29 Chapter 28, This is My Home

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This Li Xu was a little better looking than Shen Mei.

He thought regretfully, if previously Li Xu could be the same as she was now, dressing up beautifully every day, he would be in a good mood. Why would he divorce her?

He sighed helplessly in his heart.

It was a pity that the two of them could not go back. Shen Mei was pregnant, so he could not divorce her again.

The host called Ji Jianguo, but there was no response. Shen Mei secretly glanced at him and almost died from anger.

She reached out and secretly pinched the soft meat on Ji Jianguo's waist.

Ji Jianguo came back to his senses and withdrew his gaze from Li Xu. He looked as if he still wasn't satisfied.

The dishes had already begun to be served at the dining table. Li Xu seemed to really come here to eat. She took the chopsticks and began to feed Ji Yuanyuan.

Li Yong, on the other hand, was extremely anxious. He kept looking at Li Xu.

When will they start flipping the table? He had already prepared everything.

He had already chosen the weapons. The big spoon in the hands of the chef beside him was not bad. He usually used this as well, so it was easy for him to use it.

Using the spoon to slap Ji Jianguo's thing spot on, it was guaranteed to make him suffer.

With this thought in mind, Li Yong was somewhat absent-minded while eating.

With Shen Lingxue by his side, Ji Yuanyuan could not eat well either. She ate a few mouthfuls carelessly and looked at Li Xu eagerly, "Mommy, I'm done eating. I want to go outside and play."

After all, they had lived here for so many years, they and the neighbors knew each other. Li Xu hesitated for a moment before instructing, "Come back after playing for a while. Don't run too far away, understand?"

Ji Yuanyuan nodded, jumped down from her seat, and hurriedly ran out.

She had just seen Shen Lingxue leave.

Ji Yuanyuan had just left when Ji Jianguo brought Shen Mei over to toast.

Shen Mei was dressed in red, so she should have been the center of attention. However, standing beside Li Xu, she was instantly out shinned.

However, Shen Mei did not realize it herself. As she touched her belly, she said shyly, "Sister, I can't drink today, so I'll drink tea instead. Thank you for taking care of Jianguo in the past."

Her action of touching her belly was very obvious, hinting that Li Xu was pregnant.

Li Xu laughed lightly and looked up at Ji Jianguo.

This glance made Ji Jianguo dizzy.

"A leopard cannot change its spots. It will be the same even if it changed to a different owner."

If Ji Jianguo could cheat once, there might be a second time.

Shen Mei naturally understood Li Xu's words, and her face instantly darkened.

"What's going on with Sister's face? You look so young. Those who don't know would think that we're the same age. I really can't tell that you're a woman who has given birth to three children." Shen Mei was smiling on the surface, but in her heart, she was clenching her teeth.

"Speaking of which, I still have to thank Sister. A person without any worries, just looks young. But Sister, you spent all your effort picking up trash that others don't want. Don't cry in the future, ah." Li Xu's expression was still indifferent.

Shen Mei gritted her teeth, "You…"

"What are you looking at? Move your dog eyes away from my Sister." Li Yong suddenly stood up and pointed at Ji Jianguo.

Ji Jianguo was stunned for a moment, then looked at Shen Mei with an embarrassed expression, "Alright, next table."

Shen Mei was furious, "They already called you trash. Can't you have a bit of a temper?"

Ji Jianguo looked at Li Yong with an awkward expression on his face. He said in a low voice, "Let's go, stop talking."

He was really a little afraid of Li Yong. There were so many people here today. If this Li Yong really caused a ruckus, things would not be easy to clean up.

"Calling him trash is letting him off easy. However, the two of you are quite a good match, a pair of trash."Li Yong sneered as he looked at Shen Mei's belly, "You don't have to show off for me here. It's not certain whose child is in your belly. Don't let it be like the first one, to not even know who the father is."

As soon as Li Yong said this, Shen Mei was stunned and her face turned pale.

Ji Jianguo looked at Li Yong with a puzzled expression, "What do you mean by this?"

He knew that Shen Lingxue was the product of an unmarried pregnancy, but Shen Mei told him that her boyfriend fooled her at that time.

Yesterday, Feng Yue came to send an invitation. Li Yong was too angry, so he asked his friend from the same village to find out where Shen Mei's family was from.

He originally planned to go to Shen Mei's house to make a scene and not let them have a good time.

But who knew that after asking around, that friend managed to find out some things.

"Tch, back then, in order to climb up the social ladder…" Before Li Yong could finish, Shen Mei said with a dark face, "Shut up, shut up for me!"

Everyone could tell that Shen Mei's attitude was fishy at first glance.

"I knew it. Who would get pregnant before marriage? This Shen Mei is definitely a pervert."

"Could it be that even the child's father doesn't know about the child?"

"This Shen Mei's private life is too messy."


In this era, the ideology of the villager was backward. Getting pregnant before marriage was something that only a pervert would do.

When Xu Xiuhua heard the commotion, her expression changed, and she walked over with her small feet.

"Li Xu, what are you doing here? Jianguo has already divorced you. It's useless for you to regret it."

She only thought that Li Xu was regretting it and causing trouble at the wedding banquet.

Li Yong sneered, "I'm afraid the one who regrets it is your son. I won't say harsh words, on account that you're my nephew's biological father. As for her, you can ask her if she knows who her daughter's father is."

After Li Yong said that, Xu Xiuhua's expression changed.


On the other side, Ji Yuanyuan saw Shen Lingxue at the corner of the wall, taking out a lollipop and licking it.

Ji Yuanyuan looked at the current Shen Lingxue, feeling very complicated.

She was still young and had not had the time to do those vicious things to herself. But whenever she thought of her past life, Ji Yuanyuan would wish that she could strangle Shen Lingxue right now.

Shen Lingxue also saw Ji Yuanyuan, and her small face immediately wrinkled.

Beside her, the person in charge of receiving red envelopes saw Ji Yuanyuan and could not help but praise her, "Yuanyuan is getting more and more beautiful as she grows up."

Ji Yuanyuan could only raise her face and smile. Looking at the red envelopes on the table, her eyes suddenly turned.

She went forward and asked, "Granduncle, why isn't Xiao Bao here?"

While she was speaking, she secretly reached out her small hand and took red envelopes on the table.

Xiao Bao was the granduncle's grandson. Hearing this, the Third Granduncle said, "He has a little cold and is lying at home."

Ji Yuanyuan had already achieved her goal. She smiled at the Third Granduncle and did not speak.

Seeing this, the Granduncle praised her again, "Yuanyuan is really sensible and beautiful. I wonder which family's kid will be blessed in the future."

The few of them kept praising Ji Yuanyuan and could not help but ignore Shen Lingxue.

Shen Lingxue stood under the wall. The expression on her face gradually turned sinister.

She took a step forward, and stretched out her hand to push Ji Yuanyuan's body, "This is my home, you quickly leave."

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