The Lord of Principles
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The Lord of Principles


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What is The Lord of Principles

The Lord of Principles is a popular web novel written by the author immabecale, covering R-18, MYSTERY, SCHOOL, DEATH, POWER, WITCHCRAFT, SENSITIVE CONTENT, STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING, MODERN-ISH, WESTERN-FANTASY MAGIC MYSTERY, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 18.2K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 8 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 40 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Hewlett Academy's mission is being committed to helping young witches and warlock use and enhance their abilities that could help in contributing goodwill not just in the institute but to the outside world. Every witches or warlock also have a choice to hold a position in the academy or be known as the most powerful student in school be known as The Lord. The Lord is a position given to a student that has performed The Acts of Principles, which is an examination to be taken should you wish. Enroll now and send your applications to our school and be the next Lord! Or you may die trying. But alright, let me be honest with you. What you’re going to read is a rollercoaster rider. There is a complicated situation for ”star-crossed lovers”, deaths that cannot be explained, truths and lies hiding in the shadows, and greed of power. This isn’t just about the powers of the witches and warlocks. It is about love, sacrifice, mystery, and defiance on one another. Who’s going to be the Lord? Try and find out.

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Hi guys! To the people who are reading this disastrous work of mine in this platform, I like to give my deepest gratitude to all of you. I know that some are struggling to read most of the parts, but seeing that the reads are really growing lifts me up every day to write more. And just being noticed with this little work really means a lot to me. Again, criticism is allowed for this work, so feel free to do so. Thank you all so much!


Wow your book was very captivating and I really liked the cliff hanger at the end of 1st chapter which really grasped my attention, I also liked the way you described your characters as most authors write something like this" Hi! my name is {blank}, I like {blank} I am wearing a {blank}" your book was humorous too so keep writing and don't give up! waiting for your next update!


An amazing novel that we can look upon to. The story is still developing and still has a lot to offer as the story progress. But this is my initial rate to the author to show my support.


It's a very nice book and you're a really talented writer. Can't wait to read more of your world, I love your storyline and characters so far!


Your book is well written. I mean, your writing style is so good!!!!!!! You've done a great job. I have read a few chapters but had to stop reading because it was mature. The plot is original. Recommend it for all.


I love how your growth as an author is evident chapter after chapter. The novel in itself also feels really well-planned and authentic. A beautiful work, indeed.


The harsh word, or maybe the western setting gives me a weird vibe whenever I read every chapter. The best unknown feeling for me is the Poem. I feel like there is a song ringing on my head related to the poem


Bro, will you tell how the mystery and love are going to happen? please work on the synopsis more and instead of writing 'you are reading a rollercoaster' etc. describe other things related to the story. the rest of the things are good.


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