. Smith is a powerful man, and if he tried to do something because I was beaten up once... Okay, ONCE! It will be bad! Really... really bad!

"Relax, it is just a coincidence. I already told you, I wanted Chinese food," he said, annoyingly wearing his teasing smile.

"And?" Obviously, there is more.

"And, I will not add problems to my current ones. Letting you escape is another work for me, so no, I did not let you escape on purpose. AND, and there are things we need to do."

"Things to do? You still showed up in my school, regardless if it is in front or back of it, I do not care! You still did, so there is no way I will consider-"

"You are going to say no, anyway," he cuts off with a serious stare.

"Tsk, and I thought I already made myself clear then, that I am not who you guys think I am. I am not the Ava you are looking for."

"And I also said that if you are not that Ava, I will not find you again." He took a white folder, out of his black leathered briefcase, and slides it on the red silky table cloth towards me.

A folder? I opened it, and started reading the words printed on the papers... This paper states, application for a... family registration? "What kind of joke is this?"

"Be a part of the Smith family, Ava... officially."

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