5 “A Lonely Boy"

Bianca, Rosè, and Rowoon sat together, sharing their stories. As Rowoon spoke, his voice carried a weight of sorrow and loss. He shared a heartbreaking incident from his childhood—a tragic accident that took his parents and little sister away. He had been left alone, helpless and devastated, haunted by the memory of that fateful day.

Rosè and Bianca were moved to tears, embracing each other in a comforting hug. They empathized with Rowoon's pain, offering their support in silence, understanding his grief without the need for words. Despite their own struggles, they found strength in their unity and compassion for each other.

In the school garden, amidst a vibrant atmosphere of play, Rosè tried to encourage Rowoon to join in, but he declined, seemingly burdened by his past. Then, a classmate named San approached them, extending a friendly invitation to play basketball. An innocent challenge arose between San and Rowoon, sparking a heated but friendly competition to determine who would buy coffee for everyone.

Rowoon and San fiercely competed, the tension palpable as they aimed for victory. Despite Rowoon's initial anxiety, he triumphed, buying coffee for the group, marking the beginning of a budding friendship. The four of them—Bianca, Rosè, Rowoon, and San—became an unexpected but caring squad, ready to embark on a journey together.

Later, Mr. Kris, a new teacher, addressed the issue of Bianca being bullied, confronting the perpetrators. With the support of her friends, Bianca bravely revealed the truth, leading to the bullies' apology and their parents' intervention. However, the painful memories resurfaced, leaving Bianca in tears in the hallway.

In a tender moment, Rowoon offered comfort to Bianca, reassuring her that the bullying had ended and promising to protect her. His words provided the solace Bianca had longed for, resonating with her deeply. She found a striking resemblance between Rowoon and the mysterious guy from her dreams who had always protected her.

Just as she pondered this revelation, Rosè and San approached, concerned for Bianca's well-being. As Bianca headed to the office to inquire about Mr. Kris's knowledge of the bullying, she discovered that someone had anonymously reported it. Grateful for the support, she wanted to thank the anonymous helper but couldn't find out their identity.

As the school day ended, on her way through the main hallway, Bianca was suddenly accosted by two girls from the bully group, pulling her towards a secluded area. Fear gripped her, anticipating their revenge, reliving the trauma of her past encounters...

Bianca found herself dragged to a secluded part of the school grounds by the girls from the bullying group. Fear and panic surged within her as haunting memories flooded back, threatening to engulf her in their suffocating embrace. She stood, trembling, bracing for the impending storm of cruelty.

Yet, amidst the turmoil, unexpected footsteps approached. It was Rosè, Rowoon, and San hurrying to Bianca's aid. Their faces mirrored concern, their hearts beating in unison with hers. Their presence, a glimmer of hope in her darkest moment, invoked a surge of courage within Bianca.

"Stop!" a commanding voice echoed through the air, freezing the bullies in their tracks. It was Mr. Kris, who had followed the group, alerted by their absence from the hallway. He swiftly intervened, assessing the situation with a stern yet compassionate gaze.

In that moment, a whirlwind of emotions converged within Bianca. Fear subsided as a wave of relief washed over her. Rosè and San stood by her side, offering unwavering support, while Rowoon, his eyes reflecting determination, stepped forward.

With a firm voice, he spoke, "Enough! Stop tormenting her. You have no right to hurt anyone." His words, a shield of protection, resonated with a power that pierced through the darkness surrounding Bianca's heart.

In an unexpected turn, the bullies, faced with the unwavering unity and strength of Bianca and her friends, faltered. The relentless facade of cruelty crumbled, revealing vulnerability beneath their harsh exterior. Their demeanor softened, and amidst tearful apologies, they pledged to mend their ways.

As the storm of confrontation settled, a calmness enveloped the group. Mr. Kris, a beacon of guidance, offered counsel and guidance to both sides, urging them to seek understanding and compassion. Rosè, San, and Rowoon stood as pillars of support around Bianca, a united front against the shadows of isolation and cruelty.

In that tender moment of solidarity, Bianca realized that she was no longer alone. The trials of the past had forged unbreakable bonds—a tapestry of resilience, compassion, and friendship.

With gratitude swelling in her heart, Bianca turned to her friends, their eyes reflecting empathy and strength. Tears of relief welled up in her eyes, a testament to the overwhelming emotions coursing through her.

Rowoon, his gaze filled with unwavering determination, spoke softly, "You're not alone, Bianca. We're here for you." His words, a soothing balm to her wounded soul, echoed the promise of protection and support.

In that poignant moment, surrounded by the warmth of friendship and understanding, Bianca felt a weight lift off her shoulders. The echoes of her past pains faded, replaced by a newfound sense of resilience, courage, and a profound appreciation for the bonds that had blossomed amidst adversity.

As the school day drew to a close, Bianca walked alongside her friends, the gentle embrace of their camaraderie a testament to the transformative power of unity. In their shared steps, a promise of a brighter tomorrow resonated—a future where compassion triumphed over cruelty, and friendships flourished amidst the stormy seas of life.

In the depths of shadows, amid haunting pain,

Bianca stood alone, in silent disdain.

A solitary soul, a heart worn and frail,

Lost in the echoes of a desolate tale.

Beneath the façade of composure, she bore

The scars of torment, in silence she swore,

Her longing for solace, a whispered plea,

For the dawn of connection to set her free.

In the hush of school halls, where cruelty resides,

Bullies' barbed words, where her spirit abides,

Tears held at bay, concealed behind a smile,

A fragile heart cloaked in solitude's guile.

Rosè and Rowoon, companions newfound,

With San, a quartet, friendship unbound,

Their warmth and support, a radiant glow,

Amidst the shadows, a blossoming tableau.

Rowoon, with sorrow etched in his past,

A tragic tale of loss, memories vast,

Yet, in his eyes, a promise held true,

To shield Bianca, her fears subdue.

As the confrontation loomed, shadows waned,

Mr. Kris, a guiding light unchained,

Bianca's friends, an unwavering wall,

Shielding her from the tempest's call.

In that tender moment, unity found,

Bianca's heart, with solace crowned,

Rowoon's pledge, a protective shroud,

A vow to lift her from the shrouded cloud.

Tears of relief, like rain in spring,

Embraced by friendship's nurturing wing,

A chorus of hearts, in unison beat,

A symphony of compassion, oh so sweet.

In the twilight's embrace, as day drew nigh,

Bianca walked with friends, 'neath the starlit sky,

Their steps, a promise of hope unfurled,

A future where unity would mend the world.

So in this verse, their tale's unveiled,

Of bonds that weathered storms assailed,

In friendship's embrace, a resounding truth,

That unity and compassion are eternal youth.

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